StarCraft PC Cheats



Press Enter and type:

black sheep wallShows entire map 
breathe deepFree vespene gas
food for thoughtAbility to build units beyond the supply limit
game over manMakes you lose (useful?)
man over game           Makes you win
medieval manGives free upgrades to units
modify the phase varianceAbility to build any building regardless of requirements
nogluesEnemy can't use magic 
operation cwal Speeds up building and upgrading time
ophelia                Type ophelia then press enter, then type in any mission name                         to warp
power overwhelming God Mode
show me the moneyGives you 10,000 mineral and gas points 
something for nothingGives all available upgrades
staying aliveYou will not be able to complete the mission you are on
the gatheringUnlimited casting ability
there is no cow levelCompletes the mission you are on
war aint what it used to beDisables fog of war
whats mine is mineFree minerals
zerg(mission #)         Zerg mission select                     
protoss(mission #)      Protoss mission select
terran(mission #)       Terran mission select                                

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