Trickstyle PC Cheats



Enter the following codes at the ‘Cheats’ screen:

citybeaconsWin everything
inflatedegoBig head mode
iwishUnlimited time   
tearoundAlways win
travoltaPower-up moves 


Hidden Shortcut on Japan Race 1:

The shortcut is where a section of the railing is out. Go straight through it

& land straight. This shortcut could show the word “Wrong Way” but you have

taken a jump from the broken rail.

Shortcut in Usa Race 1:

Ride around the track & when you see the corner that has a broken rail, Ride

straight through the open shortcut & you won’t need to go around the corner



Thanks to Revolution readers Martin Brodeur, Brendan “Compter Junky” Backhaus,

Magician of Computers and Frank555!