WarGames PC Cheats



Enter these codes in the dialog box by pressing T or F1:

eyeofgod -allows extra level of zoom on lower level machines
twobyfour -builds units (ex: twobyfour dragoon)
hermes -speeds up building of units
donkeys -shoot jeeps instead of missiles
morningafter -removes fog of war
gimmiegimmie -allows you to build everything, even without command center
unclejohn -god mode
chaching -adds 10,000 to cash 
mrmuscle -upgrades player's armor
bigsofty -downgrades enemy armor
coffee -upgrades player's speed
beer -downgrades enemy speed
shaft-upgrade player's firepower
shank-downgrade enemy's firepower
saladtossed -choose any level 
     First enter the code, then exit the current mission 
     and press Ctrl + H + W at the Main Menu. 
     Then, click on "Load" and select any mission.


Thanks to Revolution readers J. Linick, Richard Alabanza, Joe (FuegoRojo) Racke,

Corin Shale, Ryan Kelsey!