Warhammer: Dark Omen,Warhammer Dark Omen PC Cheats

Warhammer Dark Omen


Level Select:

Enter one of the following codes at the main menu.

Code            Level  
thelivinggem    Great Forest 1   
handyman        Great Forest 8    
ridethestorm    Axebite Pass 4    
youandi         Altdorf 8

Full Stuff:

At the main menu type in bringemon and then go into battle. Press

W to get full Magic points, press and hold K to give your

cannons and archers full accuracy. Note: this cheat works for wizards

and magic weapons except.the Grudebringer sword, too!

Get 1000 Gold:

On the title screen type fudgeislush. Go to the troop rooster and

press CTRL+ C + G.

Get All Magic Items:

Go to the troop rooster and press CTRL + C + M. On the title screen

type dontmesswithme.

Full Experience:

Press CTRL + C+ F.

Note: You will hear a thunder on the title screen, if the code

is correct. If you don’t hear it, try again. It may take a couple of times!!


Special thanks to Revolution readers Rupert, Erik_the_wamprat and Rick