Aero Elite: Combat Academy PS2 Cheats

More scrambles:

At the Options screen, choose a high Defcon level, then repeatedly enter and exit menu screens.

A-7 Corsair:

At the Aero Meet, beat Air To Ground #4

A-7E U.S. Navy colors:

Accomplish twenty carrier landings.


At the Aero Meet, finish every surface attack objective.

AV-8B Harrier Jump Jet:

Beat VTOL training releases.

Apache Longbow:

Finish combat training.

Blue Impulse F-86 fighter:

In free flight mode on the Island level, get the Blue Impulse Squadron Icon.

Blue Impulse T2 trainer:

In free flight mode on the Bay level, get the Blue Impulse Squadron Icon beaneath a bridge.


At the Aero Meet, finish the Maneuver Objectives.


Finish helicopter training.

F-104J fighter:

Reach a speed of Mach 2.0 or higher.

F-105 drone:

In training mode, fly at least 50,000 feet.

F-14B Test Bed:

Beat Recon Mission 2.

F-15 Aggressor 1:

Get 50 aerial kills.

F-15 Aggressor 2:

Get 100 aerial kills.

F-15 Aggressor 3:

Get 150 aerial kills.

F-15 Aggressor 4:

Get 200 aerial kills.

F-15 Aggressor 5:

Get 250 aerial kills.

F-15 Aggressor 6:

Get 300 aerial kills.

F-15 Aggressor 7:

Get 350 aerial kills.


At the Aero Meet, finish the ACM objectives.


Finish ten scrambles.

F-2A support fighter:

Beat the ACM maneuver objectives.


Finish fifty scrambles.

F-4E Phantom:

Destroy the F-4E Phantom.


Spend an hour in training mode.

FA-18 Hornet:

Finish carrier landing training .


Shoot down the Mig-21 in a scramble.

Mirage 2000C:

Shoot down the Mirage 2000C in a scramble.


Finish helicopter training.


If ordered by the control tower, shoot it down.

Su-27 (Camouflage) fighter:

Finish recon mission 3.


Shoot down the Tornado in a scramble.

US-1A Search and Rescue Amphibian Plane:

Beat the Scramble mission in which the Marine US-1A has crashed at sea.

Fly over 800 mph:

Get a fast jet and head to the Bay level. Land on the highway and then press forward on the Analog-stick, but don't take off. Engage your afterburners and accelerate, don't take off. If you do it right, you can go faster then 1,000 mph.

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