Armored Core 2 Hidden Parts and Locations

Armored Core 2 Hidden Parts and Locations
System - PlayStation 2 
Version 1.0 
Import/domestic compatible
Copyright 2000 Zachary "Jackal" Alexander
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Submitted - 11/04/00

Here are the hidden parts and there locations in Armored Core 2.  
They were found in the import version but the locations are the 
same in the US version.

Location - Test Arena 
Radar - ZRL-774/WH
Weight: 223
Energy Drain: 393
Noise Counter: None
Range: 780
Stealth Sensor: None

This one can be found without every entering a mission. It's in 
the Test Arena! Once you enter the arena destroy one of the 
drones and look up at the center of the ceiling. You will see a 
panel there that can be blasted away. Boost to the upper level, 
blast it, go up and get the part, come back down and destroy the 
other drone. If you don't not have sufficient boost power then 
you can use the "Boost Override" trick to get it.  Just press 
L2+R2+R3 at the same time and you will have unlimited energy for 
a limited amount of time.  Now go and get the part and complete 
the arena.  That's it! One parts down, eleven more to go.

Location - Guard Secret Information
Max Lock:4
Lock Speed:33
Lock Type:Multi
Sight:Wide & Shallow
Reticle Movility:50

In this mission you can just about skip destroying any of the 
security drones, you will take some AP damage, but you won't lose 
on the ammo cost. What's important is that you use a head that 
has a high hacking rating. This way you can get into the doors to 
get the part. You want to make your way over to the room with two 
doors, one with a lock straight ahead of you, and a unlocked door 
to your left. Go through the left door and into the room at the 
end of the tunnel. You will see a bunch of crates on the floor, 
use your laser blade to destroy them. On the floor you will see a 
grating, shoot it. Now drop down and get the part and continue 
the mission.

Location - Escort Train
Extension - BEX-BB210 Back Booster
Energy Drain:243
Boost Power:18000
Charge Drain:5700

In this mission you must protect a train that is delivering a new AC 
part, a back Booster Extension. So must hold out against a lot of 
aerial attacks and fend off and enemy AC. If you destroy them quick 
enough you will have time to raid the train for the part. It should 
be in the next to the last car. But by seizing the part you 
automatically fail the mission so you should save this part for last 
after you have a 100% Achievement rating.

Location - Ground-Based Attack
Head - EHD-GN-92
Energy Drain:702
Armor Point:1012
Def Shell:282
Def Energy:213
Computer Type:Rough
Computer Sex:Male
System Control:1728
Auto Balancer:540
Hacking Function:1
Map Type:None
Noise Canceler:Provided
Sensor Interval:24
Radar Function:None
Radar Range:-
Radar Type:-
Scanning Interval-

In this mission you will have to boost down to the other end of the 
bridge and stop just before the last support brace. Jump over the side 
and fly underneath the bridge, you will find a landing there with the 
part on it. Now carefully fly back out and onto the bridge making sure 
that you don't leave the combat area. Now you can continue the mission.

Location - Rescue Research Team
Laser Blade - LS-MOONLIGHT
Energy Drain:95
Used Drain:2100
Attack Power:2070
Attack Heat:25
Discharge Heat:6
Blade Range:7
Work Efficiency:182

This is another mission where you really don't have to fight. Just 
drop down the long pit until you reach the bottom. Then run over and 
jump on the disc in the tunnel. About half way down you will need to 
jump off and look for an oval panel in the floor, blast it. Now jump 
down and find the part in a niche in the far end of the area. Now 
fly out and continue your mission. 

Location - Infiltrate Radar Base
Booster - ZBT-GEX/3000
Energy Drain:35
Boost Power:19300
Charge Drain:5040
Boost Efficiency:762

Your main concern with this mission is to destroy all of the enemies 
in the area of the radars. You can run through the inside of the base 
without fighting and take minimal AP damage. In the last area you 
can destroy a few radars and almost all of the enemies from within 
the hallway shelter where you enter this area by ducking in and out 
of the door. Once you have cleared to area go to the other and you 
will find 6 storage containers. Search the one closes to the mountain 
on the outer side of the container for the part. Now complete the 

Location - Destroy Radar Base
Back Weapon - EWM-S612
Type:Small Missile
Energy Drain:549
Weapon Sight:Standard
Attack Power:780
Number of Ammo:60
Ammo Type:Solid
Ammo Price:140
Ammo Heat:145
Max Lock:12
Used Drain:-
Reload Time:48
Discharge Reaction-
When this mission starts you will be beside the same 6 storage 
containers where you found the booster part. Now go and look in the 
very same container and you will find a new part! That was easy. 
Now continue the mission.

Location - Stop The Surface Weapon
Right Arm Weapon - KARASAWA Mk II
Type:Laser Rifle
Energy Drain:442
Weapon Sight:Special
Attack Power:1580
Number of Ammo:50
Ammo Type:Energy
Ammo Price:-
Ammo Heat:68
Max Lock:1
Used Drain:3280
Reload Time:53
Discharge Reaction:-

This mission may prove to be a little more difficult. You have to 
destroy all of the weapons on both vehicles before they reach a 
certain point. You have 2 AC's assisting you which will buy you a 
little time. When the mission starts destroy the guns on the side 
of the transports that you are on. Now boost to the right of the 
vehicles (back the way they came from) and go into the corner BEHIND 
the point where they started to find the weapon near the out-of 
area- zone. Now boost back over and complete the mission if your 
quick enough.. 

Location - Destroy Containers
Optional Part - SP-BLS
Used Slot:6
Description:Increases left-arm attack and defense rating. 

When you start this mission destroy all of the targets the are on 
your level before dropping down in the ravine. Use your radar and 
find the area where the plane has crashed. Do not go to the plane 
yet. Around the corner is a part of the plane angled into a crack, 
destroy it and get the part. Hopefully you can do this before the 
enemies start attacking. Now complete the mission.

Location - Underground Railway
Arm Weapon Left - ZES-99/MIRROR
Type:Energy Shield
Energy Drain:78
Used Energy:3250
Discharge Heat:10
Shield Def Shell:428
Shield Def Energy:477
Shield Cover:64
Work Efficiency:118

Another mission where you don't want to fight. Just run, jump, and 
boost your way to the lower level until you come to the dead end 
room with the blastable panel on the floor. DON'T SHOOT IT YET!! 
Look up and you will see a panel in the ceiling. Fly up, blast it, 
go in and get the part. Now drop back down blast the floor panel 
and continue with the mission.

Location - Zio City Suppression
Back Weapon - ZWX-FO4/ORBIT
Type:Orbit Cannon
Energy Drain:1020
Weapon Sight:Special
Attack Power:145
Number of Ammo:18
Ammo Type:Energy
Ammo Price:-
Ammo Heat:12
Max Lock:3
Used Drain:1300
Reload Time:240
Discharge Reaction:-

When this mission starts you may want to destroy one of the enemy 
AC's before getting the part. Find the maze of green buildings and 
you will find the part just sitting there. Try searching closer to 
the wall. Continue with the mission.

Location - Eliminate Leos Kline
Generator - HOY-BV2500
Energy Output:9210
Max Charge:53000
Calorific Value:2990
Once you make it through the floating mine fields you will come to 
a passageway with two rooms. Enter the smaller room and the part is 
just sitting there waiting for you. Now, can you finish the mission?

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