Inuyasha: Feudal Combat PS2 Cheats

Inuyasha: Feudal Combat

Playstation 2

Beat story mode with the indicated character to get the hidden characters:

ShippoGet Human inuyasha
SesshomaruGet Mad inuyasha
InuyashaGet Naraku
MirokuGet Bankotsu

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Challenging mode

Beat mission mode three times using a different controlled character.

Unlock the Training Stage

Head to Practice Mode and destroy the 8 Pillars with all of the 14 characters to unlock the Training Stage.


Unlockable chapters

Beat story mode with the following characters to unlock new story modes.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Miroku/Sango's Chapter    Beat Story mode with Inuyasha
SesshomaruBeat Story mode with Miroku/Sango
Sesshomaru's ChapterBeat Miroku's/Sango's Chapter
Shippo's ChapterBeat Sesshomaru's Chapter