Orphen: Scion of Mystery Orphen: The Scion of Sorcery FAQ

                    The Scion of Sorcery

System: Playstation2
Type: RPG/Adventure
Maker: Activision
Version: Final
Date: 12/03/00

Table of Contents:

     Tricked by Volcan into sailing to the merchant city of Arvanrama on the 
promise of  "easy money," Orphen and his friends quickly find themselves in 
trouble when monsters attack their ship.  Somehow they all make it off the 
sinking ship safely, only to find themselves stranded on Chaos Island, 
together with three fellow travelers-the dancing girl Sephy, the mercenary 
Zeus, and the musician Mar.  Orphen, Cleo, and Magnus set off to explore the 
mysterious island.  What fate lies in store for our heroes?
                                        -Instruction manual

My thoughts,
     I managed to get my hands on a Playstation 2 the day it came out, and 
Orphen was the first game I bought for it.  By reading previews and the story, 
I was expecting the game to deliver a lot.  Unfortunately, Orphen didn't come 
anywhere near my high expectations.  The graphics and story are great, but the 
gameplay was only mediocre and short.  There is no doubt that the game was 
obviously rushed since there are so many faults and glitches...but hopefully 
future games or spawns of Orphen will be much better.  But anyway, enough with 
my opinion and on to the walkthrough :)

     The walkthrough will be divided into four parts.  
2.1-The Ship
     Each section describes their respective quests.

2.1-The Ship
Area: The Ship
Items: Emerald Incense x4, Blue Incense x2, Sleeping Chimes
Descriptions: Enjoy the dialogue(however long it may be), and prepare to play 
Orphen!  Shortly after taking control of Orphen, visit the nearby cabins and 
loot the treasure.  Then proceed to the end of the hallway where there will be 
a room with 3 treasure chests.  Two contain items, the one in the middle will 
activate a switch to continue the game.  After the switch is activated, 
continue down the hallway, exploring more rooms and getting treasure.  When 
you are prepared to continue, enter the last room on the right...
Boss: Ingorudo & Garjics
Learn: Shield of Immunity
     Being the first boss in the game, Ingorudo is fairly easy.  Blast him 
with Hand of Pyro and shield up when he throws rocks or prepares to breath 
steam at you.  In no time you should have him begging for mercy, or exploding 
into a bunch of Garjics....
     One fully charged Bite of Lightning should handle the swarm of little 
Garjics, but there are sometimes little misfits who must be taken out with the 
Hand of Pyro.

     Once the boss has been defeated, proceed up the stairs and enter the 
room to the right.  Take its treasures and enter the room above the stairs to 
the left.  Magnus and Cleo will each go a different way, and it does not 
matter who you follow.  At any rate, you will end up facing some flying pests.  
Dispatch them and find Sephy and Magnus...

Boss: Gariga
Learn: Bolt of Thunder
     Gariga is also another pushover.  When he jumps past you hit him with 
Hand of Pyro, then shield up to avoid his lightning attacks.  Right before he 
dives into the water, tap circle and hit him with the Bite of Lightning.  
Repeat the process until he's toast, but remember, you must kill him before he 
destroys all 3 masts and sends you sleeping with the fishes...

Area: Abandoned Pathways
Items: Emerald Lantern, Ball of Shadows
Description: Before you enter the tower to get out of the rain, make sure you 
grab Sephy's Ball of Shadows attack, which is past the giant tree, straight 
from where you enter the area.  After you snatch the treasure, proceed to the 
     You must now use Sephy to get inside the tower.  Jump from crate to 
crate until you get to the vines.  Climb up the vine and follow this path: up, 
right, up, left, up, right till end, and then jump onto the ledge.  If 
followed correctly you should land inside the tower...

Area: Tower of Mercy
Items: Emerald Lantern x4, Sleeping Chimes, Emerald Incense, Summoning Bell
Description: You start off facing various swinging blades right away.  Use 
Orphen and stand at the edge of the traps until they swing up, then run for 
it.  After the third blade, there is a treasure hidden off to the side you may 
want to get.  Proceed past the final blade, and use the elevator to reach the 
next floor.
     Here is yet another trap, but don't worry.  The spikes sticking out of 
the ground deal little to none, so you can fall a lot.  After reaching the 
opposite side of the spikes, snag the treasure and go up to the next floor.
     Don't miss the two treasure chests on this floor before going up the 
platforms.  It's not too difficult, and all you have to do is jump higher and 
higher until you reach the next elevator.
     You're now faced with another puzzle.  Take the right set of cogs and 
jump to the other side.  Careful not to fall, or you'll plummet down to the 
previous floor!
Area: Abandoned Pathways(present)
Items: Emerald Lantern x3, Sleeping Chimes, Blue Lantern, Smelly Bag
Description: Explore and get the treasures on the pathway, and then proceed to 
the dead end you came across before.  The pathway will be divided into to 
paths.  Take the left path and get the treasure, then go right to collect more 
treasure and continue on with the game...

Area: Abandoned Pathways(winter)
Items: Emerald Incense, Purple Lantern, Blue Incense
Description: Explore to find more treasure, but watch out for the icicles.  
They can do some major damage, so take them out with your projectile or sword 
attack to be on the safe side.  Continue on until you find another piece of 

Area: Abandoned Pathways
Items: Sleeping Chimes, Dance of Darkness, Blue Incense
Description: Phew...another set of abandoned pathways...  Explore some more 
and find some treasure, then return to where you started to advance the plot.  
     You will now get control of Sephy, and your first order of business 
should be to hit the switch.  Now jump from platform to platform to get to the 
Curin Tree, but don't forget the treasure on the way.  When you reach the 
tree, hit the switch and move on.  Another pathway will appear, and it will 
lead to more treasure and the exit.

Area: Entrance to Aerial Pathway
Items: Perfume Scented Bag, Emerald Lantern, Summoning Bell
Description: Go up the pathway via the many bridges, and snag the treasures 
along the way.

Area: Aerial Pathways
Items Emerald Lantern x2, Bug Attractor, Purple Incense, Sleeping Chimes
Description: Follow the path and collect the treasure.  At the end of the 
path, examine the wall to continue on...
     Prepare to encounter a VERY dangerous trap.  Two hits from this bad boy 
will make you start over, and have to listen to the dialogue AGAIN!!!  
Although listening to it once is fun, there is no way to fastforward it, so 
you can't make a mistake.  Advance the first row of spikes until you are 
confident enough to jump over them without getting nailed, and repeat the 
process for the second row of spikes.  Use items if necessary, but I wouldn't 
advise dying...  When you reach the end of the trap, jump down the pit and 
     Continue on the pathway and climb up the vine to continue.
     Continue on this path until you get to a pit.  Jump down the pit and 
examine the bull-headed statue.  Can you solve his riddle?  Regardless, return 
to where you previously were to find Dorton and Volcan.  Catch them to find 
the answer to the riddle, then return and talk to the statue again.  A new 
path will now open.  Snag the treasure and continue on.
     The next set of traps are swinging axes.  They deal some serious damage 
as well, so walk close and run past them when its safe. 
     On the next floor you will be greeted with more axes, and rolling 
balls(Indiana Jones allusion, anyone?).  Dodge the balls first, then handle 
the axes.
     The next floor is a cinch.  To avoid the falling spikes simply hug the 
wall until you reach the exit.
     On the next floor you will be confronted with more swinging axes.  Be 
careful not to step on weak parts of the floor, or else you will fall down to 
the falling spike level again.
     Continue on the pathway, and prepare yourself...
Boss: Minotaur
Learn: Pinnacle of the Sun
     Ok...this guy is the toughest you'll have fought so far.  Shield up 
right away to prevent from being cooked by his fire wall.  The minotaur will 
repeatedly charge you, knocking you back down the hallway.  Try and attack him 
right when he charges, so you hit him before he hits you(be aware that ONLY 
sword attacks will work against him!).  Make sure that he doesn't knock you 
back too far as well, or you will fall off the end of the hallway, leading to 
instant death.

Area: Gaia's Tomb
Description: Explore the area, but there are no items here.  Talk to everyone 
in the rest house until they leave, then go back to the tomb and join Sephy to 
proceed onwards through the new door.

Area: Prison
Items: Bug Attractor, Emerald Lantern, Emerald Incense, Summoning Bell, 
Sleeping Chimes, Blue Incense
Description: After reuniting with the group, the old lady will send you 
plummeting to her little dungeon.  Use Magnus to jump on the weakened floor 
until he falls through.  
     The next area is a little tricky.  Since Magnus can't attack, you will 
have to avoid the flying monsters.  Find treasure while hitting switches until 
you reach a big area.  Jump on the platform repeatedly to reach the next 
section of the area.
     Now find a weakened wall in between to flickering flames.  Have Magnus 
push it until it opens up a new passage with more goodies.  Proceed onward.
     Yet again jump on the weakened floors at the end of the path...sheesh...
     You will now enter an area full of stairs and paths.  Big hands tend to 
fly up from the darkness while your on the paths, so watch out for them.  
There is also hidden treasure off to the side of the stairs that you can grab.  

Area: Underground Labyrinth
Items: Emerald Incense, Perfume Scented Bag, Blue Lantern
Description: Be prepared to stand up against more death traps.  Axes and 
falling spikes are once again the prime tools of your demise, and by now you 
should have mastered ways to get around them.  Continue onwards avoiding the 
traps, getting treasure, and hit the first switch you come across.  It will 
move a ball so you can continue, but DO NOT hit the second switch you see, 
unless you like being whacked by iron balls... 
     Proceed on the path until you find a pit, jump inside it and get ready 
for a puzzle...
Items: Emerald Incense x2, Dance of Wind
Description: This puzzle isn't too tough, but your first order of business 
should be to collect the treasure.  Then find Sephy and Magnus, who tell 
Orphen to climb inside a cage.  Do as they say to move the cage.  After that, 
find another cage with a statue inside.  Push the statue out to move that cage 
as well.  Find the room with many cages, and jump on them until the game cuts 
to a scene where a cage lifts up to reveal stairs.  It is the same room as the 
Dance of Wind, so return to the room and go down the stairs.  You will now 
enter many hallways with arrow shooting statues.  Collect the treasures and 
proceed on, and don't worry about the statues...  You could literally be hit 
with dozens of arrows and still live since they deal so little.

Area: Underground Temple
Items: none
Description: Push the statue with a head into the corner to create a stairway 
to the next level.  Repeat the process on each level until you reach the 
bottom of the area at the foot of the temple.
     Walk around the base of the temple until you reach a strange block.  
Sephy will take over, and you will now have to lead her to the top.  The first 
puzzle is easy, go from one of the room to the next, but beware of the pop up 
walls, for they can block you in.  If you find that you are completely 
trapped, step on a switch to start the puzzle over again.  Otherwise push the 
block on the opposite end of the room out, then return to the outside of the 
temple.  Walk around to the other side, and climb up the block you just pushed 
out.  Find an entrance to another room on the second level of the temple.
     This puzzle is a bit more tricky.  First, jump on the ledge and push the 
first block off of it.  This will trigger a wall to pop up.  Circle round the 
wall to activate yet another pop up wall.  Now push the FIRST block to make a 
pathway for the second block.  Jump up behind the second block and use it to 
make a pathway to the next exit...  Phew, now jump up to the next level and 
walk around it to continue...
Boss: Statue & Skeletons
Learn: Hail of Heavens
     The object of this battle is to destroy the statue.  Even if you kill 
the skeletons, they will revive themselves until the statue is destroyed.  An 
easy way is to target the statue and cast the Hand of Pyro, which will hit the 
skeletons in the way.  Your party members will follow your lead, opening up a 
path to the statue.  In the short time you have with a clear line of sight, 
charge your sword up and beat the statue senseless.  It will take a few tries, 
but you eventually should destroy it.

Area: Gaia's Tomb
     Once again, talk to everyone in the rest house until they leave.  Go 
back out into the tomb area and join Sephy.  Go through the new door to 
Items: Herb, Bug Attractor, Emerald Lantern
Description: You have more then enough time to use Sephy to clear a pathway to 
the exit, but make sure you get the herb, which is a valuable item that 
restores all of your hp.

Area: Tower of Mercy(past)
Items: Emerald Incense, Blue Incense, Sleeping Chimes, Purple Lantern x2, 
Smelly Bag, Blue Lantern, Emerald Lantern, Perfume Scented Bag
Description:  Proceed down the tower with Magnus.  The traps and treasure 
locations are relatively the same as they were the first time around, so you 
won't be up against anything new.  At the bottom of the tower, flick all the 
switches and move on...
     With Orphen and Sephy go down the tower to where Magnus was.  You will 
find him missing, but will be greeted with more monsters.  After you dispatch 
them find a passage behind the sand to continue on.
Items: Blue Lantern, Summoning Bell, Blue Incense x2
Description: After you enter the passage keeping going until you spot a 
ladder.  Find Magnus and some treasure, then move on.

Boss: Golnath
Learn: Shield of Inferno
     Resembling Gariga an awful lot, use the same strategy against Golnath.  
Nail him with a projectile when he flies by, then shield up when he glows.  
You can also hit falling rocks to break and hit him, but just make sure you 
kill him before he destroys all your foot holds, which will send you to an 
instant death.

     You will end up on the ship again, but before moving on, make sure to 
get the Sword of Justice.  After you snag this much needed weapon, proceed to 
talk to Zeus.  After a short chat, you will have to fight Gariga again.

Area: Tower of Wisdom
Items: Bow of Ice, Bug Attractor, Smelly Bag, Emerald Lantern, Blue Incense, 
Sleeping Chimes, Purple Lantern, Summoning Bell
Description: Walk around to get treasure and use the glowing portal as an 
     On the next floor you will find a library maze and more treasure.  
Examine a lone library book on a shelf to continue onwards to the next level.
     On the bottom floor of the tower, use Cleo to jump on the shelves and 
barrels to reach treasures and a switch.  After hitting the switch you will be 
able to leave the tower.

Area: Ship Graveyard
Items: Emerald Lantern, Blue Lantern, Smelly Bag, Bug Attractor, Emerald 
Incense x2
Description: Go through the ship and find items.  To get to the next ship, 
climb the ladders to the top and fall(or climb) onto the platform below.  Hold 
of the monsters until Zeus opens up a way for you to escape to, then continue 
on through the ship.
     Hold off more monsters again, then take control of Zeus and use his 
sword to destroy an old mast, creating a bridge for the rest of the party.

Area: Aerial Pathway-Graveyard
Items: Hammer of Rending, Emerald Lantern x3, Purple Lantern, Perfume Scented 
Description: After seeing a ghost, explore the floor to find treasure, some of 
which is hidden behind graves.  To continue on, push aside a grave on one of 
the lower levels to reveal a path to another grave.  When you're inside the 
grave, you'll find something interesting...
     Now return to the top of the building and proceed onwards.  Careful of 
the crumbling floor, although it will only slow you down.  At the end of the 
hallway, there is treasure behind the stairway.
     After nabbing the treasure, you will be confronted with spikes which 
want to crush you.  Watch their movements and run when it is safe, jumping 
over small pits that also pose a threat.  At the end of the death traps you 
will leave the building and move on.
Boss: Jigeos & Zandor
Learn: Armor of Purity
     Equip the Bite of Lightning, Bolt of Thunder, and Sword of Justice 
attacks.  Your first problem will be two tubes spouting out many Jigeos.  
Concentrate on one tube at a time, and watch the Jigeos' movement.  After the 
two tubes are gone, dispatch the Jigeos with one Bite of Lightning attack.  
Now you will have to fight Zandor...
     No pushover, Zandor is a giant spider.  When he sets up his defense 
webs, charge up the Bolt of Thunder to waste them easily.  Watch out for his 
attack though, because they will occasionally stop you from putting up your 
shields, which can be very bad.  When his webs fall, charge up the sword and 
beat him senseless.  Repeat the process until he dies.  Be careful however, 
because when he gets low on life and will shoot fire at you, which does some 
serious damage.

Area: Gaia's Hidden Room
     You know the drill by now...talk to everyone in the rest house, then 
join Zeus and continue on.

Area: Boat to Pathway
Items: Summoning Bell
     Use Orphen to activate the first switch.  To get to the switch, wait 
until the wheels show their gaps, then jump through to the next stone.  
     After the first switch is activated, Zeus will have a turn.  Use him to 
get to a large block, which you should push in the water to continue on.
     Finally, use Orphen once again to jump on the spinning logs to another 
switch, which, when activated, will complete this area.

Area: Tower of Mercy
Items: Emerald Incense, Sleeping Chimes, Great Sword
Description: Collect the items and proceed to the "maze".  Why is it in 
quotations?  Because the maze is just one straight pathway to the next 

Area: Tower of Wisdom
Items: none
Description: Explore the tower until you come across a passage under the 
stairway leading to the next area.

Area: Underground Labyrinth
Items: Blue Incense, Purple Incense x2, Smelly Bag, Emerald Lantern x2, Blue 
Lantern, Emerald Incense, Sleeping Chimes
Description: Watch the pattern of the falling balls and run to the switch when 
it is safe.
     In the next part of the area, be careful of the moving walls so they 
don't push you into the lava.
     After the moving walls, you once again face swinging axes.  However, 
this time they are VERY hard to see, and if you proceed recklessly you'll be 
cut down very quickly.  After the axes, you face more falling balls.
     Use Zeus to find the switches to turn off the balls.  You can get to the 
switch by ducking into the indented parts of the wall and waiting for the 
balls to pass.  Use this strategy until you reach the next part of the area.
     At the final ball trap, there are two switches that need to be pushed.  
Both are parallel from each other at the top of the room, so be careful when 
you attempt to hit them.  Two hits from the balls will kill you, so use items 
when necessary.
Boss: Doppleganger
Learn: Smoke of Pain
     After an amusing cut scene, you're forced to fight the Doppleganger.  
Equip the Armor of Purity and use it to reflect his attack back at you.  This 
will revert him to his original form, so you can pound away at him.  Be 
careful NOT to hit him when he has shifted into Orphen, Zeus, or Magnus, 
however, because you will damage his respective target as well.  Orphen will 
die and the game will end if you kill the Doppleganger when he looks like 

Area: Gaia's Tomb
     You know the drill.... :-)

Area: Tower of Mercy
Items: Emerald Incense, Bug Attractor, Sleeping Chimes
Description: Get the treasures and then go down the sand pit to the next 
     Here the sand will suck you to a damage dealing sand pillar.  Jumping 
helps you game ground so you won't fall into the pillar.  Proceed to another 
sand pit to get to next level.
     On this level you will find a large immobile monster in the center of 
the room.  Destroy its four sides to move on, but be careful of the smaller 
monsters which crawl within the sand.
     On this final level, use the rising sand dunes to jump up and reach a 
sand pit, which will bring you to...

Area: Volcano
Items: Summoning Bell
Description: Chase the woman up to the summit of the mountain to continue.
     After the bridge breaks, use Orphen to walk around to the rest of the 
party.  Be careful of the falling rocks, they don't deal much but you will get 
hit by them a lot.

Area: Mountain Summit
Items: Emerald Lantern, Perfume Scented Bag, Purple Lantern
Description: Use Zeus to knock down cracked pillars.  The pillars will make a 
bridge to the mountain summit.
Boss: Zelton
Learn: Falcon of Death
     Before Zeus joins the fray, have Orphen shoot projectiles and mainly 
shield up against the beast's attack.  When Zeus cuts open the center of the 
creature, hit it with everything you've got.  Be careful of the firebreathing 
tentacles, which charge up before letting lose.  Another tentacle off to the 
side is also dangerous, so defend when you see it winding up.  You can't 
damage the center of the creature if it is protected by the clawed tentacle, 
so defend when necessary...and enjoy Zeus' ending...  Now onto Mar!

Area: Boat
     No...not again!  Yes, you have to find Magnus and Cleo and defeat Gariga 
one last time.
Items: Cymbals of Fire, Blue Lantern
     After Gariga's third and final defeat, you will be stranded on a small 
island with Cleo.  Examine the steel door to find that you're trapped, then 
proceed up the hill with Cleo.  Go up trees and climb vines until you find a 
piece of the crystal egg(ohhhh).  After you are warped to morning, go up the 
left vine, snag the treasure, go back, and climb up the right vine.  Now 
you'll be warped back to the present again... ... ... ... ... that was cool... 
     Find Mar and bring him with you.  Go through the steel door at the top 
of the mountain, and climb down to the other steel door to find an irritated 
Orphen waiting for you.  After a short argument over Mar's predicament, use 
Orphen to go back up to where Mar was located, then from there retrace Cleo's 
path to continue on with the game.

Area: Watercourse Labyrinth
Items: Emerald Lantern, Blue Lantern, Sleeping Chimes
Description: Go up the stairs and throw the switch to open the gates into the 
next part of the area.
     Follow Mar to another closed gate, which the switch for is not far away 
from the gate again.
     After opening the gate, follow Mar to the music machine.  After a short 
battle the machine break...this can't be good!
     Proceed up the right side of the music machine and flick the switch.  
Return to the left side of the music machine, go up its stairs, and you can 
now cross the bridge which the switch made.  Continue on the path until you 
reach two more switches.  If you flick the first switch, another bridge will 
be made and you can continue on.  But if you want, you can flick both 
switches, go back and flick the first switch, go down the music machine and 
get two more items, (although they are kind of useless), then go back and 
flick all the switches again to proceed.  If you want to collect every item in 
the game, do it, but if not, I would say skip it to save time...
     After you flick the second switch and cross the bridge, continue on 
until you leave the area.  After that, proceed down the mountain until you 
reach an impassable river.  Mar will suggest that he can climb up the mountain 
and push the boulder of the cliff...heh
     This is a bit complicated, so follow these steps:
     -Jump on the RIGHT log when it comes down to get to the tree
     -Jump on the RIGHT log again to reach the three little islands
     -Goto the 3rd island and jump on the LEFT log to get to land
     -Be patient and wait for the GREEN log to use it to get to the opposite 
     When on the opposite side, proceed up the mountain and examine the small 

Area: Endless Stairs
Items: Flute of the Wind, Bug Attractor
Description: Your first order of business is to find the crystal egg fragment.  
Take the set of stairs to your left and continue down them until you reach an 
open space.  Go up the next set of stairs you see to reach where you saw the 
glowing fragment before.  Examine it to be transported to...night...
     Time to find another piece!  Retrace your steps and find the large 
stairwell that you passed earlier.  Go up it to find a treasure and another 
piece of egg.  Examine the egg once again to be transported to a rainy night.
     Go back down the large stairs and continue onward to find a bridge.  
Cross the bridge...

Area: Chapel Hill
Items: Emerald Incense x2, Purple Lantern
Description: Use Mar to reach the top of the mountain.  Beware of the falling 
boulders, but they do not deal much.  Try and find treasure on the way, but 
your immediate health is more important.
Boss: Zafeum
Learn: Feathers of the Hurricane
     When this beast lands, unleash projectile attacks on him as much as 
possible.  He will then fly away, and things will start to get tricky.  Watch 
very carefully how he flies in the air, and guess where he will land.  Target 
this area with your crosshairs, and if you watch carefully enough he will land 
in your Hand of Pyro.  If not, shield up right away to avoid his attacks.
     After he is damaged enough, he will come in for a close encounter again.  
Be careful this time, he shoots a lot more and a lot faster.  After you hit 
him some more again, he will fly into the area and shoot you at the same time.  
Since he moves too fast for a projectile attack, hit him with the Bite of 
Lightning in fast bursts in between protecting yourself from his attacks.  In 
no time you should have him easily defeated.

Area: Gaia's Tomb
     Need I say anything?
Items: Blue Incense, Sleeping Chimes
     Yet another easy puzzle...  Use Mar to jump from cog to cog to reach 
treasure chests and the exits.

Area: Frozen Wasteland
Items: Summoning Bell, Emerald Incense, Blue Incense, Smelly Bag, Blue 
Lantern, Emerald Lantern
     Quite literally no tricks here.  Just have fun sliding from one end of 
the area to the next, while snagging the treasure along the way.  All goes 
well, until you reach the other end...
     Now use Mar to knock over the wobbling ice pillar.  It will take some 
time to get to it, but just use the minimap and slowly work your way around 
the area.
     After you knock over the pillar, proceed to the mysterious music 

Area: Tower of Sound
Items: Harp of Darkness, Blue Lantern, Perfume Scented Bag, Summoning Bell
Description: This first puzzle is a little tricky.  After you talk to the 
frog, it will play a tune.  Out of the 6 music notes available, you must pick 
the four that play the right tune in the right order.  Simply follow this 
diagram for an easy way out...
                             4        2
                         1        F       X
                             3        X     
The "F" stands for the Frog, and play the music notes as they appear in the 
right order.
After hitting all four notes, step on the white note that will appear above 
the frog to get to the next level of the tower.
     After a little scramble with some enemies, you'll be faced with another 
     This one is a little more tricky.  Use the minimap to find a frog icon.  
Move Orphen to the vicinity of the frog icon, and then WALK, not run, up to 
the frog and touch him.  If you run the frog will move away from you, which is 
why minimap is so handy in such a big area.  If you slowly walk around the 
maze until you reach the frog, you should have no problem with this puzzle.
     After another fight, you will be faced with a final puzzle.  Very easy, 
simply watch the giant frog and mimic his actions to get to the other side.  
Don't miss the chest on the way, and then move on.
     After an interesting turn of events....onto the next tower!
Items: Smelly Bag, Purple Lantern
Boss: Brisgar
Learn: Coldness of Destruction
     On the way to the next tower you'll encounter a Brisgar and its Aegists.  
The Brisgar will keep summoning Aegists until it dies, so ignore the little 
icicles and go for the big beasts.  The Sword of Justice and Hand of Pyro are 
very handy here, since it is vulnerable to fire.  A few swipes with the sword 
and the Brisgar will be toast...

Area: Tower of Mercy
Items: none
     Proceed up the tower to see some more interesting events...

Area: Gaia's Tomb
     .............     ...............     ...............
Items: Blue Lantern, Summoning Bell
     Another easy puzzle.  Use Mar to jump from platform to platform to reach 
the other side.  Don't miss the two treasures along the way!

Area: Watercourse Labyrinth
Items: Summoning Bell, Perfume Scented Bag, Purple Incense
Description: This is probably the toughest part in the entire game.  You will 
need to use Mar to lead Jado back to the music machine.  Sounds easy?  Wrong!  
Jado moves super slow, and you CAN'T lose her, so you will have to move Mar 
super slow as well.  On top of granny's disabilities, you will have to defend 
her from swarms of probably hundreds of those little flying pests.  My advice:
     Move VERY slowly and repeatedly tap triangle to shoot musical notes at 
the beasts.  This will take care of most of them before they even come close.  
However, as you proceed on, you will be attacked from both sides.  Here is 
where all those sleeping chimes, bug attractors, summoning bells, etc., will 
come in VERY handy.  Use one of them and blast the bugs while they are busy 
sniffing the bags or whatever, and then move on.  Be prepared to spend at 
least 10 minutes here though, and things get quite tedious when the bugs keep 
on coming and coming and coming and coming and coming...
     You should eventually come to an open area though, and if Jado is still 
alive and with you, you'll enter a small battle.  After it's over, Orphen and 
Cleo will show up...onwards!

Area: Underground Labyrinth
Items: Sleeping Chimes, Blue Lantern x2, Emerald Incense, Purple Lantern x2
Description: Same old.  Same old.  More falling spikes and axes greet you 
here, and you should be a pro by now.  After dodging them go straight when you 
come to a fork in the path.  Hit the switch and return to the fork and go the 
other way.  Hit the next switch and duck into the wall while the ball passes 
you by.  Proceed onwards...
     Now things get tricky.  You must jump from platform to platform to get 
to the next switch, but there is lava below you and swinging axes in front of 
you.  Purple items come in VERY handy here since two axe strikes will send you 
starting from the beginning.
     After hitting the switch proceed on, to face even harder axes.  There is 
an axe at the entrance and exit of the next room.  Going into the room is 
easy.  If you walk up close enough to the axe you can easily run right by.  
However, leaving the room is another matter.  I myself have never been able to 
cross it without getting hit, so what I usually do is get to full health, run 
into the axe on purpose, and then scramble to the other side in that one 
millisecond of invincibility...  If you can find other ways, more power to you 
     Proceed onwards, fighting and moving through the labyrinth.  You will 
come to a maze that is totally dark.  You can step on switches to light 
torches so you can feel your way through the maze, OR you can use minimap, 
which shows you a complete map of the maze in full light.  Wow...someone made 
a mistake here!
     After this maze you will be forced to solve yet another mind boggling 
puzzle.  Hmm...those four blocks DON'T go in the four corresponding holes, do 
Boss: Beogray
Learn: Hammer of Evil
     Hmm...a demon made of stone blocks...  This guy looks scary!  Watch his 
movement and attack patterns for a little while until you are comfortable with 
him.  Then, when Mar plays the special song, waste him with everything you've 
got.  Eventually the eyeball demon will come out of the blocks and move very 
fast.  Wait till he stops and use a projectile or elemental attack on him.  In 
no time you should have this demon defeated...

Area: Gaia's Tomb
     Whoa...we DON'T talk to everyone!  Wow!  Finally!
Boss: NOT a spoiler
     This is it!  The final boss!
My strategy:
     Ok, this guy is no pushover.  He has 5 parts:2 arms, 2 hip blasters(?), 
and a head.  Go for the arms first, since they deal the most and can protect 
the other parts of the body.  I suggest using Hand of Pyro(heh, doesn't that 
make ALL those other spells useless?) to target the arms.  Charge up and 
unleash 3 or 4 projectiles at once, then shield up when it goes to pound you.  
After both arms are destroyed, you have a big choice to make.  You can either 
destroy its blasters, or take a walk on the wild side like myself and go 
straight for the head.  If you go for the head, charge up fully with Hand of 
Pyro and blast the head.  Careful of the blasters, however, because they deal 
some serious damage!  After ever successful hit you make on the head, it will 
unleash little bots.  These bots don't deal much to you, but there are a lot 
of them and they keep shooting at you.  When they are grouped up, use Bite of 
Lightning(wow, that makes EVERY spell you've gotten in the game totally 
useless!) to damage them, then use Hand of Pyro to pick them off.  You 
shouldn't have too much trouble, and I suggest restarting the battle if you 
are about to die, since you definitely DON'T want to hear that story again...

Bottom Line: Enjoy the ending(Hey, where did it go!?)...  In my opinion, this 
game is VERY average.  It made me forget my troubles for the 10 hours it took 
me to beat after I got home from Walmart at 7 in the morning, but that's about 
it.  I hope this walkthrough helps anyone on some of the more annoying parts 
of the game that I had trouble with, and if anyone has any questions, feel 
free to mail them to me at [email protected]  

Q: Can I use items during battle?
A: No

Q: Damnit!  I keep dying and I have to listen to that annoying storyline 
AGAIN!!!  As if the first time wasn't bad enough!!!
A: I feel your pain...fortunately, if you are in battle, you can hit start, 
goto change equipment, and then cancel to have the battle restart.

Q: How many swords are there for Orphen?
A: Just two, the Sword of the Fallen Devil and the Sword of Justice

Q: What's up with these items?  Are they good for ANYTHING???
A: Not really.  They mostly come in handy during Mar's quest, so I would save 
them for then.

Q: Does my defensive shield stay up forever?
A: Nope, if you hold it down long enough it will disappear, which can be very 
dangerous at some bosses, so try and time your shield *just* right.

Anymore questions?  Email [email protected]

The items in Orphen...are...well, shall we say useless?  Although they can 
come in very handy at some points in the game, they are usually not a help at 
all.  My advice is to get most of them anyway, however, just in case you come 
to that one spot in the game where they are required....
Item                    | Affect
Emerald Incense         | Restores 10 hp
Emerald Lantern         | Restores 10 hp
Blue Incense            | Restores 30 hp
Blue Lantern            | Restores 30 hp
Purple Incense          | Restores 50 hp
Purple Lantern          | Restores 50 hp
Herb                    | Restores all hp
Perfume Scented Bag     | Attracts flying monsters for 30 seconds
Summoning Bell          | Attracts flying monsters for 30 seconds
Bug Attractor           | Attracts flying monsters for 30 seconds
Smelly Bag              | Stops monsters for 30 seconds
Sleeping Chimes         | Stops monsters for 30 seconds

     Here is a list of all the spells and abilities in Orphen:
Name                       | Fire  | Ice  | Wind  | Lightning  | Darkness

Hand of Pyro               | II    |      |       |            |
Coldness of Destruction    |       | II   |       |            |
Feathers of the Hurricane  |       |      | II    |            |
Bolt of Thunder            |       |      |       | II         |
Smoke of Pain              |       |      |       |            | II
Name                    | Fire  | Ice  | Wind  | Lightning  | Darkness
Pinnacle of the Sun     | I     |      |       |            |
Hail of Heavens         |       | I    |       |            |
Falcon of Death         |       |      | I     |            |
Bite of Lightning       |       |      |       | I          |
Hammer of Evil          |       |      |       |            | I
Name                    | Defends Against
Shield of Immunity      | Poison Attacks
Shield of Inferno       | Ice Attacks
Armor of Purity         | Darkness Attacks

Name                      | Fire | Ice | Wind | Lightning | Darkness | User

Sword of the Fallen Devil |      |     |      |           |          | Orphen
Sword of Justice          | III  |     |      |           |          | Orphen
Iron Sword                |      |     |      |           |          | Zeus
Great Sword               |      |     |      |           |          | Zeus
Bow of Darkness           |      |     |      |           | II       | Zeus
Bow of Ice                |      | II  |      |           |          | Zeus
Hammer of Rending         | I    |     |      |           |          | Zeus
Iron Hammer               |      |     | I    |           |          | Zeus
Blazing Baton             |      |     |      |           |          | Sephy
5.5-Sephy's Dances & Balls
Name                 | Fire | Ice | Wind | Lightning | Darkness
Ball of Wind         |      |     | II   |           |
Ball of Shadow       |      |     |      |           | II
Dance of Ice         |      | I   |      |           |
Dance of Wind        |      |     | I    |           |
Dance of Darkness    |      |     |      |           | I
5.6-Mar's Flutes, Cymbals, & Harps
Name                 | Fire | Ice | Wind | Lightning | Darkness
Flute of the Wind    |      |     | I    |           |
Flute of Ice         |      | I   |      |           |
Cymbals of Darkness  |      |     |      |           | I
Cymbals of Fire      | I    |     |      |           |
Harp of the Wind     | Reflects swarms of flying monsters
Harp of Darkness     | Reflects dark attacks back at all enemies

To use this table, the more I's a monster has in a category, the more damage 
it takes from the type of spell.  III would be the most damage, and I would be 
the least.
NOTE: Some HP values may be _slightly_ off because of the size of my TV.  If 
anyone sees an error in this table, please mail me and I'll fix it and include 
your name in the credits in my next update.
Name           | Fire | Ice | Wind | Lightning | Darkness | HP
Lizardman      | II   | II  | II   | II        | II       | 62
Beholder       | III  | III | II   | II        | III      | 73
Knifefish      | II   | III | I    | II        | III      | 19
Maneater       | III  | II  | II   | I         | III      | 75
Sea Pig        | II   | II  | III  | III       | I        | 65
Aegist         | III  | I   | III  | II        | II       | 72
Hugger         | II   | III | I    | II        | III      | 77
Airus          | III  | III | III  | III       | III      | 15
Grok           | III  | I   | III  | II        | II       | 64
Killer Bee     | II   | II  | III  | I         | III      | 37
Hellfire       | I    | III | II   | III       | II       | 75
Landoss        | III  | III | III  | III       | III      | 20
Votoru         | I    | III | II   | II        | III      | 65
Dex            | II   | II  | III  | I         | III      | 100
Sandworm       | I    | III | II   | II        | III      | 58
7. Credits
Special Thanks,
Activision-For making this game, although it could have been a LOT better(or 
longer, at least)
My dad-For being crazy enough to wait with me to get a Playstation 2 :-)
                                        Copyright 2000 Joe Lavoine 

    Extra special thanks to Revolution reader Joe Lavoine!