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Xenoblade Chronicles Ingredients For A Brew Quest | Bitter Kiwi and Walnut Grape locations

For the Ingredients For A Brew quest in Xenoblade Chronicles, you need to collect either four Walnut Grapes or two Bitter Kiwis. You’ll receive a different reward depending on which set of items you turn in, so you’ll want to plan ahead of time so you can get the one that’s best for you.

How to start the Ingredients For A Brew quest in Xenoblade Chronicles

Before you can accept the Ingredients For A Brew quest in Xenoblade Chronicles, you’ll need to complete a few prerequisites:

  • Riki must have joined the party.
  • You must have accepted the quest “Sweet Seduction.”
  • You must have completed the quest, “Fixing Time Mushrooms.”
  • You must reach Affinity Level ☆2 with Central Bionis.

After completing the above requirements, you can start Ingredients For a Brew by speaking with Kofuko in Frontier Village. You can find them near the armor shop in the Central Plaza.

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Where to find Walnut Grapes location in Xenoblade Chronicles

You can find Walnut Grapes on Bionis’ Leg or in Colony 6. If you’re searching for them on Bionis’ Leg, your best bet is to look around the Jabos Rock Rest Area or south of Gaur Plain near the arch.

You can find Walnut Grapes at Colony 6 as well at the farm. However, these items are only available until the Mechonis core event is completed.

where to find Bitter Kiwi location in Xenoblade Chronicles

Bitter Kiwi can be found in Makna Forest. However, these items spawn rarely, and you might be better off trading for them. If you’re set on getting the Kiwis from drops, you can find them at night in the following locations:

  • Island at Grand Makna Falls
  • Divine Sanctuary
  • Precipice Bridge
  • Northeast of Eks Watering Hole

If you want to trade for Bitter Kiwi, you can get them from the following vendors:

Frontier Village:

  • Dabidabi
    • Requirements: Must not give Dabidibi the Enlarging Seaweed during the quest “Who is Bigger?”
    • Affinity Level Required: ☆3
  • Leku
    • Afinity Level Required: ☆3

Makna Forest:

  • Nopon Sage
    • Affinity Level Required: ☆5

What reward do you get for completing the Ingredients For A Brew quest in Xenoblade Chronicles

Regardless of what set of items you turn in to complete Ingredients For A Brew, you’ll get:

  • 3,400 G
  • 850 XP
  • Sky Shoes

For turning in Bitter Kiwi, you’ll get:

  • Terrain Defence II

For handing in Walnut Grapes you’ll receive:

  • Auto-Heal Up III