Radiata Stories PS2 Cheats

 Radiata Stories Game Guide
 By Aaron Busch     

 Version X3
 Created: Monday, Sept. 12th, 2005
 Platform: Playstation2
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   FQ01Frequently Asked Questions


   AC01Radiata Castle
   AC02Adien Region
   AC03Dova Region
   AC04Earth Valley

   AC05Dwarf Tunnel (Optional)

   AC06Dova Region
   AC07Radiata Castle

   OD01Path of the Spider (Optional)

   AC08Cuatour Region
   AC09Elf Region
   AC10Nowem Region
   AC11Forest Metropolis
   AC12Radiata Castle
   AC13Tria Region
   AC14Nowem Region
   AC15Elf Region

   BC01Theatre Vancoor

   BBtBQuest 1
   SmFaQuest 2
   AMoFQuest 3
   VexVQuest 4

   BC02Theatre Vancoor
   BC03Path of the Spider
   BC04Theatre Vancoor

   CotSQuest 5
   UtBaQuest 6

   BC05Radiata Castle
   BC06Theatre Vancoor

   ToGCQuest 7
   GnDiQuest 8
   SnfMQuest 9
   TSMiQuest 10

   BC07Earth Valley
   BC08Radiata Castle

   PftHPath of the Non-Human

   CC01City of Flowers
   CC02Goblin Haven
   CC03Fort Helencia
   CC04Algandars Castle
   CC05Fire Mountain
   CC06City of White Nights
   CC07Gold Dragon Castle

   PoHSPath of the Human

   DC01Radiata Castle


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   VH01Version History
   Version A1 - (Updated: 7:56 PM 09/12/2005)

- Started the Game Guide.

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- Game Guide Accepted to GameFAQs.com
- Fixed Time / Date (Version History Typo).
- Fixed Formatting for Walkthrough.

   Version A3 - (Updated: 7:32 PM 9/20/2005)

- Credits Section Added.
- Updated Walkthrough.

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- Updated Walkthrough.

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- Updated Walkthrough.
- Compacted Version History.

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- Updated the Walkthrough.

   Version X2 - (Updated: 7:17 PM 9/23/2005)

- Starting the Non-Human Section of the Walkthrough.

   Version X3 - (Updated: 12:49 PM 9/30/2005)

- Finished the Non-Human Walkthrough.

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   Greetings! Welcome to my Game Guide for Radiata Stories. I have created
   a thorough step-by-Game Guide to help you complete this Role-Playing
   Game. There may be a few areas of this Game Guide which you may not
   understand. I will clarify some of this information to the best of my

   As you may notice, in the Table of Contents I have added some letters
   and numbers next to each section of the Game Guide. If you are unable
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   Next to certain paragraphs will be the letter "A". To save confusion,
   the corresponding setion is (A)lternative. It means that you may 
   either be thorough, defeat enemies, obtain levels, collect items and
   accessories, or stick to the story-line.

   Please submit questions, suggestions, and errors to [email protected]
   I will assist you to the best of my knowledge.
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   FQ01Frequently Asked Questions

   Question:I need assistance in Radiata Stories!
   Response:Questions related to Star Ocean 3 can be sent via E-mail
to [email protected] I will answer your questions to
thee best of my knowledge.

Please DO NOT E-mail me regarding something in the game
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   Response:Please report errors to [email protected] I'll check
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   Question:    Why is there an "A" next to certain sections in this Guide?
   Response:    Please be sure you have read the 'Using this Guide' section,
                as it will explain more about these symbols.

   Question:    Why do you call the currency in Radiata Stories "Gold"?
   Response:    It's a universal term, which makes it easier to recognize.

   Question:How do you perform a Volty Attack?
   Response:To perform a Volty Attack you must first acquire the skill
such as Army of Shadows. Skills can are acquired once Jack
has achieved a certain level. Once you have obtained this
Volty Attack, press the Square and X Button once the Volty
Meter has marked 100%. Jack will then perform this Attack
on the targeted enemy.

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   ====         ==============
   AC01        Radiata Castle
   ====         ==============

   O ================================================================= O
   | (Event) Boss Battle: Ridley Silverlake                            |
   |       |
   | Several scenes following the opening of Radiata Stories, Jack is  |
   | immediately thrown into a tough battle. Start by pressing the X   |
   | Button to Guard most of Ridley's Attacks. Press the O Button to   |
   | Attack Ridley. She'll eventually use a very powerful ability to   |
   | knock you out of the competition.       |
   |       |
   | Relax, the battle was part of the story, which means that Jack    |
   | was supposed to be defeated.                                      |
   O ================================================================= O

   Nevertheless, once you have lost against Ridley, the story will then
   continue. Following the events within the coliseum, Jack arrives in
   the Trainee's Room.

 A   Examine the bunk underneath the Save Point to find an Analysis Ball.
     You can also examine the bunk behind Leonard to obtain 10 Gold. Now
     examine the dresser next to Leonard to obtain a Cure Drop. Exit the
     Trainee's Room.

     Start down the eastern corridor and enter into the second Trainee's
     Room. Examine the wooden chair pushed towards the desk on the right
     to find a Cure Drop.

     Continue down the western hall and through the wooden doors on the
     left. Continue down the staircase, and into the Storeroom. Examine
     the shelf in the corner to obtain a Herb Extract.

     Examine the table on the right side of the Storeroom to find a Cure
     Needle. Return to the hall outside Leonard's Room.

     You can obtain about 500 Gold by kicking the Guard just outside the
     Trainee's Room. You'll have to kick him 500 times to obtain the 500

   Start down the eastern corridor and continue through the wooden doors
   to the Small Tower.

 A   Start through the wooden doors on the right and continue through the
     corridor to the castle's basement intersection. Continue through the
     doors on the northern wall. Proceed down the corridor and enter into
     another Storeroom. Examine the two lockers behind the crates to find
     the Knight's Edge Sword. Leave the Storeroom and return to the Small

   Locate the staircase in the center of the Small Tower and continute to
   the upper-most floor. Proceed through the doors to the second floor of
   Radiata Castle.

 A   Start down the corridor, then into the first door your pass. Welcome
     to Ridley Siverlake's Room ;)

     Obtain the Holy Water from the drawer. You'll find Ridley's Theme in
     the cabinet. Return to the corridor and enter the room to the left
     of the guard. You'll be able to find 5 Gold from the statue, and Buy,
     Sell, or Trade from the Vendor.

   Back in the corridor on the second floor, locate a staircase that will
   take Jack to the third floor of Radiata Castle.

 A   You can find Natalie and Ganz's Room to the left of the staircase on
     the third floor of Radiata Castle. In these two rooms, Ganz's Theme
     can be obtained from the Bookshelf, and 15 Gold can be obtain from a

   Back in the corridor on the third floor, proceed through the doors on
   the right. You'll see a guard standing to the right of the meeting
   room. Following the cutscene, you will be taken to a battle tutorial.

   ====         ============
   AC02        Adien Region
   ====         ============

   Access the Blue Save Point at the end of the bridge. Follow the path
   to enter the Adien Region.

   The trail will eventually split into a three-way intersection. Follow
   the trail west towards Nuevo Village.

 A   Locate the path between the two houses and examine the hidden wall
     to obtain an Evasion Berry. Return to the main trail and contniue

   Head west to advance further into the Adien Region. The path splits
   into several directions, but we are looking for Earth Valley. Start
   up the nrother trail, past the small bridge, and onward to the Dova

   ====         ===========
   AC03         Dova Region
   ====         ===========

   The mobs in the Dova Region can be very difficult. I would recommend
   obtaining at least level eight before venturing further. When you do
   think you are ready, follow the western trail. If you stray from the
   path, Ganz should redirect you.

   If you are heading the correct way, you should see a large valley in
   the distance. Descend into the valley to reach Earth Valley.

   ====         ============
   AC04         Earth Valley
   ====         ============

   Welcome to Earth Valley. To your left is the Equipment Shop. You'll
   find the Inn is the closest building to Jack.

 A   Enter the Inn and continue to the door on the far side of the room.
     Locate the bed set against the screen. You can examine it to find
     a Heating Tablet. Exit the Inn.

   The General Store is on the eastern side of the village. The General
   Store is the only servicable store you can access at this time. Head
   down the ramp and locate the Elder's House to the left. Once you are
   inside, proceed to the third floor to speak to the Elder.

 A   Inside the Elder's House, examine the cabinet on the west side of
     the second floor to find a Life Berry. Examine the counter in the
     lower-right corner of the room to find Startle Powder.

   Following the cutscene with the Elder, you will return outside the
   Elder's House.

 A   Start down the stairs to the three Blacksmiths. Continue through
     the third 'Blacksmith Gehrmann' building and examine the safe at
     the top of the stairs to find a Herb Extract.

     Further down the stairs is the Dormitory. There are two rooms in
     the Dormitory. In the left room, examine the trash can to obtain
     an Analysis Ball. In the right room, obtain an Earth Valley from
     the safe.

     There is a hidden staircase to the left of the Elder's House. Go
     down the staircase and into Marke's Place. Here you can obtain a
     Flee Ball.

   You'll now have to wait until 5:00PM (Game Time) before this story
   can advance any further. You then have until 2:00PM GT to complete
   the objective.

   ====         ============
   AC05        Dwarf Tunnel
   ====         ============

 A   If it isn't between the hours of 5:00PM - 2:00AM, then let's explore
     the Dwarf Tunnel while we wait. Start down the tunnel into the shaft
     below. You can examine the drawer next to the beds to obtain 60 Gold,
     and Cement Powder. Examine the barrels to obtain some Toadstool and
     Cement Powder. Contine down the western tunnel and take the elevator
     to the shaft below. A tunnel will take you to a Storage Room.

     Examine the pile of trash near the crates to find a Bell Amulet. You
     can obtain a Herb Extract from the barrels, another from the desk. A
     Luck Bracelet can also be obtained from the Chest.

     Cotninue west through the tunnel to another storage area. You'll find
     Cooling Spray from a bed, and an empty bottle from a barrel. Return
     to Earth Valley.

   It should now hopefully be between the hours of 5:00PM - 2:00AM GT. If
   the time still is not between these hours, then explore the village.
   Once the Pub has opened, proceed inside, speak to the Bartender, then
   accept his proposition to become the security guard.

   Now wait until 2:00AM GT. Enter the Pub to initiate a cutscene within
   the Dawnbay Diner.

   Return to the Boulder Frog Inn, access the Save Point, then goto Sleep.
   Once Jack awakens, the supply crate will be ready. Ganz, Ridley, and
   Clive will rejoin the party and you can escort the caravan to Radiata

   ====         ===========
   AC06        Dova Region
   ====         ===========

   Follow the path, but do not wander too far from the caravan. Continue
   following the caravan to initiate a cutscene in the Dova Region.

   O ================================================================= O
   | (Event) Boss Battle: Goblin Trio                                  |
   |       |
   | There will be a triangle-shaped connection between these Goblins  |
   | for the majority of this battle. The Goblins are quick, so this   |
   | can be difficult to evade. Keep out of the triangle-shaped field  |
   | to avoid Combo Attacks from the Goblins.                          |
   |        |
   | Fortunately there is a positive side to this. You can allow the   |
   | Goblins to come close enough so Jack can use a Volty Combo, and   |
   | perform a Link Break. You really shouldn't have a problem with    |
   | the Goblin Trio as they are painfully easy to defeat.             |
   O ================================================================= O

   Continue following the caravan until the party had returned to Radiata

   ====         ==============
   AC07        Radiata Castle
   ====         ==============

   You'll be at the Castle Gates once you have regained control of Jack.
   Enter Radiata Castle.

 A   Left of the Gate Entrance is the female washroom. You cannot enter,
     though if you attempt to do so, you do experience a comical moment.

     You can enter the washroom nearby and examine the bucket to obtain
     some Holy Water.

   Return to the corridor and start down the eastern corridor. Continue
   through the large door to the next area. Ignore the several doors
   along the corridor, as Ganz will immediately redirect you.

   Proceed down the eastern corridor and into the next room. Search for
   the staircase and coninue travelling upstairs until you have reached
   the fourth floor. Move towards the screen and enter through the door
   on the left immediately before the stairs.

   Follow the corridor to initiate a cutscene. Your party will disband
   shortly after. You'll automatically return to the Trainee's Room.
   Access the Save Point, Save, then Sleep. The story then continues.

   ====         ==================
   OD01        Path of the Spider
   ====         ==================

 A   This is a very short, optional dungeon which can be access at the
     bottom of the Big Tower, West of the Trainee's Room. Continue to
     the bottom of the Big Tower should you decide to enter, then head
     through the northern passage. You will eventually enter into a
     chamber with a chest that contains a Strength Berry.

     Be sure to attack any enemy you see. Though the creatures in this
     area are not hostile, they do reward a lot of EXP. Once finished,
     return to the Trainee's Room, access the Save Point, then Sleep.

   ====         ==============
   AC08        Cuatour Region
   ====         ==============

   The story continues when Ganz, Ridley, and Jack are sent to deliver a
   message to the Light Elves. Follow the trail until you have come to a
   fork. Now there are two different paths you may follow. If you decide
   to proceed north:

 A   Everything is very straight-forward. Start down the trail towards a
     cliff at the trail's end. Examine the rock against the trunk of the
     tree to obtain a Celestial Nectar.

   If you decide to head west, the party will eventually arrive in Fort
   Continue following the trail, cross the long wooden bridge, and enter
   the Elf Region.

   ====         ==========
   AC09        Elf Region
   ====         ==========

   You will encounter Genius shortly ahead. After the cutscene, proceed
   through the tunnel into the next area. Follow the trail to initiate
   a cutscene at the Light Elf Entrance. The party will soon return to
   Genius's House. Backtrack to the wooden bridge to initiate another
   cutscene. Follow the trail to an enormous fallen tree.

   Here you will encounter another fork in the trail. However, a Light
   Elf guards the northern trail, so at the present time you may only
   head south.

   ====         ============
   AC10        Nowem Region
   ====         ============

   Follow the trail and locate the treasure chest directly before the
   river. Obtain the Recovery Pills from the Treasure Chest. Continue
   to the next area to initiate a cutscene. Enter through an enormous
   tree to the next area.

   Examine the nearby baskets to obtain 150 Gold and a Bell Amulet. You
   cannot yet head south, so start down the western path. It eventually
   takes you to a three-way intersection. Follow the north-western path
   to the next area.

   Follow the trail that leads through the back of the woods. You cannot
   follow the other trail as Genius will redirect you if you attempt to
   do so. Follow the trail west to the Forest Metropolis.

   ====         =================
   AC11        Forest Metropolis
   ====         =================

   Welcome to the Forest Metropolis. You will find the General Store to
   the left and the Brewery to the Right.

 A   Examine the barrel to the right of the General Store to obtain a
     Life Berry. Now may be a good time to visit the General Store as
     there is a difficult Boss Battle ahead.

     Enter the Brewery Corridor, then enter through the first door that
     you pass to enter the Brewery. Examine a barrel on the left side
     to obtain a Magma Powder. Exit the Brewery and continue east. You
     can obtain two Life Berries from the barrels before the staircase.
     Head down the stairs and into the cellar. You can obtain a Mint
     Drop from a bucket next to the barrels. Return to the entrance of
     the Forest Metropolis.

     The Dormitory up the stairs to the left has two rooms. You'll find
     an Evasion Berry from the barrel in the lower-left corner. In the
     room on the right, examine the barrels to obtain two items. Return
     to the entrance of the Forest Metropolis.

   Back at the entrance of the Forest Metropolis, locate the stairs next
   to the Brewery Entrance. The stairs will take you to the second floor.
   Start up the staircase to the left to meet up with Genius, Wanz, and

   Nogueira will send you back to the main entrance where you must then
   wait for the messenger to arrive. Now return through the door on the
   right. Proceed to the back of the room and down the staircase.

 A   After visiting with Nogueira, search for Ganz by the stairs. He can
     be found by the stairs nears the Cellar. Speak to Ganz and agree to
     assist him in making wine. You will then speak to another who will
     ask a variety of questions. Select "Rich", "No Way!", "Master Cook",
     then "Plain Veggie Soup". Jack received 1,000 Gold.

     There is a room to the very far left of this floor. You'll find an
     Elf Region from the bench. Exit the room and enter the room nearby.
     Access the Save Point, Save, then Sleep.

   O ================================================================= O
   | (Event) Boss Battle: Blood Orc                                    |
   |       |
   | Everyone says "No, No", but Jack says "Yes, Yes". This Orc does   |
   | have some amazing strength, so take a few hits and Guard. Use a   |
   | Volty Combo if needed to thrust the Blood Orc on to it's back.    |
   |        |
   | If you see the Blood Orc jump into the air, then Guard and jump   |
   | jump back while in a defensive stance. The idea is to start by    |
   | attacking the Blood Orc and keep it knocked on to it's back so    |
   | it cannot act.               |
   O ----------------------------------------------------------------- O 
   | (Event) Boss Battle: Blood Orc Continuation       |
   |          |
   | Everything is basically the same as before, except the Orc will   |
   | concentrate more on it's Area of Effect attacks. The idea is to   |
   | keep the Orc occupied while Nogueira focuses on his magic which   |
   | will deliver the finishing blow on the Orc. You'll be finishing   |
   | this battle without Ridley.       |
   O ================================================================= O  

   ====     ==============
   AC12    Radiata Castle
   ====     ==============

   Following the cutscene, enter into the castle return to the Trainee's
   Room. Access the Save Point, Save, then Sleep. Exit to the corridor
   to see Al run towards the Big Tower. Follow him to the Big Tower and
   descend down one level and enter into the Dungeon to initiate another

   Return to the Trainee's Room, access the Save Point, Save, then Sleep.
   Now I'm a little confused here so please correct me if I am wrong. It
   will either initiate a cutscene between the Commander of the Radiata
   Knights and the Lord of Radiata Castle, or a cutscene where Ganz has
   to deliver the bad news to Jack.

   If the cutscene between the Lord of Radiata Castle initiated, return
   to the corridor once you have awakened, visit the dungeon, visit the
   infirmary, visit the Lord and his Mistress on the fourth floor, then
   visit the King in the Audience Chamber. Return to the Trainee's Room
   to find Ganz.

   If the cutscene between Ganz and Jack occurs, then watch the cutscene
   until it cuts to a battle scene.

   O ================================================================= O
   | (Event) Battle Scene: Jarvis                                      |
   |         |
   | Itsh a drunken shiveeleean...hic! He's painfully easy. Attack and |
   | Guard. He doesn't attack too hard, and can be defeated within a   |
   | matter of seconds.         |
   O ================================================================= O

   You will now be inside Carl's Pub. Speak to the customers before you
   speak to Ganz at the counter. Once you have regained control of Jack,
   enter through the door on your left.

   Following the cutscene, Jack and Ganz will arrive at Theatre Vancoor.
   Following the cutscene, continue up the stairs to the right. Enter
   into the door to the left. Watch the cutscene and be well prepared
   to battle.

   O ================================================================= O
   | (Event) Boss Battle: Gerald                                       |
   |       |
   | Face it. You don't stand a chance, and if you did, I doubt that   |
   | the game would let you win the battle. You are unable to Guard,   |
   | and Gerald knocks off about 150HP per Combo.         |
   |          |
   | Nevertheless, he is extremely quick, but you will not get a Game  |
   | Over for being defeated.       |
   O ================================================================= O

   The next step in the test is to visit the fourth floor where you will
   encounter the Guild Master. Head up the staircase to the fourth floor
   and enter into the Guild Master's quarters.

   The next morning, it's time to return to Theatre Vancoor where you'll
   learn more advanced combat training, and possibly achieve a promotion.
   And it will be pretty embarrasing should you be defeated against your
   next opponent.

 A   This Guild has a ton of rooms, so I am not going to be explaining
     everything you can obtain from each one. Nevertheless, you should
     visit each of the rooms within the Guild to obtain items that can
     help on the journey ahead.

   Once on the second floor, proceed through the door on the right to
   enter the training grounds.
   O ================================================================= O
   | (Event) Boss Battle: Daniel                                       |
   |       |
   | He's the master of combat, his armor shimmers at the sound of his |
   | name, he is Daniel, and he is a piece of cake. He also sounds a   |
   | lot like the news anchor's son from Family Guy.       |
   |       |
   | If you have played World of Warcraft you should be well aware of  |
   | how ranks are determined. If you defeat Daniel, then Jack will    |
   | have obtained his first rank within the Guild.               |
   |       |
   | You need to plan your Guard Attacks. Daniel shouldn't be able to  |
   | break your Guard like Gerald. He'll deal minimal damage and will  |
   | soar like an eagle when a Volty Combo has been used. He's pretty  |
   | fun to beat up, just think of him as one of those target dummies  |
   | in battle training. He'll pretty much let you attack him.         |
   O ================================================================= O

   Exit to the Yellow Town of the Sun and Glory. This city is enormous.
   Here you can choose to go south to the Lupus Gate, west down the
   side road, or north to the heart of the city.

 A   Let's start by heading north towards Radiata Castle. We'll need
     to buy some much better equipment from the Armory. Once in the
     next area, take the path to the left to Vancoor Square. Locate
     the Armory to the left of the Lottery Booth.

     If you are in need of items, the General Store is to the right
     of the Armory.

     This is one of those times where you do not have a clue what to
     do. Look for The Path of Insanity and Fanticism. Proceed west
     to reach the Blue Town of Water and Wisdom. Watch the cutscene,
     then to the laboratory to the east.

     Locate the Star Tower and continue to the very bottom. Proceed
     into the Research Lab to find Marietta. After helping her, she
     will join your Friend's List.

   Once you have finished exploring the city, return to Jack's House
   underneath the bridge, access the Save Point, Save, then Sleep.
   The story will then continue. When you are ready, and your party
   has been formed, head towards the Echidna Gate marked on your Map.

   ====     ===========
   AC13    Tria Region
   ====     ===========

   Beware, the enemies in this area are very difficult, as you are
   heading to the Elf Region from a different trail. After a short
   distance, you can either head west or north. Solieu Village can
   be found down the western trail, while the Elf Region is to the

 A   If you decide to head west, you can obtain Gonber as a friend
     by travelling to Tria Village. Gonber will join your Friend's
     List if you rescue him from the lake.

   When you are ready to cotinue to the Elf Region, return to the
   fork in the trail right before Solieu Village and head north.
   You'll now be following a long trail which eventually returns
   to the Nowem Region.

   ====         ============
   AC14        Nowem Region
   ====         ============

   We've come in from a different approach into the Nowem Region,
   but the area pretty much remains untouched. Follow the path
   to the next area.

   You probably do not remember this area, but we came here with
   Genius, Ridley, and Ganz, only Genius did not allow you to
   start down this path.

 A   Start down the path to the left, then cross the river. From here,
     it's pretty much backtracking to the Forest Metropolis. Look for
     the three-way intersection and head down the north-most path.

     Once you come to another fork in the trail, follow the path that
     leads towards the screen.

     Here you can go another three directions, the trail to the right
     loops around the waterfall and meets at the trail leading off to
     the left. The central path leads to a chest containing 500 Gold.
   Start down the trail to the right. This will take you to another
   familiar area. The Light Elf still guards the northern bridge.
   Instead, follow the trail to the right, back through the Cautour
   Region, then to the Elf Region.   

   ====         ==========
   AC15        Elf Region
   ====         ==========

   Ignore the entrance to the City of Flowers, as Jarvis won't allow
   Jack to enter. You'll eventually see the trail lead off into two
   different directions. The southern trail is a dead-end, which now
   leaves the northern trail. Following the north-western trail will
   initiate a cutscene.

   O ================================================================= O
   | (Event) Battle Scene: Crocogator                                  |
   |       |
   | This battle is much funner during nightfall. Though use caution   |
   | when approaching the Crocogator. Attack, then Guard, as the       |
   | Crocogator can dish out some heavy attacks. Have a Volty Combo    |
   | prepared. Some of the Two-Handed Swords will start by using the   |
   | basic Volty Attack, followed by Extension Aura, which will deal   |
   | numerous attacks in one turn.       |
   |       |
   | Since you are both considered Warriors, Jarvis should be a Main   |
   | Tank, otherwise known as the one who takes all the damage.        |
   O ================================================================= O

   Return to the previous area to initiate another cutscene. Examine the
   Pig Statue near the entrance to the City of Flowers to return back to
   the Lupus Gate. Look for the Path of the Sun in Vancoor Square.

   ====         ===============
   BC01        Theatre Vancoor
   ====         ===============

   The Path of the Sun takes you directly to the Olacion Order. Once you
   have enterred the Olacion Order, locate the Church and start through
   the doors on the left. Anastasia's Room should be directly ahead. A
   cutscene will then initiate.

   After returning to Theatre Vancoor, it's time to return to return to
   Jack's Quarters under the bridge in the Path of Swords and Wisdom.
   Access the Save Point, Save, then Sleep. Return to the Guild.

   O ================================================================= O
   | (Quest) Beasts by the Bridge - BBtB                               |
   |       |
   | Client: Elef       |
   |    Pay: 3,000       |
   O ----------------------------------------------------------------- O
   | There's a Bridge within the Dorse and Adien Regions where beasts  |
   | are attacking to construction workers. Leave the city via the     |
   | Lupus Gate.       |
   |       |
   | Continue south at the sign to the outskirts of Nuevo Village. It  |
   | should not take you to Nuevo Village. There is only one path you  |
   | are able to follow. This eventually takes you to the bridge.      |
   O ================================================================= O

   O ================================================================= O
   | (Event) Boss Battle: Trent (3), King Serpent (1)                  |
   |       |
   | Ignore the King Serpent. You should focus on taking care of the   |
   | Trents, as they are going to be the three that will be causing    |
   | problems throughout the battle.       |
   |       |
   | The battle is painfully easy with the use of Extension Aura. It   |
   | can easily take out any nearby enemies, so gather the Serpent     |
   | and the Trents up close and use Extension Aura.       |
   |       |
   | If you are using another weapon that isn't a Two-Handed Sword, I  |
   | would focus your attacks mainly on the King Serpent as the King   |
   | Serpent has a nasty bite that can knock off an unhealthy amount   |
   | of your HP.       |
   |       |
   | In either case, attack the enemy once or twice, then Guard. Now   |
   | continue doing this until you have obtained enough points for a   |
   | Volty Combo.       |  
   O ================================================================= O


   Return to Theatre Vancoor to obtain your reward for Beasts by the

   *Remember to stock up on Items and Equipment before starting another

   O ================================================================= O
   | (Quest) Smilodon Fang - SmFa                                      |
   |       |
   | Client: Dwight       |
   |    Pay: 500 x Number of Fangs       |
   O ----------------------------------------------------------------- O
   | Dwight from the Olacion Order wants Jack to obtain Smilodon Fangs.|
   | Head to the Olacion Order to speak to Dwight. It is to the left   |
   | of Anastasia's Room       |
   |       |
   | After speaking to Dwight, start towards the Lupus Gate. The Ocho  |
   | Region is south-west of the Adien Region.       |
   |       |
   | Start west through Nuevo Village. There are several paths nearby  |
   | which split into different directions. From the trail, continue   |
   | north, then turn before the small bridge.       |
   |       |
   | Now we are in the Ocho Region. This is where you will encounter   |
   | the Smilodon. Continue to where the path splits into two, then    |
   | continune south. The trail with split into two once more. Start   |
   | north, as you should find another Smilodon.       |
   |       |
   | Backtrack to the previous intersection as there is only a Dwarf   |
   | Tunnel ahead. Backtrack east to the previous intersection, then   |
   | continue north. There is a chest in this area which contains a    |
   | Life Berry.       |
   |               |
   | This should be good. Return to Dwight once you are ready. You     |
   | can now claim your reward.           |
   O ================================================================= O


   Return to Theatre Vancoor to obtain your reward for Smilodon Fang.

   *Remember to stock up on Items and Equipment before starting another

   O ================================================================= O
   | (Quest) A Masterpiece of Fantasy - AMoF                           |
   |       |
   | Client: Warc       |
   |    Pay: 2,000       |
   O ----------------------------------------------------------------- O
   | Before returning to Earth Valley, we need to speak to Warc in the |
   | Weapon Shop. The Weapon Shop is just outside of Theatre Vancoor's |
   | main entrance.       |
   |       |
   | You remember the way to Earth Valley, right? Head into the Dova   |
   | Region. Once you are in Earth Valley, continue to the Blacksmith  |
   | District. You can simply access the Pig Stone and teleport to     |
   | Earth Valley.       |
   |       |
   | The three Blacksmiths are down the stairs, to the left, down the  |
   | stairs near the Elder's House, and to the right. The Blacksmiths  |
   | work next to each other. Once you have the supplies, we can head  |
   | back to Warc.       |
   O ================================================================= O


   Return to Theatre Vancoor to obtain your reward for A Masterpiece of

   *Remember to stock up on Items and Equipment before starting another

   Return to Jack's Quarters, access the Save Point, Save, then Sleep.
   The story will then continue.

   You'll need to do quite a bit of exploration. Head to the Black Town
   of Night and Lust, visit everything you can for perhaps ten minutes
   before returning to Jack's House. This initiates a cutscene.

   Next we need to head to Sheila's House. There's a Blue Save Point in
   the fountain, which means a difficult battle will be commencing soon.
   Next to the Path of the Sun is Sheila's House. You cannot leave the
   Vancoor Square, and you can only enter Sheila's House.

   Radiata Stories becomes darker.

   Return the Theatre Vancoor and speak to Thanos to obtain your next

   O ================================================================= O
   | (Quest) Vexatious Vermin - VexV                       |
   |       |
   | Client: Vareth Institute       |
   |    Pay: 3,000       |
   O ----------------------------------------------------------------- O
   | Enter the Vareth Institute and speak to Roche at the entrance to  |
   | begin the Vexatious Vermin Quest. If you happen to encounter a    |
   | yellow rat, defeat it quickly before it calls for reinforcements. |
   |       |
   | You'll find the Institute west of Radiata Castle. You shouldn't   |
   | miss the building.       |
   O ================================================================= O

   O ================================================================= O
   | (Event) Boss Battle: Pararat                                      |
   |       |
   | It's not difficult, but you can become overwhelmed by other rats  |
   | should you not defeat the Pararat quick enough. Be very careful   |
   | on the target which you are attacking, as there will be moments   |
   | where you can attack your own party members.       |
   |       |
   | How tough can one simple rat be? You can easily see Game Over,    |
   | so be careful.       |
   O ================================================================= O


   Return to Theatre Vancoor and speak to Thanos to complete the Quest.

   ====         ===============
   BC02        Theatre Vancoor
   ====         ===============   

   *Remember to stock up on Items and Equipment before starting another

   Return to Jack's House, access the Save Point, Save, then Sleep.
   Head back to Theatre Vancoor and speak to Thanor. This will initiate
   a cutscene. The Hecton Squad is then called on an assignment.

   Time to chase after Arnold. Continue towards the Blue Town of Water
   and Wisdom. You'll then be facing towards the Echidna Gate. Proceed
   down the path, then turn before the Echidna Gate. This takes you to
   the Path of Insanity and Fantacism. Search for the building with a
   broken window above. This is the Abandoned Building where Arnold was
   taken. Access the Save Point before enterring the next area. In the
   next room, continue up the staircase to the next room.

   Kick the switch on the far wall, then return to the previous area to
   access a hidden passage. This initiates another cutscene.

   O ================================================================= O
   | (Event) Boss Battle: Elmo, Joaquel                                |
   |       |
   | Bandits tend to miss their target quite a bit. Anyways, attack    |
   | Joaquel before Elmo. Joaquel is the Strength of this battle,      |
   | Elmo is simply the Speed of the battle.       |
   |       |
   | Even when things seems to be going pretty easy, the battle will   |
   | eventually end with some unfortunate circumstances.       |
   O ----------------------------------------------------------------- O
   | (Event) Boss Battle: Elmo, Joaquel Continuation                   |
   |       |
   | The battle has evened out to Jack and Jarvis, but the strategy    |
   | remains the same. Attack Joaquel, then Guard to avoid damage      |
   | which isn't necessary.       |
   |       |
   | Concentrate on Volty Attacks. It will be much easier with a Two-  |
   | Handed Sword. Extension Aura comes in handy. You should have      |
   | Joaquel defeated pretty easily. Jarvis should have Elmo defeated  |
   | around the same time.                                             |
   O ================================================================= O

   ====         ==================
   BC03        Path of the Spider
   ====         ==================      
   You'll arrive in the Sewers shortly after defeating Elmo and Joaquel.
   Access the Save Point, and continue east through the tunnel into the
   next area.

   Climb up the ladder and continue through the gate to come to a large
   tunnel. Circle around the central support and enter into the second
   tunnel. Proceed through this tunnel to connect to a second central
   chamber. Be extremely careful of the Mud Dile. It's not a difficult
   creature, but it does pack a punch.

   The corridors can become pretty confusing. Continue clockwise to the
   right, then enter the first gate you pass. Proceed down the corridor
   and enter through the door.

   Follow the walkway and ignore the first gate. Locate the collapsed
   wall, then enter to emerge in a pipe. Follow the pipe to a ladder,
   then climb up to initiate a cutscene.

   ====         ===============
   BC04        Theatre Vancoor
   ====         ===============

   Several cutscenes and a tutorial later, return to Vancoor's Square
   to initiate a cutscene. Several cutscenes later, return to Theatre
   Vancoor. Four new Quests await at the Guild.

   *You'll soon be retracing your steps throughout the sewers so please
    remember where the ladder to Theatre Vancoor can be found.

   O ================================================================= O
   | (Quest) Creatures of the Sewer - CotS                        |
   |       |
   | Client: Unknown       |
   |    Pay: 5,000       |
   O ----------------------------------------------------------------- O
   | The entrance to the Sewers is not through the Abandoned Building. |
   | Proceed to the second basement level of Theatre Vancoor. Proceed  |
   | through the door on the right and into the fifth prison cell. Go  |
   | to the back of the cell and press the X Button to climb down the  |
   | ladder.       |
   |       |
   | Once in the sewers, continue to the right and enter the gate to   |
   | the next corridor. Head down the corridor and enter the gate to   |
   | the right of the waterfall. Start down the corridor, then enter   |
   | through the door to the next chamber.       |
   |       |
   | Start counter-clockwise and enter the first door you pass. This   |
   | initiates a cutscene. Ignore all the creatures in this area as    |
   | you are going to need to save your strength for the Boss Battle   |
   | ahead. Once in the next area, continue down the corridor to the   |
   | right to initiate another cutscene.       |
   O ================================================================= O

   O ================================================================= O
   | (Event) Boss Battle: Mud Ponbabar                                 |
   |       |
   | Attack the Mud Pawns first. They can be pretty annoying so it is  |
   | best to take them out first. Don't defeat them all, just enough   |
   | so that there are considerably less on the field.       |
   |       |
   | One thing to keep in mind in the Sewers is the fact that it can   |
   | be very dark, which means you can attack your own allies.         |
   |       |
   | Stay behind the Mud Ponbabar. Why? If you remain in front of it,  |
   | the Mud Ponbabar can use an attack similar to extension aura.     |
   | This basically means that one attack can inflict a string of      |
   | critical attacks. Once you have taken care of some of the Mud     |
   | Pawns, start attacking the Mud Ponbabar from behind while your    |
   | allies attack the Mud Pawns. Watch the Mud Ponbabar's Mouth!      |
   | If it starts opening very wide, move out of the way to dodge      |
   | it's critical attack. This changes the battle to your favor       |
   | so the Mud Ponbabar almost never has the chance to make one       |
   | successful attack.       |
   |       |
   | Unless you have a Mage, this is going to be one heck of a long    |
   | battle, as the Boss is almost immune to physical attacks. This    |
   | means to watch the health of your allies. You do not want to      |
   | be doing this battle alone.       |
   O ================================================================= O

 A   There's a chest we can obtain before leaving the Sewers. Return to
     the central fountain. You should be in the room with the mechanism
     that controls the source of water.

     Start through the western door and continue to a room with a large
     creature roaming the corridors. Start counter-clockwise, then head
     through the first accessible gate. Continue west all the way until
     you have come to a dead-end with a chest containing a Leprechaun.

     Return to the area just west of the power room. The same direction
     you went to obtain the Leprechaun. In this corridor, look for the
     stairs heading south.

     Continue down the eastern corridor. Both sides goto a large room
     with a large creature roaming around. In the eastern room, start
     clockwise and enter the only gate that is not in a corner. Start
     down this corridor, climb up the ladder, then obtain the Feather
     Earring from the chest. Return to the previous area.

     From that gate, head clockwise, then continue through the first
     accessible gate you pass. Now we can exit the sewers and return
     to Theatre Vancoor.


   Return to Theatre Vancoor and speak to Thanos to complete the Quest.

   O ================================================================= O
   | (Quest) Ultimate Battle - UtBa                        |
   |       |
   | Client: Ursula       |
   |    Pay: 8,000       |
   O ----------------------------------------------------------------- O
   | Start up to the fourth floor and into the Guild Master's Room to  |
   | initiate a cutscene. Be prepared before heading to Echidna Gate.  |
   | This Golem can be pretty difficult.       |
   |       |
   | Continue to the Echidna Gate and exit to initiate a cutscene. A   |
   | Boss Battle will now commence.       |
   O ================================================================= O

   O ================================================================= O
   | (Event) Boss Battle: Melissa                                      |
   |       |
   | Like the Mud Ponbarbar, Melissa has quite a bit of defense which  |
   | will make most of your attacks meaningless. You'll want to use    |
   | Extension Aura quite a bit through this battle.       |
   |       |
   | Since you will not be able to use Link Commands, I would suggest  |
   | attacking, then guarding to avoid any unncessary damage. Melissa  |
   | uses an attack which causes confusion. Durin this time, movement  |
   | controls become more complicating, and items are inaccessible.    |
   |       |
   | Your time to attack will come when you are able to strike at her  |
   | backside without getting countered. Do this only when Melissa     |
   | has her back turned. If you use a Volty Attack (Extension Aura),  |
   | or a regular attack, either immediately move out of the way or    |
   | Guard following your action.       |
   |       |
   | She is capable of inflicting a string of status ailments which    |
   | may be your weak hand at this battle. The idea is to attack,      |
   | then Guard until Melissa begins walking away.       |
   O ================================================================= O


   Return to Theatre Vancoor and speak to Thanos to complete the Quest.
   Head to Jack's House to initiate a cutscene.

   ====         ==============
   BC05        Radiata Castle
   ====         ==============

   After all that hard work in the Guild, I suppose it would be a good
   idea to take a break for a short while. After returning to Jack's
   House, Leonard approaches with an invitation to Ridley's Birthday.

   Head into the castle and make your way to the Ballroom at the very
   top of the Castle. Watch the cutscene, then return to Jack's House.
   Access the Save Point, Save, then Sleep. This should continue the
   cutscene between Genius and Ridley.

   ====         ===============
   BC06        Theatre Vancoor
   ====         ===============

   Return to Theatre Vancoor and speak to Thanos. You'll still have
   the same Quests as before, as well as a new one.

   O ================================================================= O
   | (Quest) Treasure of Goblin Cemetery - ToGC                        |
   |       |
   | Client: Thanos       |
   |    Pay: 3,000       |
   O ----------------------------------------------------------------- O
   | You can search for the Goblin Cemetery in the Dorse Region. You   |
   | have been asked to go to the Goblin Cemetery to obtain treasure   |
   | for Thanos.       |
   |       |
   | The entrance to the Goblin Cemetery is completely sealed. You'll  |
   | need to access the Vareth Institute Library before heading off    |
   | to the Dorse Region. The Vareth Institute is the large building   |
   | in the Blue Town of Water and Wisdom.       |
   |       |
   | Proceed to the third floor of the Institute. Enter through the    |
   | Cafetria and through the door on the left or right to come to     |
   | the Moon or Star Tower. Proceed through the door in the corner    |
   | to be taken to the President's Officer.       |
   |       |
   | The Library is a bit difficult to find. At the Reception inside,  |
   | start towards the right look for the red and blue carpet right    |
   | underneath the barricaded doorway.       |
   |       |
   | You should now be on the second floor. Look in the lower-right    |
   | for the entrance to floor three. Proceed up the stairs and to     |
   | the right. Examine the bookshelf to find the secret password      |
   | to the Goblin Cemetery. Is it "Sesame Seeds!" or "Open Sesame"?   |
   |       |
   | Head to the Lupus Gate, then continue south at the fork in the    |
   | trail. Follow this path, then head north when the path begins     |
   | to split. This takes you over a long bridge and into the Dorse    |
   | Region. Follow the trail until Jack encounters the Goblin Trio    |
   | once again.       |
   O ================================================================= O

   O ================================================================= O
   | (Event) Boss Battle: Goblin Trio                                  |
   |       |
   | There will be a triangle-shaped connection between these Goblins  |
   | for the majority of this battle. The Goblins are quick, so this   |
   | can be difficult to evade. Keep out of the triangle-shaped field  |
   | to avoid Combo Attacks from the Goblins.                          |
   |        |
   | Fortunately there is a positive side to this. You can allow the   |
   | Goblins to come close enough so Jack can use a Volty Combo, and   |
   | perform a Link Break. You really shouldn't have a problem with    |
   | the Goblin Trio as they are painfully easy to defeat.             |
   |       |
   | The Goblin Trio will deal significantly more damage, and their    |
   | Box Link will be harder to break. Not really any other changes    |
   | to be aware of.       |
   O ================================================================= O

   O ================================================================= O
   | (Quest) Treasure of Goblin Cemetery Continuation                  |
   |       |
   | Client: Thanos       |
   |    Pay: 3,000       |
   O ----------------------------------------------------------------- O
   | Following the Battle you will have three options to select from.  |
   | You may either finish off the Goblins, Let them Go, or Ask them   |
   | to Join.       |
   |       |
   | Whatever you choose, Gob, Aesop, and Monki will eventually join   |
   | you and be placed on your Friends' List. Proceed west along the   |
   | cliffs, then head south to the next area. You'll then be faced    |
   | with heading two directions. The path you are on now comes to a   |
   | dead-end with a chest containing Life Berries. If you turn, you   |
   | will be heading to Goblin Cemetery.       |
   |       |
   | This should be the final intersection we have to come across at   |
   | the present time. Goblin Cemetery is to the right. Approach the   |
   | entrance to initiate the cutscene, then climb the ladder down     |
   | into the cemetery. Follow the corridor to a large chamber. Kill   |
   | all the enemies in this area, then continue through the western   |
   | chamber.       |
   |       |
   | The first several rooms in this dungeon are pretty simple. You    |
   | defeat the enemies and enter through the only door you will be    |
   | able to enter. Continue to do this until a cutscene initiates.    |
   O ================================================================= O

   O ================================================================= O
   | (Event) Boss Battle: Gobbleshope IX                               |
   |       |
   | I'd set Spinning Slash as one of your attacks to avoid Crowd      |
   | Control, otherwise use one of the Link Commands. You don't have   |
   | to worry about not saving for a while. This battle is simple if   |
   | you haven't rushed your way to the Goblin Cemetery.               |
   |       |
   | Gobbleshope won't allow you to get a lock. Get as close to him    |
   | as you can, then use an attack that can inflict damage on more    |
   | than one target. If you have Army of Shadow by now, lock on to    |
   | Gobbleshope and press X and Square simultaneously. Locking on     |
   | to Gobbleshope will not last long before he disappears so you     |
   | must be quick, otherwise the Army of Shadows will attack one of   |
   | his minions.       |
   |       |
   | Keep your focus mainly on Gobbleshope, as everything else will    |
   | simply respawn.       |
   O ================================================================= O


   Open all the chests in this chamber, exit the Cemetery and return to
   the previous Pig Stature to teleport back to Theatre Vancoor.

   *Remember to stock up on Items and Equipment before starting another

   O ================================================================= O
   | (Quest) Gonovitch's Dilemma - GnDi               |
   |       |
   | Client: Gonovitch       |
   |    Pay: 4,000       |
   O ----------------------------------------------------------------- O
   | Speak to Thanos to obtain Gonovitch's Quest. Head down to Earth   |
   | Valley, speak to Gonovitch, the Elder, and then enter into the    |
   | Dwarf Tunnel. Enter the Dwarf Tunnel below the three Blacksmiths. |
   | Do not enter from above.       |
   |       |
   | Defeat all the Mech Dwarves and open the chest in the first room  |
   | to obtain a Cleansing Stone. Enter through the northern room and  |
   | continue down the elevator. Enter through the next chamber, then  |
   | access the elevator to reach the lower level.       |
   |       |
   | This brings you to a large chamber. Open the chest to obtain a    |
   | Sage. Continue through the corridor to the left. This will now    |
   | initiate a cutscene.       |
   O ================================================================= O

   O ================================================================= O
   | (Event) Boss Battle: Rockdigger                                   |
   |       |
   | These will spin around in a massive circle, so it would help to   |
   | focus on one Rockdigger before the other. Army of Shadows would   |
   | definitely make things easier, though the Rockdiggers also have   |
   | 1,400 HP, so Army of Shadows isn't going to kill a Rockdigger.    |
   |       |
   | So what do you do? Attack and Defend. Use your Link Commands to   |
   | inflict damage. Once you manage to defeat one Rockdigger, this    |
   | should be considerably easier.       |
   |               |
   | And.. Yes, I am aware of the fact that these Rockdiggers can be   |
   | extremely annoying, but do not throw your controller at the TV    |
   | Screen.       |
   O ================================================================= O


   We're done in the Dwarf Tunnel. If you're still up for some treasure
   collecting, keep exploring, otherwise, return to see Gonovitch. Head
   back to Theatre Vancoor to speak to Thanos.

   O ================================================================= O
   | (Quest) Stone of Miracles - SnfM               |
   |       |
   | Client: Kain       |
   |    Pay: 10,000       |
   O ----------------------------------------------------------------- O
   | Head over to the Olacian Order to speak to Kain. Arriving at the  |
   | Olacian Order Chapel will initiate a cutscene. Head to the Lupus  |
   | Gate and exit to the Adien Region.       |
   |       |
   | Follow the path, and if you do not make any turns you should be   |
   | in the Septem Region. The Septem Cave should be in the first      |
   | area of the Septem Region.       |
   |       |
   | Follow the path until it splits. Continue to the left and remain  |
   | on that path. Doing so will take you to a chest that contains a   |
   | Life Berry. In the same area, continue down the left path. This   |
   | initiates a cutscene.       |
   O ================================================================= O

   O ================================================================= O
   | (Event) Boss Battle: Trap Octopus                                 |
   |       |
   | You must first break through the tentacles, but they don't deal   |
   | too much damage. By the time all the tentacles have been taken    |
   | down, you should have enough in your damage meter to mount some   |
   | serious damage with a Volty Attack.       |
   |       |
   | This isn't to say to keep attacking the tentacles, as they will   |
   | come back eventually. Just keep attacking them until the Trap     |
   | Octupus comes out from hiding.       |
   |       |
   | That's about all the strategy I can give. The Octopus will not    |
   | raise unless several tentacles are down. You'll be better off     |
   | standing between two tentacles and performing an attack which     |
   | inflicts damage on multiple targets.       |
   O ================================================================= O


   When you are done exploring the Septem Cave, return to the Olacian
   Order Chapel. This initiates a cutscene. Return to Jack's House,
   access the Save Point, Save, then Sleep. Return to Theatre Vancoor.
   Speak to Thanos.

   O ================================================================= O
   | (Quest) Top Secret Mission- TSMi               |
   |       |
   | Client: Unknown       |
   |    Pay: 20,000       |
   O ----------------------------------------------------------------- O
   | Jack has been hired for Top Secret Mission. You'll be asked to    |
   | head to Faucon Gate alone. You will not be accompanied by your    |
   | allies. Be sure to disband your party before leaving the Guild.   |
   | Faucon Gate is in Black Town of Night and Lust.       |
   |       |
   | A cutscene should initiate when you arrive at Faucon Gate. Be     |
   O ================================================================= O

   O ================================================================= O
   | (Event) Boss Battle: Burglars                               |
   |       |
   | These Bandits are a pushover. They deal about 25 damage each, so  |
   | remember to attack and defend. Save your Army of Shadows, or any  |
   | other Volty Attack you may have, as it just isn't worth spending  |
   | the points from your damage meter.       |
   |       |
   | Aside from this, there really isn't anything else you need to     |
   | worry about.        |
   O ================================================================= O
   Easiest Quest we've done for a while. Return to Theatre Vancoor and
   speak to Thanos. You've been demoted. Return to Jack's House, then
   access the Save Point, Save, then Sleep.

   Head to the Lupus Gate, access the Pig Stone and teleport to Earth
   Valley. This next part simply acts as an intermission. Stock up on
   items and accessories, reform your party, then head back to Jack's
   House. Access the Save Point, Save, then Sleep.

   ====         ============
   BC07        Earth Valley
   ====         ============   

   You'll then be at the Heliforde Gate Entrance. Donovitch will not
   allow Jack to enter back into the city, which means we must take
   the long way to Earth Valley. Follow the trail until it splits to
   two seperate directions. This should be the first fork you pass.
   Follow the trail west to Earth Valley.

   After several cutscenes, start scaling the cliff and access the Pig
   Stone to return to the city. Return the Jack's House to initiate a

   Once you are ready to continue to Radiata Castle, return to Jack's
   House, access the Save Point, Save, then Sleep. You'll then have a
   surprise visitor. You'll then have to make another quick decision.

   Follow Ridley, who desperately needs help from Jack, or return to
   Radiata Castle for your scheduled audience with Larks.

   O =========================== O
   | N O N - H U M A N   S I D E | - PftH
   O =========================== O ====================== O
   | Should you choose to follow Ridley, then Jack would  |
   | be removed from Theatre Vancoor. He would also be    |
   | banned from enterring Radiata Castle or the City.    |
   |  |
   | All Humans would become Jack's enemy. No Human that