Stitch Experiment 626 Stitch: Experiment 626 FAQ

                           Stitch: Experiment 626 FAQ

                                  Playstation 2

         Copyright: February 2003 Kristian W. Hausch (a.k.a) greendrakkon

                                   Version 1.4

Table Of Contents:
1. Greetings and Important Note

2. The Basics: Controls, Tips, Power-ups & The Rogues Gallery

3. World 1: Greema Jungle
            Rotten Eggs

4. World 2: Got Gas?
            Caverns & Chasms
            Greema Falls
            Hot Foot

5. Boss: Doctor Hobbitrale

6. World 3: Meet The 700's
            Soldier Trail
            Jungle Flight
            The Avairy

7. Boss: Experiment 621

8. World 4: Energy Lines
            Ring Around The Lasers
            Welcome Aboard!
            Error: 626
            Stitch In Space

9. Boss: Captain Gantu

10. Extras Section: The Secret Films
                    More soon!

11. SectionSuckUp: Thanks

12. Version History & Legal Junk.
Section 1.
Welcome to My FAQ on Stitch: Experiment 626 for Sony Playstation 2!
I hope anyone who looks at this and requires help can get it within.
I concentrated mainly on the hidden reels & the bosses, because that's
what seems to give everyone the most trouble.


Please remember to count checkpoints, I agree that it's hard and occasionally
I'll give as detailed account of an area as possible, but so many levels have
simalar areas that it can not always be done, Also when I refer to a direction
(Example: to the left and behind checkpoint four thousand, you should look at
 the arrows on the checkpoint pad as "forward"

Section 2.

Basics: Controls, Tips & Power-Ups

Digital D-Pad: Stitch walks slowly, usefull for narow walkways or cliff edges

Left Analog Stick: Stitch runs or walks depending on the pressure applied

Right Analog Stick: Controls the In-Game camera, also Stitch Orients himself in
                    the camera is facing if R3 (the stick) is pressed down

X Button: Makes stitch jump, hit X agian while in the air to do a double jump
          (Tip: you don't need to hit the second tap Immediately after)

Square Button: Fires Stitch's blaster or blasters as the case may be
               (Tip: shrapnel from exploding objects hurts enemies as well as
                it hurts Stitch)

Triangle Button: Fires the big gun or the freeze ray if you have either one
                 ( Tip: the big gun's missiles are auto homing after you lock
                  on - Fire & Forget)
Circle Button: Pick up stuff or used to throw whatever you are holding

L1 Button: Used to create slo-mo while on the ground, if you use it while in
           the air you enter "ball slam" or bounce mode (tip: you can stay this
           way for quite a little bit!) and can fire blasters whilr in the air

L2 Button: Aligns the camera to the direction Stitch is facing if you tap it
           if you hold it will double as an alternate strafe button

R1 Button: Activates the Jet Pack & Grapple gun if you have either

R2 Button: Lock on to enemies that are difficult to hit (buzzers or frogbots)
           Strafe ~ Stitch is locked facing the same way as long as you hold
           this button, usefull for firing on an enemy while side-stepping to
           avoid return fire

Start Button: Pause & unpause the game, bring up the menu

Select Button: For changing what info is displayed on-screen during play



Jumbaspeak Icon: Red circle with blue pulses inside: gives words of wisdom from
                 Juh-beh the evil genius

DNA Helix: well... sort of a blue swirly ribbon thing.. You really need more
           help with this game than I can provide if you've never seen one!

Super DNA: Like the blue DNA but... uh... red & worth five blue.

Alien Toe: Looks like a green & blue chicken leg and gives back 1/3rd of 
           stitch's health bar.

Extra Blaster: A little golden ray gun, adds one gun to stitch's arsenal, get
               four of these for maximum mayhem!

Slo-Mo Icon: Looks like a little transparent black & blue stopwatch and adds
             about 1/4 to Stitch's slo-motion ability.

Squid Bot: Looks nothing like a squid, blue with beady eyes and a silly smirk,
           has little "fingers?" underneath, um.. think blue popcorn shrimp
           they love to play tag & give away reels to anyone who beats them
           If you are having trouble with ANY of them use slo-mo, It works

Film Reels: these are from the far-away planet of Ea-arth and are made by the
            Diz-neh company, the seem to be the obsesion of many primitive
            hu-mons, they look like a reel-to-reel tape, used to unlock mini

Freeze Gun: uses an advanced principle of accelerated liquid hydrogen to create
            a freezing effect that lasts temporarily (use the frozen time to
            take out the enemy permanently

Big Gun: Fires large slow missiles that do alot of damage, they become homing 
         missiles if you lock-on before firing (Tip: don't fire these in narrow
         tunnels because the will hit the tunnel walls and waste the shot due
         to the corkscrew flight pattern)

Super Stitch Icon: Looks like a golden lightning bolt, Stitch turns gold and is
                   Invulnerable to enemy attacks for the duration, additionally
                   all attacks do more damage to enemies

Grapple Gun: Looks like an orange gun.. with a claw on it, A nifty gadget used
             for swinging from beams, branches, & other assorted protrusions
             Use the R1 Button to activate it.

Jet Pack: Used to fly in some stages, hit R1 to activate it, X to turn it off


Enemies: The Rogues Gallery!

Buzzers: Basically a giant wasp, a few blaster shots or one big gun shot will
         take care of these menaces

Buzzer Nest: A large maroon beehive that houses unlimited buzzers, the best
             way to destroy them is shrapnel damage from nearby objects

Greema:  These enemies appear to be normal greemas sometimes the mutate right
         before your eyes! rather intellegent they are INVULNERABLE to blaster
         fire, bounce them or use a big gun, can be thrown too.

Soldier: Lizards in space combat outfits... weak & stupid can be killed easily
         by anything.. also fun to throw off ledges

GF Heavy
Trooper: More lizards, only strong & stupid this time.. INVULNERABLE to blaster
         fire! easily killed by the big guns or bounced to death, can be thrown

Frog Bot: Floating gun sentry robots, much smarter than either soldier, about
          10-12 shots with the blasters or one big gun shot

Wall Gun: Genius level intellegence bordering on precognition, cannot be killed
          by ANYTHING, I have one piece of advice: Flee

Section 3. 

World 1: Greema Jungle

Enemies: weak buzzers.

1. Reel: Behind you on a ledge from the start position (partway up the cliff)
   the ledge can be accessed by using the jump pod in the crater to the left of
   the starting point

2. Reel: in the cave leading from the first area, there is a room off to 
   the left, the reel in in there on a lily pad

3. Squid: After the second checkpoint (the checkpoint in the cave after the
   hill with all the rolling boulders) near the next cave mouth, the jumbaspeak
   icon mentions it  Dif: Easy

4. Squid: at the third checkpoint, off to the right by the cave, Dif: fair

5. Squid: also at the third checkpoint, directly above the checkpoint pad
   on a tree branch  Dif: fair

6. Reel: inside the big tiki head statue near the acid river (the acid river is
   located before the exit teleporter)

7. Squid: near the exit teleporter, by a tree next to the acid river  Dif: Fair


World 1: Rotten Eggs

Enemies: 700 series hatchlings, 

1. Squid: down the stairs and to the left from starting position, (on the outer
   side of the door frame) Dif: norm

2. Squid: beyond the first checkpoint, to the left of the door after entering
   the conveyer belt area Dif: norm

3. Reel: ride the sixth conveyer belt (the conveyer that the previous squid
   stopped at) all the way around, the reel is on the bottom. (you won't fall 
   off this one)

4. Squid: after the third checkpoint, below the first conveyer belt Dif: norm

5. Reel: after the fifth checkpoint, floating in the air above the middle 
   conveyer Dif: fair

6. Sqiud: near the sixth checkpoint, near the giant pipe to the right of the
   checkpoint Dif: fair

7. Reel: also near the sixth checkpoint, in the giant pipe to the right this

Section 4.

World 2: Got Gas?

Enemies: GF Soldiers, Frogbots, 

1. Reel: near the first checkpoint, other side of the room from the checkpoint
   pad and to the right there is an "L" pipe that sticks out of the plasma pool
   and enters the wall, the reel is on the lip of that pipe where it comes out
   of the pool.

2. Squid: after the first checkpoint, across the room on the first ledge up
   to the right, you may want to use slo-mo, Dif: norm

3. Squid: near the second checkpoint, to the right where the plasma pipe 
   bends down, at the very back.  Dif: Norm

4. Reel: near the third checkpoint, in front of and off to the left of the
   checkpoint pad, down in the corner where the plasma pipe enters the wall

5. Squid: in front of and to the right of the third checkpoint Dif: easy

6. Reel: below the fifth checkpoint (the checkpoint at the top of the shaft you
   must climb with all the steam pipes) middle door on the left in the elevator

7. Squid: also below the fifth checkpoint, bottom door on the right, Dif: hard


World 2: Caverns & Chasms

Enemies: Buzzers, GF Soldiers, Mutant Greemas

1. Reel: After the fourth checkpoint (the first checkpoint you come to after
   the great Wunc ride) beyond the buzzer hive, there is a pool of acid with a
   curtian of vines hanging over it, the reel is up there in a tiki head statue

2. Squid: On the cliff above and to the right of checkpoint seven, you can't
   miss it on your way to retreive the number 3 reel, Dif: hard (use slo-mo)
   I actually suggest you wait until after you get the next reel & double back

3. Reel: Directly above the seventh checkpoint, inside a tiki statue on the cliffs
   edge, you have to go all the way around to get it. (just go up the slope near 
   checkpoint eight)

4. Squid: at the base of the platform that checkpoint nine is on, to the right
   of the checkpoint pad way down deep, Dif: norm

5. Squid: after checkpoint nine, on the second platform out, there is a bouncey 
   mushroom, the squid is high above this mushroom. Dif: norm

6. after checkpoint eleven, (the checkpoint with greemas doing they're rendition of 
   Riverdance) at the end of the vine crawlway there is a platform, the reel is
   down in the deep darkness at the base of this platform, the end nearest the
   vine crawlway.

7. Squid: on the second platform after the checkpoint twelve, (note) this 
   squid is easier if you go ahead and activate the fourteenth checkpoint and 
   after you tag the squid the third time, let yourself fall, when you respawn
   at fourteen, just jump backwards off the ledge and grab the squid for his 
   last tag.) Dif: hard


World 2: Greema Falls

Enemies: Buzzers, Mutant Greemas, GF Soldiers

1. Squid: On the top of the second arch after start, up on top on the right 
   side near the cliff Dif: easy

2. Reel: at the top of the cliff proir to checkpoint two, It's up there behind
   some boxes above the cave entrance use branches to get up there.

3. Reel: destroy the buzzer nest on top of the hill near checkpoint three, it's
   in a cave behind the nest.

4. Squid: near checkpoint four, there is an alternate path, around the cliff 
   face to a cave in the back, the squid is in there at the end of the cave, if
   you fail to catch it you must restart the level, so the Dif: hard

5. Squid: under the falls after checkpoint six, (the wide falls, not the narrow 
   ones) near the two big trees in the acid lake Dif: hard

6. Reel: is on the very top branch of the second tree in the acid lake just
   before checkpoint seven, note: this reel is difficult to see.

7. Squid: on the cliff near the exit marker, above the entrance where the 
   greemas dance just walk into the shadows to the extreme left of the cave, 
   there is a slope leading to the cliff top.  Dif: norm


World 2: Hot Foot!

Enemies: GF Soldiers, 700 series hatchlings,

1. Squid: On the third swing beam from start, above the flames. Dif: hard

2. Squid: to the right of the cracked beam near where the wall has fallen in, 
   there is a ledge to the left, this pipe is also the very next beam to where
   the first squid drops his reel. Dif: norm

3. Reel: After the first checkpoint, above the first beam, the right supporting
   ledge for the first beam.

4. Squid: after the big cave in, in the room filled with rubble (sorry no fred)
   as you are facing the door out, a squid named barney is waiting on the right
   side of the room, use slo-mo Dif: extreme

5. Reel: After checkpoint three (the checkpoint nearest the big cave in) there
   is a drop off with two pipes spewing lava, there is a platform between them
   at the back of this platform there is a giant metal door, the reel is to 
   the left of the door in a computer

6. Reel: Go through the afore mentioned door, the reel is in the back of this 
   room inside a generator

7. Squid: after checkpoint five (the checkpoint nearest the colapsing bridge)
   the right ledge supporting the first beam after the checkpoint Dif: easy

Section 5.

Boss World: Habbitrales To You

BOSS 1: Doctor Hobbitrale (AKA evil professor bunnyface)

Well, first off stay away from the blue sonic rings that radiate out from him
everytime he stomps, wait till they are almost on you and then jump.
Now... See those bombs that fall from the sky ocasionally?  poickone up using 
the circle button, run to the bounce pad in the center of the floor (remember 
to keep jumping over the rings, you can jump while holding a bomb, just cannot
DOUBLE jump) once you are at the apex of your flight, throw the bomb at the
evil wodents' wobot Do this three times and his power armor falls to the ground 
he then detaches his head and begins flying around the room in it.
Now!! run into the room he was guarding and climb his control tower, at the top 
there is a jumbaspeak icon and a nice flashy fun panel that shoots missiles!!
run up to it and press Triangle to launch a remote controled missile.
Pull back on left analog stick banks missile up
push forward banks missile down
right is right and left is left respectively
Fly these nifty gadgets (that appear nowhere else unfortunatly) into 
professor bunny faces flying machiene three times and he goes down in flames
(Bugs Bunny Thanks you for your removing this blot from the reputations of 
rabbits everywhere.)

Section 6.

World 3: Meet the 700's

Enemies: Frogbots, GF Soldiers, Fullgrown 700's, 700 Series Hatchlings

1. Squid: at the other end of the street from start, just before the corner
   it is in an alcove across the street from the dual steam gysers Dif: norm

2. Squid: After the second checkpoint, you'll be beyond the barracade, through
   the doors and up the street, you can see it plain as day, waiting for a bus
   or something between two buildings Tip: use slo-mo Dif: easy with slo-mo...
   Impossible without it.

3. Squid: above the third checkpoint's checkpad, on the traffic light assembly
   Dif: Extreme

4. Reel: Floating in the air to the right of the statue of the grand counsel
   woman, it can be gotten by double jumping from the nearest lightpost.

5. Reel: down the street at the corner from checkpoint four (near where the
   giant 700 was fighting the Frogbots) there is an orange building with
   three towers protruding from it, the reel is up above the entryway in a 

6. Squid: around the corner from checkpoint four there is a building with
   a blue flashing arrow, across the street from this building to the left
   of yet another orange building.  use slo-mo Dif: norm

7. Reel: At the end of the street from checkpoint four there is a lightpost, 
   the reel is at the top


World 3: Soldier Trail

Enemies: Buzzers, Mutant Greemas, 700 series hatchlings, GF Soldiers

1. Squid: After the first checkpoint there is an area with lots of swinging 
   required the squid is about halfway through this area (at the right turn) it
   is down low on a branch to the left. Dif: norm

2. Reel: after checkpoint two, the reel is on the first beam after the 
   jumbaspeak icon (near the tall tree you must climb) the reel is beside a
   wooden arrow sign

3. Squid: on the branch directly behind the fourth checkpoint (top of the tree)
   It is on the highest branch of the tall tree. Dif: norm

4. Squid: on the third beam beyond the fourth checkpoint (the first beam that
   you have to fall to get too) it's on this beam to the right, up against
   the cliff face. Dif: hard

Okay, Okay... timeout, there are TWO checkpoint fives, believe it or not they 
piled two checkpoints right on top of each other, checkpoint (5 high) is the 
one that leads into the top of the cave area, checkpoint (5 low) is the one 
leading into the bottom of the cave area. this is pretty hard for the poor sap
who is writing this guide to find a way to rationalize.

5. Reel: this is near checkpoint (5 low) at the end of the tunnel leading into
   the large area of the cave on the left as you exit the tunnel, inside those
   boxes in the shadows.

6. Squid: after checkpoint seven (the only one thank heaven) there is a large
   grotto with a military ship, trees, and a zillion GF Soldiers, the squid is 
   on the other side of the grotto from the ship, behind the hill with the two pink
   trees on it. Use Slo-mo Dif: easy 

7. Reel: After checkpoint 7 there is a  large milatary ship that a jumbaspeak 
   refers to, there is a shiny, absolutly delicious reel beneath the gangplank
   leading aboard.


World 3: Jungle Flight

Enemies: Two (2) and only two Buzzers!!!

1. Squid: Just beyond the first checkpoint, between the snarl of stumps that 
   lay across the acid river. (below the second refill ring) Dif: fair

2. Reel: Jump over to the ledge across the river from checkpoint three, look
   down into the river under the next overhang, see the squid? directly above
   it behind the overhang is another Dizneh reel!

3. Squid: this squid is referred to in part 2, under the overhang if you
   can't remember Dif: norm

4. Reel: Inside the hollow tree, to the left, next to checkpoint 4

5. Squid: to the right of checkpoint 5, it's just floating there, be sure to
   have some jet pack juice. Dif: fair

6. Reel: After checkpoint six, as you fly through, you'll see a stump with
   two dancing greemas on it, the reel is down near the surface of the acid
   to the left.

7. Squid: in front of and to the left of checkpoint eight (the last one)
   Dif: easy


World 3: The Aviary

Enemies: GF Soldiers, Buzzers, 700 series hatchlings, Fullgrown 700's

1. Squid: near start, in the room directly behind the starting position, on
   top of some sort of computer, (maybe air control) on top of the crystal
   ball thingie in the center, use slo-mo Dif: hard

2. Squid: Above the door leading out of the starting area (the door above the
   aquarium) you'll need the jetpack + slo-mo recommended Dif: norm

3. Squid: under the ledge that holds checkpoint one, just above the water
   Dif: norm

4. Reel: Five spinning wheels from checkpoint two (in the section with a door
   on the right side of the tunnel) just through wheel five, up high near the
   lights in the ceiling.

5. Squid: in the room after checkpoint four, (the second checkpoint after you
   actually enter the center area of this circular level) the squid can be
   tagged easiest by leaping from the ledge Dif: norm

6. Reel: inside the other half of the room that has checkpoint five in it, the 
   reel is in a computer.

7. Reel: In the same room as the exit teleporter, behind some boxes, in a
   Shadowed doorway.

Section 7.

Boss World: Sibling Rivalry

BOSS: Experiment 621 (AKA: Jan Brady)

There are 3 orange ledges spaced evenly around the mutating machine that have
lightning next to them, in order to unleash the lightning and defeat 621, you
must jump up on those orange ledges and climb the spiral pipes above them...
when you get to the top of each pipe, turn around and wait for the opening
into the mutator to be facing you. just fire into the door and the pipe you are
on will fall. do all three of these and the mutator is now shorting out, the
lightning is now arcing down far enough to hit 621 with: just stand in front
of the discharge and watch 621 until he starts to roll in your direction, jump
out of the way and he gets fried, do this 6 times and he's a crunchy little 

Section 8. 

World 4: Energy Lines

Enemies: GF Soldiers, Frogbots, Fullgrown 700's, series 700 hatchlings

1. Reel: Backtrack from start, the reel is located in the third alcove back
   along the edge.

2. Squid: Near checkpoint two (at the top of the shaft) the squid is on the 
   narrow walkway, situated behind the creature in the stasis tank, to the
   right of the checkpoint Dif: easy

Okay... another time out!
In the next area after checkpoint two, where the lines do this:

    |  |  |
      | /
   _|     |_
   _       _
    |     |

Now... you've all laughed at my pathetic attempt at Ascii Art but the point I
wanted to make was that there are (3) three chances to get reels in here.

3. Squid: Standing on the entry platform, this squid is above you and to the
   right, use the right branch to snag it, Dif: hard.

4. Squid: Standing on the entry platform again, this squid is above you and
   to the left, use the left branch to tag this one Dif: Extreme

5. Reel: This reel is down near the lower fork on the other side (where it
   goes down into the darkness) Assuming of course that you are standing on
   the entry platform...

6. Squid: Standing on checkpoint three's checkpad, look down and to the right
   this squid is down there, Dif: norm

7. Reel: After checkpoint four,  in the room with the opening into the pit
   (and two large, glowing green lines going from floor to ceiling) the
   reel is at the top of the room, in between the green lines, climb them to
   get to the reel.


World 4: Ring Around The Lasers

Enemies: Huge Lasers!, Frogbots, GF Soldiers, Homing Mines

1. Squid: After the giant deadly lasers... you'll know 'em when ya see 'em.
   near checkpoint one (the checkpoint you activate when you dive through the
   hole in the floor at start like a... smart coward) the squid is 
   behind checkpoint one beyond the support column Dif: easy

2. Squid: After fifth checkpoint there is a tunnel with revolving lasers,
   the squid is in here of to the right as you enter Dif: hard

3. Reel: Also in the first revolving laser room, it's under the first platform
   nearest checkpoint five, floating between the spikes on the bottom.

4. Reel: above the sixth checkpoint (in the room after the first revolving
   laser tunnel) up high near the ceiling.

5. Squid: After the sixth checkpoint, in the next room with revolving lasers
   (the tunnel  with an X made of lasers spinning in the center) the squid is
   on the lower ledge near the entrance, on the left side Dif: extreme

6. Reel: Also in the second revolving laser room, up high near the entrance,
   easy to spot from any one of this room's platforms.

7. Squid: this squid is very close to the exit teleporter... actually, if you
   fail to notice this squid you probably need the braile version of this 
   guide. Dif: fair


World 4: Welcome Aboard!

Enemies: GF Soldiers, Frogbots, GF Heavy Troopers, 

1. Squid: Okay, this squid is very near the starting position, if you look in
   the upper, right edge of your screen at start, you can see it Dif: hard

2. Reel: Near the first checkpoint, to the left of the checkpoint there is an
   alcove, another fluffy, secretive dizneh reel awaits within a box!

Okay, another time out for a lame talking to from me, the looser who writes
this thing, at checkpoint two (the first checkpoint in the vertical shaft with
all the freaking police ship traffic) if you look down into the shaft on the
other side there is a little dark tunnel, that's the way you want to go first. 

3. Reel: Assuming of course that you followed my instructions you will find
   yourself at checkpoint three upon exiting the little tunnel, if not you
   probably think checkpoint three is on a ledge back in the shaft, anyway...
   across the room from checkpoint three there is a wide ledge with two
   small ledges slightly above it and to either side, the reel is on the right
   upper ledge behind some boxes, after your done here go back to the shaft.

4. Squid: Near checkpoint six, or five if you choose to ignore my time out
   message, after the checkpiont at the entrance to the room with a large 
   glass screen dividing the cylindrical room in half) the squid is below the
   entrance ledge on a smaller ledge to the right Dif: hard

5. Squid: this one's a little hard to discribe the location of... okay..
   It's on the other side of the glass in the cylindrical room, however, you
   can't get it until you get to the final large room (the room with four
   elevators and three doors) standing on checkpad eight, the door that leads
   to the room you want is to the left, now standing on the ledge after
   entering the room again, you want to hop down and to the right to the
   next ledge down (by the glass) turn around and you'll see that stupid squid
   smirking at you while standing by some computers (I think the reason this
   jerk is smirking is that he's the creator of the "stitch in space" level...
   but that's just my theory) Dif: hard

6. Reel: This reel is in the big room with the elevators and checkpoint eight
   the reel is actually on the middle platform to the right of the checkpad
   in a box.

7. Squid: this squid is nice and patient, and is located in the big elevator
   room, what you want to do is get on the very highest bounce pad because
   this squid is directly above it, you'l need to use the spinnig bounce
   pads that are floating around in the room, wait till it gets near the 
   high pad than jump!  really this squid is easy if you are any good at all
   at bouncing. Dif: norm


World 4: Error #626

Enemies: GF Soldiers, GF Heavy Troopers, Frogbots

1. Squid: On the high pipe, between the two orange bubbly plasma pipes closest
   to the start point Dif: norm

2. Reel: this reel is to the left of the exit door from the first area, get it
   as you leave the orange plasma pipe room.

3. Squid: on top of the giant "jar" near checkpoint three (if you look stright
   up at the top of the jar from checkpoint three, you can see him) Dif: hard

4. Reel: In the big room area, after checkpoint seven, in the center of the
   cluster of cables you climb to get to the high level of the room, the reel
   is in hole, below the floor.

5. Squid: at the top of the cables mentioned in #4 there are two other small
   groups of cables, the squid is on the top of the clump farthest from the
   group you just climbed (the clump you want is free floating) Dif: extreme

6. Squid: beyond checkpoint nine (the second checkpoint on the upper level of
   the large room) In the back room, behind a generator Dif: easy

7. Reel: this reel is an extremely difficult reel to get, it is on the very
   highest swing beam in the big room, it is one of the glowing green beams
   Tip: notice that the nearest beam is tilted, so is the one you want to
   swing to, use the tilt to make the gap a little narrower... still be ready
   to die many, many times!


World 4: Stitch In Hell... Space

Enemies: Frogbots, Malicious High Voltage Employees

1. Squid: At the starting point, turn around and this squid is behind you (up
   high in the middle of the window Dif: hard Use slo-mo

Checkpoint two is a veritable filmfest, there are three reels aquirable from
here.  (checkpoint two is the one with all the purple ooze or gas under it)
Also, the fork at checkpoint two can be confusing, It doesn't matter which way
you go. Both ways lead to the asteroid field. (you will have to run through
this level twice to get the DNA from the rings in the branch you didn't take
the first time)

2. Squid: at the first elbow of the left path at checkpoint two Dif: hard

3. Reel: near the second elbow on the left path beyond checkpoint two it's
   just floating in the middle of the tunnel, if you can't find it you may
   have accidently hit it while chasing #2 squid

4. Reel: at the intersection, where the left & right paths reconverge up high
   near the ceiling (can be hard to see at high speed)

5. Reel: just beyond checkpoint three there are some blue glowing rings around
   the tunnel, this reel is just after the second blue ring (on the left side)

6. Squid: Above checkpoint five (the checkpoint at the airlock entering the
   asteroid field) this squid is on the outside of the airlock, above the
   door, you'll probably use all your jetpack fuel getting to him... after
   you tag him just turn off the pack and fall back into the door tag him 
   the last time (he only needs tagged twice) Dif: easy 

7. Demon: the demonsquid is just after ring nine, he then moves to after ring
   fourteen (very hard right) then onward to just before ring seventeen (high)
   to after ring nineteen (just before twenty) tag him this last time and his
   reel is yours! (note: attempt to keep the giggling to a minimum after you
   accomplish this) Dif: Very Extremly Extreme to the MAX!

Section 9.

Boss World 3: Old Friends

BOSS: Captain Gantu

See the monster? Run from the monster...
Run into the middle of the arena and grab the grapple gun, now look up. see
those pipe thingies with lightning between them?  Now you know why we wanted
that grapple gun!  In order to get up to those pipes jump on the big purple
bounce circles.  swing up to the second tier of "lightning rods" there are
three doorways up here, each with a different color, Blue, Orange, & Purple
swing into each of these doorways and destroy the widget within.
Now Jumba enters the station through the doors you just opened to help you!
Keep away from Gantu until jumba freezes him, then grab a bomb from around
the edge of the room and throw it at the big bully! after three bombs he
faw down go boom... Now you know why Gantu hates Stitch so much in the movie!

Section 10.

Extra Section I
In the secrets section these are all the scenes you unlock and a brief intro.

 1. Original Theatrical Trailer
 2. Stitch's Trial: Stitch's appearance before the GF Council

 3. Breaking Free: Stitch's escape from the GF prison transport

 4. Cruiser Chase: The brief space battle between Stitch and the GF fighters

 5. Hyperdrive: The crazy trog (Stitch) makes a blind hyperspace jump

 6. Pudge's Story; The priceless sandwich day late to class excuse

 7. This Is Scrump: Lilo tries to make friends with the brat patrol

 8. Meeting Bubbles: Lilo meets the menacing social worker... screws it up

 9. Practical Vodoo: ...My friends need to be punished... 

10. Falling Star: Lilo & Nani see a falling "star"

11. Arrival On Earth: Stitch's first 60 seconds on earth... My favorite clip

12. Meeting Lilo: Stitch becomes a "dog" meets Lilo & says hi

13. Adopting Stitch: 626 named, and Lilo pays $2.00 for a new best friend

14. Bounty Hunters: Lilo & Stitch leave the animal shelter

15. Ugly Dog: The brat patrol insults stitch

16. Bike Ride: Stitch goes for a ride on the brat patrol leader's bike

17. Jumba Disguised: Jumba tries to capture stitch with an alien toe as bait

18. Arriving Home: Lilo, Stitch & Nani Arrive home, stitch fights blender

19. Evil Koala: Stitch gets a soda out of the refrigerator, scares Nani

20. Jumba Attacks: Jumba chases Stitch into Lilo & Nani's house

21. Gantu's Ambush: Gantu Catches Lilo & Stitch in a net, Stitch not long

22. Exile On Earth: Stitch's Exile is transfered to the planet Ea-arth

23. Interstitchal 1: Stitch interupts "Beauty & The Beast" (Trailer)

24. Interstitchal 2: Stitch Cruises through "Alladin" (Trailer)

25. Interstitchal 3: Stitch meets Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" (Trailer)

In-Game Cinema 1
In-Game Cinema 2
In-Game Cinema 3
In-Game Cinema 4
In-Game Cinema 5
In-Game Cinema 6
In-Game Cinema 7
In-Game Cinema 8


Extra Section II
Hopefully I'll have some stuff to add here soon courtesy of Jeff Marks

Section 11.