Summoner Walkthrough


Faq Ver 0.1   11/06/00
Written By Zeorhymer

I. DISCLAIMER -- Basic disclaimer and such.  You can look through this 
and hopefully the information provided can be of some use.  There will 
probably more faqs coming along with more in-depth stuff in it than 
this one.  Time is short so please don't e-mail me about questions 
pertaining to the game.  I don't have a good memory of things and more 
than likely I won't be able to remember what I did to kill X boss.  I'm 
still new at writing these things so bear with me.  Happy Summoning.


Joseph -- Born with the power to summon forth beings from another 
dimension, he is the main character in the game.  He will be the Jack-
of-all-trades character that you will play.  You can train him in a 
large variety of weaponry as well as good defensive magics.  His most 
unique power is the ability to summon monsters to fight for him in 
combat.  Be cautious when summoning monsters.  Every time you use such 
power, Joseph's total HP will go down.  This greatly shortens his life.  
The good news is that Joseph can gain it back when either you leave the 
combat space (ie. from random encounters) or unsumming the creatures.  
Keep a good eye on the summoned  creatures.  If it dies during combat, 
Joseph will permanantly lose the HPs.  

TIPS: Joseph may be the Jack-of-all-trades, but I used him like a 
warrior through most of the game.  He's skilled in many different types 
of weaponry, but I tended to use the sword the most.  To match his 
combat abilities, Joseph can equip very powerful armors as well.  
Combat wise he's a formidable warrior to be reckoned with.  Don't lax 
on his spell casting abilities either.  He learns the ever important 
Heal line of spells as well as the defensive Holy spells.  Even though 
you have a lot of HPs doesn't mean you can hack everything into pieces 
and come out without a scratch.  Healing spells will be used a lot 
during the game.

Flece -- Stealth, secrets, assasin, thief, she is all this and much 
more.  With the ability to hide, sneak, and pick lock, she will be 
invaluable to the party.  Being a thief does have it's downfall.  She 
does not have very many HPs so battles will be treacherous.  She also 
lacks in the magic department, although she learns Dark spells very 
late in her career to be much use.

TIPS: First and foremost, Flece is a thief, use her that way.  Use her 
in reconnaissance missions to learn the layout of the area before 
tackling on the monsters within.  Make sure she learns Sneak and Hide 
to accomplish this mission.  Another skill to improve for her would be 
the Appraise skill.  You may not think that this skill is very useful, 
but you are dead wrong.  Without this skill, many of the high end 
weapons and armor will be unidentified and be totally useless.  Max 
this skill out early in the game so you'll be able to take advantage of 
it.  During combat, I found that backstab is pretty much useless.  Sure 
it works wonders when it hits, but most of the time I wasted lots of AP 
healing her.  Monsters seem to go for the ones either closest to them 
or the one with few HP.  To counter this, Bow weapons are very handy 

Rosalind -- Daughter of Yago with an innate ability to manipulate 
magical energy she is a powerful yet frail member of the party.  Her 
spellcasting ability surpasses that of Jospeh, but she cannot summon 
creatures.  Instead she has a wide array of both defensive and 
offensive spells at her command.  Due to her affinity for magic, she 
cannot wear very much armor.  As with many pure spellcasters, heavy 
armor disrupts the magical fields when spells are being cast.

TIPS:  As with lots of mages throughout many games, do not try to 
combat hand to hand.  Sure you can do it for a little bit, but it is 
more advantageous to fight from afar.  Throughout the game, she has 
command over a vast amount of magic.  Heal will be the most important 
one to keep the party healthy and happy.  Holy magic can do just as 
much, but you would want to save those AP for damage spells since 
Joseph can use Holy as well.  AP will go down very quickly when using 
spells.  Best way to conserve those points would be to attack from afar 
using a bow weapon.  Even though she doesn't do much damage with the 
bow, she has magic to back her up.

Jekhar -- Once a friend of Joseph, now just a bodyguard by the order of 
the King, Jekhar is a strong warrior to have around.  Right from the 
start you know yo have the making of a tank when you see his HP.  He 
can take a beating and keeps on slicing.  Not only can he slice and 
dice, he can also take it like a man.  Many heavy duty armors are 
available to him to absorb all those punishing blows.

TIPS:  Jekhar can use any and all the weapons in the game, but the most 
useful ones are the swords.  Axes may be tempting with their large 
damage, but I found it difficult to chain attacks with them.  It's just 
a personal taste whether or not you like weapons of mass destruction.   
Concentrate skills on a couple of weapons as well as Heavy Arms.  
You'll need Heavy Arms skill in order to equip all those godly armor.  
It's obvious that he will do the gruntwork in fighting so keep him well 
healed and covered with protective magic like Bless to keep him going.


The basics of the battle system is covered in the instruction manual.  
Tips for battle is simple...chain, chain and chain.  In order to leave 
a battle relativly unscathed, you must master the chain attacks.  It 
may be deceptively simple, but takes a bit to master.  Not only do you 
have to figure out which chain you are going to use, but the type of 
weapon is very important.  The faster the weapon that you have 
equipped, the more times you swing.  This in turn means that you have 
more opportunities to perform a chain attack.  Be careful when 
switching to a high damage slow swing weapon.  More often than not, the 
slowness of the weapon you are using will throw off your timing and 
miss the chain attack.


Still reading over my notes...Come back later....


ARMORS:  There are many varieties of armor scattered throughout the 
land.  Many can be purchased in towns or from merchants that dot the 
landscape.  There are some powerful armor which can only be found by 
solving the mini-quests which are presented to you.  Take note that not 
everyone can equip all the protection gear.  To top it off, your 
character must meet skill requirements in order to equip some of these 
equipment..  (NOTE: The price listed is the price needed to BUY the 
item even though some cannot be bought.  The sell back price is roughly 
2/3 of the buy price.)

Jo = JosephF = FleceR = RosalindJk = Jekhar


Battle Boots750015JoDouble Attack + 2
Boots of Stleath5000010FSneak + 2
Dragon Boots5007RMagic Resist + 1
Felinus Feet205F
Heavy Boots2007Jo, Jk, F
Hero's Sabaton5000015JkHP + 15
High Leather Boots505All
Leather Boots203Jo, F, Jk
Magus Boots1000010RMagic Resist + 2
Mellifluous Scoh207RMagic Resist + 2
Nobleman's Sabaton2500015JoAP + 10
Reinforced Boots50010Jo, F, Jk
Sabaton100013Jo, Jk
Servant's Boots51F
Springsteel Boots500015Jo, F, Jk
Steel Heeled Boots207F
Studded Boots30010Jo, F, Jk
Summoner Sabaton5000015JoAP + 15
Tough Boots207Jk
Warrior's Boots2500015JkHP + 10


Blue Pants206Jo
Chainmail Legs500010Jo, F, Jk
Cloth Pants207Jk
Felinus Pantaloons50003FSneak + 1
Hero's Leggings1000020JkAxe + 1
Leather Breeches1008All
Magus Leggings1000010RMagic Resist + 1
Prowler Leggings100005FSneak + 2
Silk Breeches1003F, R
Studded Leggings205F
Studded Pants50010All
Summoner Legs1000015JSummon + 1



Bough-Kote1000015Jo, F, JkPiercing + 1
Chainmail Gaunt1000015Jo, F, Jk
Cloth Gloves1005Jo, F, Jk
Dragon Gauntlets500015JoAp + 10
Gloves of Pilfer5000012FPick Lock + 2
Hero's Gauntlets5000025JkHP + 15
Horseman's Gaunt2500025JkHP + 5
Iron Gauntlets500010Jo, F, Jk
Leather Armguards209F
Leather Gauntlets5009Jo, F, Jk
Leather Gloves2507All
Magus Gauntlets50009RHeal + 1
Mellifluous Mite5008R
Midnight Gaunt2500010FPick Lock + 1
Nobleman's Gaunt2500015JoSummon + 1
Plate Gauntlets2500020Jo, Jk
Reaver Gauntlets500015Jk Counter + 1
Servant's Gaunt51F
Shadow Gauntlets100008FPick Lock + 1
Silk Gloves503AllMagic Resist + 1
Springsteel Gloves300013Jo, F, Jk
Steel Gauntlets2000017Jo, F, Jk
Summoner Gaunt5000020JoSummon + 2
The Black Hand5000010FBackstab + 1
The Drangon's Want1000010RStaff + 2
Thief's Gauntlets500010FAppraise + 1
Warrior's Gaunt2500020JkHP + 10



Adamant Bogu-Dou5000040Jk
Arcticus Mantel10000035R
Blessed Suncoat25016Jo, F, JkMagic Resist + 1
Boiled Leather500030Jo, F, Jk
Bone Jerkin60000035RHoly + 2
Bougu-Dou1000035Jo, F, Jk
Breastplate10000045Jo, F, Jk
Brigandine Chest5000040Jo, Jk
Burnt Robe50000035RFire + 4
Chainmail Tunic1000040Jo, F, Jk
Cloth Shirt205F
Draco Robe50000040R
Haramaki1000035Jo, F, Jk
Hero's Chainmail5000040JkAp + 10
Hero's Platemail80000065Jk
Horseman's Plate80000055Jk
Leather Armor209Jk
Leather Jerkin50020Jo, F, Jk
Mellifluous Wrap60000045R
Midnight Plate80000050FSneak + 1
Nobleman's Plate60000055Jo
Padded Surcoat100015Jo, F, Jk
Platemail50000050Jo, Jk
Quilted Holy Robe2006RHoly + 1
Quilted Robe205R
Robe of Restore60000020RHeal + 2
Servant's Blouse51F
Shadow Haramaki5000040FHide + 1
Shadow Platemail60000040FSneak + 1
Singed Robe10000030RFire + 3
Springsteel Leath1000030F
Steelcore Bougu5000040Jo
Studded Leather100025Jo, F, Jk
Summoner Chain30000040JoSummon + 2
Summoner Plate80000060Jo
Warrior's Plate60000060Jk



Blinding Buckler10010AllBlind Charge (10)
Decaying Bulwark80014All
Defender Heater500018AllDodge + 1
Defender Kite50000200AllDodge + 3
Defender Scutum1000020AllDodge + 2
Guardian Heater500018AllParry + 1
Guardian Kite50000200AllParry + 3
Guardian Scutum1000020AllParry + 2
Heater Shield100018All
Kite Shield10000200All
Round Shield50015All
Scutum Shield500020All

RINGS:  Rings are very powerful in the world of Summoner.  They have 
the ability to boost combat skills as well as enhance magical prowess.  
Due to the powerful nature of such jewelry, each character may only 
wear 2 rings at a time.  There are also special rings which the 
Summoner  can only use.  These rings allow him to call forth dangerous 
and powerful being to fight for him.

Anit-Magic20000Resist Magic + 5
Archer's1000Bow + 1
Berserker5000Axe + 1, Blunt + 1
Frigidis5000Resist Ice + 5
Haste20000Speed + 2 AP + 15
Luminous500Illuminates the area around the wearer
Onslaught100000Counter + 2, Critical Hit + 2, Empower
Pyros5000Resist Fire + 5
of Aggression10000Counter Attack + 1, Critical Hit + 1
of Blessings2500Holy + 2
of Control50000Push + 2, Kick + 2, Trip + 2
of Dexterity2500Dodge + 2
of Electrus2500Energy + 2
of Expertise20000AP + 25
of Flames2500Fire + 1
of Grounding5000Resist Energy + 5
of Health5000HP + 30
of Ice2500Ice + 1
of Invisibility50000Invisibility
of Mastery100000AP + 40
of Might50000HP + 30, AP + 10
of Power300000AP + 40
of Preservation50000Dodge + 1, Parry + 1, HP + 20
of Proficiency5000AP + 10
of Protection2500Parry + 2
of Puissance100000HP + 50, AP + 25
of Recovery20000HP + 50
of Repulsion50000Parry + 3, Counter Attack + 3
of Shadows10000Hide + 1, Sneak + 1
of Skill100000Sword + 1, Axe + 1, Blunt + 1, Heavy + 1
of Slaying5000Backstab + 3
of Speed5000Speed + 2
of Storms10000Energy + 4
of Swiftness20000Speed + 4
of the Gods500000Speed + 5, HP + 40, AP + 20
of the Night2500Dark + 2
of Thieves2500Pick Lock + 3
of Warding25000Dodge +2, Parry + 2
Swordsman's Ring1000Sword + 1

Ring of DarknessDark + 3
Ring of FireFire +2, Resist Fire + 3
Ring of ForestDodge + 1, Parry + 2
Ring of Four WindsAP + 30
Ring of JadeMagic Resist + 3
Ring of LightEnergy + 2, Resist Energy + 3
Ring of StoneHP + 40
Ring of WaterIce + 1, Heal + 1, Resist Ice + 3


Aeros Medallion100000Ice + 3, Energy + 3
Anti-Magic Torque80000Magic Resist + 3
Archer's Medallion10000Bow + 3
Bacite Medallion7500Holy + 1, Fire + 1
Barbarian's Torque7500Axe + 2
Battle Torque300000Hp + 60, AP + 30
Berserker's Torque100000Sword + 3, Heavy + 3
Blessed Necklace2000Speed + 1
Collar of Dexterity7500Dodge + 1, Parry + 1
Collar of Health50000HP + 30
Collar of Precision10000Critical + 2, Aimed Attack + 2
Elemental Necklace2500Fire + 1, Ice + 1
Farseeing Necklace7500Bow + 2
Fighter's Torque7500Sword + 2
Hellfire Necklace100000Dark + 3, Fire + 3
Medallion of Night2500Dark + 1, Energy + 1
Medallion of Power10000Push + 4
Medallion of Vigor80000HP + 60
Medallion of Anshu500000Regenerate
Necklace of Defense7500Dodge + 1, Parry + 1
Necklace of Stealth25000Sneak + 2
Shadow Medallion100000Sneak + 3 , Hide + 3
Summoner's Torque50000Summon + 3
Swordsman's Torque10000Sword + 3
Thermal Medallion100000Fire + 3
Thief's Torque7500Sneak + 2
Torque of Celerity7500Speed + 2
Torque of Bashing7500Blunt + 2
Torque of Haste10000Speed + 3
Torque of Time25000Speed + 2, Double Attack + 2
Warding Necklace7500Magic Resistance + 2

    Extra special thanks to Revolution reader Zeorhymer!