Cool Boarders 3 PS Cheats

To enable these codes, start a Tournament and enter the following as names:

wonitall Unlock all tracks
open_emUnlock all riders and boards
bigheads Bighead mode
showposDirector's cut - shows coordinates

You’ll hear a voice to confirm proper entry.

View game creation date:

At the menu with split screen options, press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2. You’ll see the

completeion date in the lower right corner.

Control replay:

During a replay, hold Left to switch to slow motion or hold Down to pause.

Fast Eddie:

To earn Fast Eddie you must complete Powder Hill in first place and with 3,400

points or more.

Game Shark codes

Have 50000 Points8009ad9cc350

Always Place First/8009c6940000
Infinite Time

Have All Mountains800690780005


Thanks to Revolution readers Josh Ball, Vishal P. Nathani, Aaron Wall, Ryan

Wachholz, Littleone2004, Clint Jackson, Vincent Ruel, Nicholas Giggey, Alex

“DA MAN”, Drewber, Tom, Cheating is my life, Tedone, [email protected], and

Jon Muir!