Bust A Groove PS Cheats

Play as Capoeira:

Beat the game with anyone on Normal.

Play as Robo-Z:

Beat the game with anyone on Hard.

Play as Burger-Dog:

After enabling Capoeira and Robo-Z, beat the game with Hamm on Normal.

Play as Columbo:

After enabling Capoeira and Robo-Z, beat the game with Shorty on Normal.

Alternate Costumes:

Hold Select while selecting your character to get an alternate costume.

Dance Preview:

Beat the game under normal difficulty with any character and you’ll open Dance

Preview in the main menu.

Winning Pose:

When you win, press and hold Circle to see a winning pose.

Level Skip:

Beat the game once with any character. Now start a single player game and press

L2 + Select when a song begins to jump to the next level.


These moves let you have double the points.

Gas-o - Left, Down, Right, Up, Circle
Heat - Up, Down, Up, Circle
Frida - Up, Down,Up, Circle

GameShark Codes

Max Dance Points P280068744ffff

No Dance Points P1800687400000

No Dance Points P2800687440000

Infinite Attacks P1800687660002

Infinite Attacks P28006877a0002

No Attacks P1800687660000

No Attacks P28006877a0000

Max Enthusiasm P180068738ffff

Max Enthusiasm P28006873cffff

No Enthusiasm P1800687380000

No Enthusiasm P28006873c0000

Extra Characters30051ac00001

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