Chrono Cross Character Hints

Chrono Cross (character hints)


Get Serge:

Put in disc one and go to new game.

Get Kid:

She tries to join at Cape Howl, Termina, and Viper Manor (refuse at

cape howl to get leena).

Get Lynx:

He will join when the time is right.

Get Guile:

In Termina (another world)talk to the man polishing the viper statue, then find guile in the termina bar and he will take you to viper manor and stay with you. Pick guile you can't get Pierre or Nikki.

Get Norris:

Visit the Viper Manor ruins in homeworld with Radious in your party and find Norris in the basement.

Get Nikki:

In Termina (another world), go on the Magical Dreamers boat. In the dressing room, talk to his manager and the dancer Miki. Agree to search for Nikki in the Shadow Forest. There you'll find Nikki in a daze. When you rescue him he will lead you to a water fall and then join you. If you chose Nikki you can't get Guile or Pierre.

Get Viper:

Return to the hermit hideout (another world) after rescuing Riddel from the Porre army at Viper Manor, Viper is on the S.S. Invincible, where he will join.

Get Riddel:

After you rescue her she will join just as viper does on the S.S. Invincible.

Get Karsh:

After the dead sea, go into the backroom of the bar in Termina a.w. Choose between Zoah or Karsh (pick zoah and karsh joins later).

Get Zoah:

Same as with Karsh (pick karsh zoah joins later).

Get Marcy:

She joins after Riddel is rescued from the Porre army.

Get Korcha:

He wont join unless you agree to help Kid after your first trip to Viper Manor. (I recommend not helping her so you can get Glenn).

Get Luccia:

After you fight Lynx's shadow you can find her on the balcony anytime after that. Then follow her down to her lab and she will join.

Get Poshul:

Give her aHeckran bone and she will join. You can do this at the beginning of the game. Get the bone under the bed in the restaurant in Arni village.

Get Razzly:

Agree to help Kid and save Razzly from the Pentapus in the Hydra marshes.

Get Zappa:

Visit him with radius in Termina in your homeworld.

Get Orcha:

Joins in Viper Manor when your party rescues Riddel.

Get Radius:

With Lynx in your party visit Opassa beach then speak to Serge's mom then beat Radius in a battle.

Get Fargo:

Joins on the S.S. Invincible after rescuing the party from hermits hideaway (second half of game).

Get Macha:

Refuse to help Kid after Viper Manor. She joins in Termina but she helps you by boating you around from Guldove.

Get Glenn:

Refuse to help kid and then bring Macha to Termina with you and listen toGlenns Convo at the Termina entrance. He joins at the boat where Macha is waiting (Macha joins too).

Get Leena:

Refuse to let kid join on Cape Howl the 3 times she asks there and Leena will join in Arni village (a.w.).

Get Miki:

After the concert, and after clearing the monsters out on Marbule return to the S.S Zelbess and in the restaurant Miki will join.

Get Harle:

She joins after guiding your party through the dimensional vortex.

Get Janice:

Defeat Janice's monsters for 3 rounds on board the S.S. Zelbess (h.w). This is hard because you must equip Sprigg with the Forget-Me-Not-Pot and have her deliver the final blow on a bunch of monsters. Then Sprigg will be able to dopplegang them, and use them against Janice (this sprigg

trick can only be done late in the game).

Get Draggy:

Steal the egg from the bird's nest in Fossil Valley(a.w). In Fort Dragonia (h.w), take the elevator down to incubator in the center, then

put the egg in it.

Get Starky:

Get Star Fragment From El Nido Triangle (h.w) investigate Sky Dragon isle (h.w) then defeat Mega Starky and he will join.

Get Sprigg:

Shake tree in dimensional vortex to lure Sprigg out and sneak inside her house before her rest and the next day she joins.

Get Mojo:

Take the shark tooth to the fisherman in his basement in Arni Village. Show him and as you leave mojo will join (must have Leena or Kid

with you).

Get Turnip:

After getting the Ice Breath or Ice Gun go cool the scorched patch of earth at the hermits hide out (a.w) then go to (h.w) with Poshul in your party he will dig up a newly grown plant and its turnip (he will join).

Get Neofio:

Get Life Sparkle in Hydra Marshes (a.w). Return to Viper Manor (a.w), go to the balcony and use the Sparkle on the plant in the pond. It's


Get Greco:

After fighting Lynx go to Termina in (a.w) follow him into his house at the shrines and he will join.

Get Skelly:

Find all the skeleton pieces and bring him to his home in Termina and theN re-assemble him and leave then re-enter.

Get Funguy:

Find the man in the cave under the waterfall in shadow forest (homeworld). Then go through the underground cave towards viper manor, to

the area to the area where you previously rolled the boulder to stop the bugs.

* If the boulder covers the hole, then look for a bug underwater to the right side of the screen and chase it into a smaller hole further down.

* If you did not roll the boulder over the hole in Another World, then kill the wraith near the hole where the boy is standing.

-Either way, a man will hop out and give you a special MUSHROOM. Go back to the man under the waterfall and give it to him. He turns into Funguy, so take pity and let him join. [he is a great and strong fighter]

Get Irenes:

Speak with Toma at Mabule (homeworld), and then spend a night in the first hut. Irenes appears in the night and leads the party to the s.s zelbess. After defeating the demi-human sage on the zelbess, follow nikki back to his ship. Irenes joins you in the dressing room.

Get Mel:

Choose to Help out kid and find the hydra humour. Choose to look for mel when she steals kid's elements. Find her in the residential tower,

then return to guldove (another world) when kid has rejoined the party near the end of the game and talk to mel.

Get Leah:

She approaches the party at gaia's navel (homeworld) then she joins.

Get Van:

Go to van and gogh's house past zappa's smithy in termina (home world). Speak to van in his room and watch the sceen play out with the land

lord. Say you are serious about finding the frozen flame and he will join you.

Get Sneff:

Speak with him in his dressing room after defeating sage on the zelbess.

Get Steena:

Defeat the 6 dragon gods, then find steena in the Shrine maidens tent in guldove (homeworld).

Get Doc:

Decide not to find the hydra humour to help kid. Doc joins anytime after kid is healed. Just return to guldove [another world] and speak to


Get Grobyc:

Defeat him while attempting to rescue Riddel in Viper Manor (another world). Upon escaping from the manor, Grobyc assists the party and

asks to join.

Get Pierre:

Find pierre in the back of zappas smithy when you are looking for a guide find his hero medal and give it to him and he will join (pick

guile or nikki and he will not join).

Get Orltha:

With Lynx in your party, defeat orltha in guldove (another world). She gives you a Sapphire Brooch. After Serge is reborn, return to

Orltha's bar and show her the brooch.

Get Pip:

While infiltrating the viper manor for thje first time (another world)., unlock Pips cage in the corner of Luccia's lab. Later, onboard the

s.s invincible, chase him around the hold until he joins.

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