Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX PS Cheats

Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX


Slim Jim Unlock:

At Rider select press Down, Down, Left, Right, Up, Up and Circle.

All Bikes Unlock:

At Bike Selection Screen press Up, Left, Up, Down, Up, Right, Left, Right

and Circle.

All Styles Unlock:

At Style Selection screen press Left, Up, Right, Down, Left, Down, Right,

Up, Left and Circle.

All Levels:

At level select press: Left, Up, Right, Down, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left.


Get Big Crash Mode:

Beat game with Leigh Ramsdell.

Get Sticky Crash Mode:

Beat game with Kenan Harkin.

Get Silly Grunt Mode:

Beat game with Tim Mirra.

Get First Person View:

Beat game with Mike Laird.

Get Ghost Rider:

Beat game with Joey Garcia.

Get Exorcist Mode:

Beat game with Troy McMurray.

Get Night Vision Mode:

Beat game with Shaun Butler.

Unlock Dave Mirra FMV Sequence:

Beat game with Dave Mirra.

Unlock Ryan Nyquist FMV Sequnce:

Beat game with Ryan Nyquist.

Unlock Game Contest FMV Sequence:

Beat game with Slim Jim.

Unlock Development Team FMV sequence:

Beat game with Amish Boy.

Table Top        Up + Square   
Can-Can          Right + Square   
Back Flip        Down + Square   
Look Down        Left  + Square 
Rocket Man AirUp Left  + Square   
SUperman         Up, Right + Square   
Tailwhip Air     Down, Right + Square   
Candy Bar        Down, Left + Square   
X-Up             Up + O   
X-Down           Up, Up + O    
One Hander       Right + O   
Swich Hander     Right Right + O  
Bar Spine        Down + O  
Bar Spin to Bar Spine Back Down Down + O  
One Footer       Left + O   
Seat Grab        Right Up + O  
Double Seat Grab Right Up Right Up + O  
Peg Grab         Left Up + O  
Double Peg Grab  Left Up Left Up + O   
No Footer        Left Down + O    
No Hander        Right Down + O   

Tooth Pick Grind Up + Triangle   
Feeble Grind     Right + Triangle   
Double Peg Grind Down + Triangle    
Smith Grind      Left + Triangle   
Luc-e Grind      Up Right + Triangle   
Sprocket Grind   Down Right + Triangle   
Crooked Grind    Down Left + Triangle  
Lip Slide        Up Left + Triangle   

Spin Right       R1/R2   
Spin Left        L1/L2  

Truck Driver     Down + O + shoulder buttons  
Flair            Down + Square + 180 spine Left or Right  
Nothing          Down, Left + Down, Right

No Footed Seat Grab (looks better than super man seat grab):

Down Left + Up Right.

Double Seat Grab Super Man (hard to do, you have to push the buttons


Up Right + Square then Up, Right, Up, Right + O.

Double Peg Grab Rocket Man:

Left, Up + Square then Left, Up, Left, Up + O.

Flip Driver:

Down + Square then Down + O and all shoulder buttons at the same time.

No Footed Can-Can:

Right + Square then Left Down + O

Superman Seat Grab:

Right Up + Square then Right Up + O

No Handed Rocket Air:

Left Up + Square then Right Down + O

X-Up Rocket Man Air:

Left Up + Square then Up + O

X-Down Rocket Man Air:

Left Up + Square then Up Up + O

Bar Spine Rocket Man Air:

Left Up + Square then Down + O

Bar Spin to Bar Spin Back Rocket Man Air:

Left Up + Square then Down Down + O

Crotch Rocket

Left Up + Square then Right Up + O

Special Trick Only For Slim Jim:

Left, Down, Right, Square or Right, Up, Left, Square.

Jump Off Your Bike:

To jump off your bike, while you are in the air, press L2 + R2. "This

makes for some pretty gnarly crashes!"

Nose Wheelie:

Jump and while in the air press and hold the X and Up buttons.


When coming down after catching some mad air on a half pipe, or a quater

pipe press and hold down Left and X. This also works with ledges.

Wall Tap:

This is basically the same thing as the Fastplant, but instead of Left +

X, you hold down Right + X.


Ride on the Wall:

When you begin, go straight. There should be 2 ledges, go on the high ledge

(they are covered with dirt). Keep going down the path holding no buttons

but Up and Triangle. Keep holding the Triangle and Up buttons when you reach

the little 1/4 pipe connecting to the wall. you should then be riding the

wall, and if you fall, you will get a “player cratered” message. Cool!

Slim and the Bonus:

Beat the game with anyone and you will unlock a guy called Slim Jim and

a bonus bike.

Unlock The Amish Boy:

Beat the game with all ten original riders.

Unlock Hidden Features:

Beat the game with riders other than D.Mirra, Slim Jim, or R. Nyquist to

open modes such as night vision or exorcist mode.

Get Suspension Mode:

Beat the game with Chad Kagy.

GameShark Codes

All Movies Unlocked

Extra Time in PROQUEST
All Cheats Unlocked
All Levels Unlocked - Dave Mirra
All Outfits Unlocked - Dave Mirra
All Bikes Unlocked - Dave Mirra
Gold Medal in Sleepy's Ditch - Dave Mirra

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