Die Hard Trilogy PS Cheats

Pause the game anytime and hold R2 when you do these codes.

Die Hard 1

God Mode:Right, Up ,Down, Square
Unlimited ammo: Right, Up, Down, Down, Square, Right.

To change weapon, repeat this code. 50 grenades: Right, Square, Down, Circle. Silly mode: Down, Circle, Circle, Down, Triangle, Down.

Fat mode: Right, Square, Square, Down. Coordinates: Left, Circle, Down, Square. Speech speed: Down, Square, Square, Right. Aliens: Circle, Circle, Square, Square, Right. Stickmen: Triangle (10 times), Right (4 times) Floating dead: Down, Square, Triangle, Down

Reverse controls: Right, Square, Triangle, Right

Die Hard 2

Maximum specials: Right, Square, Left, Circle, Triangle, Down.

Map editor: Right, Up, Down, Square Skeleton mode: Down, Square, Triangle, Down Fat mode: Left, Triangle, Right, Down

Die Hard 3

Infinite lives:Left, Circle, Up, Down, Square, Right.

DULL Mode: Down, Up, Left, Left, Down, Up, Left, Left, Down, Up, Left, Left, Down, Up, Left, Left (DULLDULLDULLDULL).

Fat mode: Left, Triangle, Right, Down

Flying Faces: Circle, Down, Down, Triangle, X, Square

999 Turbos: Circle, Circle, Square, Square, Down, Down, X, X

Big Immortal Peds: Down, Square, Triangle, Right, Down, Square, Triangle, Right

More Codes

Die Hard 1 – At the end of any level, go to the bomb but don’t deactivate

it.. Put your bullet count at 1 bullet left. Walk into the bomb and shoot your

last bullet. On the next level, your bullet count should be at zero and you will

never have to reload again. You can’t pick up any other guns.

Die Hard 3 – No Time and Level Select. First press start on controller

one. Press and hold R2 then press Left, Right, Up, Down, Square. Then press

start on controller Two then press Triangle to turn off time and Left or Right

to change the level.

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