Grinch, The PS Cheats

The Grinch


Blue Prints in Town Hall:

Go to bottom level and pull out three of the rugs on the wall, you will

notice them from the size diffrence.

Open the Town Hall:

Shoot the clock with your egg launcher.

More Presents:

Shoot the kids with an egg launcher, presents will pop out of them and they

will run away.

Secret Presents:

Behind the snowy walls there are at least two presents (you will need the

rocket launcher found in level two). On top of the Whoville town christmas

tree there is another present.

Hammer & Chisel:

Go to City Hall and sneak past the guards to the room with the big cabinet

in it. Use the Grinches strength to move the cabinet to reveal a safe. Use

the jump attack to open it and then go across the hall and jump over the

security poles to turn the alarm off.

Paint Bucket:

Go to the walkway along the building and follow it until you come to a pole.

Swing on it to another pole and then on to a rafter. Knock the ‘Who’ off

by using the jump attack and you will receive the paint bucket.

Powerful Breath:

When you are in city hall you can breathe on the alarm system to see the


Slow ‘Em Down:

When you need to slime the Mayor’s skis you can shoot the snow from the

peak or on the side of the roof onto the dog to stall it for about 15 seconds.

Open Clock Tower:

To open the clock tower, you must use the springs to blast you up and pull

open the hatch. From there you must work the gears to get to the next level

of the tower.

Open Town Center:

Shoot the clock above the door.

Drooping Trees:

To make the trees droop in Who Forest, shoot the little guy with the flamethrower

once and then quickly breath on the tree while he’s stunned.

Key Card:

To get the key card, put all the bee hives in the houses and then they will

open up. Go into the second house at the beginning and on the second level

is a chest. Shoot the bees with the slime and quickly use the jump attack

to open the chest and pick up the key card.

Glue Bucket:

To get the glue bucket in Who Forest, swing on the limbs and get to the

top of the wall of snow. Then go towards the resort until you come to a

ledge. Jump to it and break the ice open with the egg shooter. The glue

bucket and egg plant are there.

Scout Costume:

Go straight ahead when you start at Who Lake, until you come to the part

where you have to swing up the mountain. At the top, use your jet pack to

blast up onto the roof and drop down the chimmney. Breath on the fat man

until he tries to shoot you and then breath on him again. Repeat this untill

he falls and then pancake him to get his shirt. Now he will charge so lead

him into the wall by the dear head. Take his pants.

Power Plant:

To get to the Power Plant at the Dump, go to the blue tunnel and head straight

to the place where the electric fences are. Shoot the two holes with the

slime shooter to stop the shocker things. Now use the climbing device to

scale the wall.

Turn Trees Black:

In the second level to make the trees turn black shoot the guys with the

flamethrowers using the rotten egg lancher and then breath on the tree.

"Who" Kids Give Out Presents:

To get presents from the kids in the Who Forest that throw snowballs at

you (the ones in the yellow jacket with the spikey hair) first breath on

them. You must get very close first. They will flip upside-down in the snow

giving you one present. Now butt-drop them & they will disappear, giving

you a second present. This trick only works once.

GameShark Codes

Have Grinch Copter Parts
300102e9 0040
800102ea 4241
800102ec 4443
800102ee 4645
800102f0 4847
800102f2 4a49
800102f4 4c4b
800102f6 4e4d
300102f8 004f


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