Hogs of War PS Cheats

Hogs of War


Get Extra FMV:

Put in the name WATTA PORK

Show All FMV:

Put in the name PRYING PIGS

Get Team Lard:

Put in the name MARDY PIGS

Promote Pigs:

Type in “naughty pigs” as your name to promote your pigs

How to Get Commando’s Before the First Level:

Select a new game. Call your team WATTA PORK, then play the training mission

after the loading screen you will see 2 video clips then it will take you

back to either the start-up screen or the men upgrade screen (it depends

on your version of the game.) Select multiplayer, and choose a death match,

then select a land called the play pen and choose all your men as paratroopers.

Then start the game. You will see the video clips again, and voila. you

will see the men upgrade screen and all your men will be commando’s.

Promote Pigs:

Type in “naughty pigs” as your name to promote your pigs.


Heavy Weapons:

Use Flamethrower on pigs sitting on the edge of the water to burn them in

water. This does 30 + 6 for each time they get pushed back in the water.


Place down a Mine or Anti-P Mine and use the Super Shotgun(shotgun) onto

the mine for extra damage!


Use the Sniper Rifle from far distances and from round corners out of sight.

It’s possible!


When your pal get gets poisoned to cure him.

When !YOU! get poisoned shoot a Medicine Dart or a Medicine Ball upwards

and detonate it and get 40 hp back!


On later levels Commandos are superb for getting PPs on ledges with the



Use Special Ops when in trouble to get to saftey. Then use Self-Heal


250 Promotions:

Complete the game once, and start a new game and you will have 250 promotions.

GameShark Codes

Infinite Promotions

Infinite Health (Enemies Also)

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