Madden NFL 2001 PS Cheats

Madden NFL 2001


Enter the following at the Code Entry screen:

Result          Code
1957 49ers      GOLDRUSHD  
1957 Lions      LIONPOWER  
1958 Colts      STABLEST  
1958 Giants     JOLLYGREEN  
1962 Oilers     THEREWASAMAN  
1962 Texans     GETEMA  
1966 Chiefs     MEGIVEYOU  
1966 Cowboys    WHOSHOTJR  
1966 Packers    CHAMPST  
1967 Cowboys    TUNDRAA  
1967 Packers    SNOWPLOWD  
1967 Rams       BLITZER 
1968 Colts      SHOCKERS  
1968 Jets       TVTIMEOUT  
1968 Raiders    HEIDIA  
1969 Chiefs     NOFLUKEA  
1969 Vikings    AllFLUKEA  
1970 Browns     MNFD  
1970 Jets       DAMNYANKEEST  
1970 Vikings    PEOPLEEATERS  
1971 Chiefs     OVERTIMED  
1971 Cowboys    STARSA  
1971 Dolphins   LONGESTGAME  
1972 Colts      AIRSHOW  
1972 Dolphins   PERFECT  
1972 Jets       AIRTIMES  
1972 Raiders    SOURD  
1972 Steelers   LUCKY  
1973 Bengals    JUNGLECATS  
1974 Dolphins   DEFENDERST  
1974 Raiders    STRUGGLES  
1974 Steelers   STEELCURTAIND  
1974 Vikings    TARKA  
1975 Cowboys    HAILMARY  
1975 Steelers   MIRACLELEAPA  
1975 Vikings    PURPLED  
1977 Colts      GHOSTTOTHEPOST  
1977 Raiders    THEGHOSTS  
1978 Chargers   ROLLERA  
1978 Dolphins   CANNEDTUNA  
1978 Oilers     EARLA  
1978 Raiders    HOLY 
1978 Steelers   DYNASTY  
1979 Bucaneers  PIRATEST  
1979 Cowboys    COMEBACK  
1981 49ers      THECATCHA  
1981 Bengals    TIGERS  
1981 Chargers   IRONMAN  
1981 Cowboys    NOCHANCES  
1983 Raiders    HOMESICK  
1984 All Madden Team MADDEN84  
1984 Dolphins   DANTHEMAN  
1985 All Madden Team MAD1985  
1985 Bears      UPSETD  
1985 Falcons    FLYAWAY  
1985 Patriots   BLOWOUTS  
1986 All Madden Team 86MADDEN  
1986 Broncos    THEDRIVEN  
1987 All Madden Team 1987 MAD  
1988 All Madden Team MADDEN88  
1988 Bengals    NOHOPEA  
1989 All Madden Team MAD1989  
1989 Broncos    CRUSHED  
1990 All Madden Team 90MADDEN  
1990 Bills      WIDERIGHTS  
1990 Raiders    ONEEYED  
1991 All Madden Team 1991MAD  
1991 Falcons    NEONLIGHTS  
1991 Lions      TOOMUCH  
1992 All Madden Team MADDEN92  
1992 Bills      COMEBACKKID  
1992 Cowboys    HOWBOUTEM  
1993 All Madden Team MAD1993  
1993 Bills      NOTAGAIN  
1994 49ers      BYTHEBAYS  
1994 All Madden Team 94MADDEN  
1994 Broncos    OUCHA  
1994 Chargers   CHARGES  
1995 All Madden Team 1995MADN  
1996 All Madden Team MADDEN96  
1996 Packers    ALMOST  
1996 Panthers   DEFENSE  
1997 All Madden Team  MAD1997  
1998 49ers      THECATCHTWO  
1998 All Madden Team 98MADDEN  
1998 Packers    NOLUCK  
1998 Vikings    MISSEDCHANCES  
1999 All Madden Team 1999MAD  
1999 Rams       NOWHEREMAN  
1999 Titans     MIRACLEPLAYS  
1960 Eagles     GREENWINGST  
1977 Cowboys    USATEAM  
All 49ers       GOLDNINERS  
All Bears       BROWNBEARS  
All Bills       BLUEBILLS  
All Broncos     BUCKINGBRONCOS  
All Chargers    BLUECHARGERST  
All Chiefs      REDCHIEFS  
All Colts       WHITECOLTS  
All Cowboys     BLUECOWBOYS  
All Dolphins    AQUAFINS  
All Eagles      GREENEAGLES  
All Falcons     BLACKFALCONS  
All Giants      BIGGIANTS  
All Jets        GREENJETS  
All Lions       SILVERLIONS  
All Packers     YELLOWPACKS  
All Panthers    BIGCATS  
All Patriots    REDPATS  
All Raiders     SILVERRAIDS  
All Rams        GOLDRAMST  
All Redskins    REDINDIANST  
All Saints      MARCHINGINS  
All Steelers    BLACKSTEELS  
All Vikings     CONQUERD  
EA Sports       INTHEGAMES  
Mummies team    KINGTUT 

Super Blitzer and Turbo and Deep Passes:

Press X, Circle, Square, Circle, Triangle, Circle, Circle.


Easy Madden Tokens:

In exhibition mode, edit a starting defense and make it as bad as possible.

Then edit every starting player on the offense of the same team except for

the WR. Next go to the Custom options, go to Rosters and go to the depth

chart. Make sure everyone that you edited starts on both sides of the ball.

Go to settings and change the computer difficulty to ALL-MADDEN. Then turn

on Modified Rosters. Play against that team with one of the best teams until

you get the Tiburon, EA Sports team, or the ECKO. Once you get one of those

teams play with them against that team and you will dominate. These teams

can get you an easy 400 to 800 tokens a game.

GameShark Codes

2 Downs Per Possession
3 Downs Per Possession

Infinite Time Outs Home Team 
8006EFF2 0003
80071FA4 0003 

Home Team Scores 0 
8006EFF0 0000 

Home Team Scores 100 
8006EFF0 0064 

Home Team Score Modifier 
8006EFF0 00?? 

Infinite Time Outs Away Team 
800710D2 0003 

Away Team Scores 0 
800710D0 0000 

Away Team Scores 100 
800710D0 0064 

Away Team Score Modifier 
800710D0 00?? 

Always 1st Down 
8006BABC 0001 

Three Downs Per Possession 
D006BABC 0001
8006BABC 0002 

Two Downs Per Possession 
D006BABC 0001
8006BABC 0003 

One Down Per Possession 
D006BABC 0001
8006BABC 0004 

Start in 4th Quarter 
D006BABE 0001
8006BABE 0004

Thanks to Revolution readers Justin Credible, Jeremy, Big daddy and Justin

Madden !