Madden ’98 PS Cheats

Enter these names in the Create Player menu...

Extra Teams:

ORRS HEROES -- EA Sports Team

LOIN CLOTH -- Tiburon Team

LEADERS -- All Time Leaders

COACH -- All Time All Madden

PAC ATTACK -- All 60's Team

STEELCURTAIN -- All 70's Team

GOLD RUSH -- All 80's Team



Extra Stadiums:

JETSONS -- Astrodome (Old Oilers)

DAWGPOUND -- Cleveland Browns Stadium

SNAKE -- Old Oakland Stadium

BIG SOMBRERO -- Old Tampa Bay Stadium

DANDAMAN -- Old Miami Dolphins Stadium

OLDDC -- RFK Stadium (Old Redskins)

SHARKSFIN -- Tiburon Sports Complex

GHOST TOWN -- Wild West (late 1800's Texas)

Thanks to Revolution readers Josh Dempsey, Matthew Frazer and Adam Basye!