Mega Man Legends PS Cheats

Unlimited Zenny:

See the small can at the Apple Market? Try to kick it into the counter of the

big bakery (the one with the pink roof). If you did it right, you’ll get 1000

zennies. After that, get out of the room and go back in. Repeat the process

until you have enough money to buy what you want.

Unlimited Zenny (method 2):

Play the beast hunter game at the studio and get 4000 gold for completing grade

A . Repeat this as needed to earn as much money as possible.

Bonus options:

Complete the game to unlock an additional option (in green) on the main menu

that allows the game to be played at a more difficult level. Defeat the game

under the new difficulty level to unlock another option (in yellow) that allows

the game to be played at an easier difficulty level, with dash boots and full

left arm weapon capability.

Game Shark Codes

Have All Special Weapons 800BE410 FFFF 

Infinite Health         800b521e 00c4

Infinite Zenny           800c1b2c 423f
                         800c1b2e 000f

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