Micro Machines V3 PS Cheats

Pause the game and enter these codes. To cancel just enter again.

Change car to object:

Down, Down, Up, Up, Right, Right, Left, Left

Slow down CPU cars:

Circle, Triangle, Square, X, Circle, Triangle, Square, X

Behind car view:

Left, Right, Square, Circle, Left, Right, Square, Circle

Double speed:

Square, X, Circle, Square, Triangle, X, X, X, X

Higher Jump:

Square, Right, Right, Down, Up, Down, Left, Down, Down

Debug mode:

Square, Up, Down, Down, Square, Circle, Circle, Triangle, X


Select+X -- quit the race and win

Select+UpDownLeftRight -- changes the camera angle

Select+L2R2 -- zoom in and out

Select+Square -- cpu controls your car

X+Triangle+Circle+Square -- blows up all the cars

Tanks on all the tracks:

Enter your name as TANKS4ME

All the tracks:

Enter your name as GIMMEALL

Tanks can't shoot:

Enter your name as NOTANKS

Three Lives:

Enter your name as 3LIVES for 3 lives.

Extra Lives:

Enter your name as CATLIVES for 9 lives.

Have it Snow During Trophy Win:

Enter your name as WINTERY for snow.


Turbo Start:

For a faster start, press the accelerator button during the second beep at the starting line.

Thanks to Revolution readers Kauza, JoNaS, [email protected], Seppo Santapukki, John Forsyth, James Cocker, Mark and Carl Evers!