NBA Hang Time PS Cheats

Cheat Mode:

Enter one of the following numbers to activate the cheat.

Tournament mode111
Fast paced120
Stealth turbo273
Maximum speed284
No pushing390
Unlimited turbo461
Hyper speed552
Maximum block616
Goal tending937
Quick hands709
maximum power802

Special Hidden Characters (type in at the “Enter Pin” Screen):

John RootROOT 6000
Sal Divita DIVITA 0201
Sheridan OurslerSNO 0103
Mark TurmellTURMEL 0322
Dan AmrichAMRICH 2020
Scottie PippenPIPPEN 0000
Dan RoanDANR 0000 

Thanks to Revolution readers Chuck Forgo, Aaron Moon, and MbAllenLaw!