NCAA Football ’98 PS Cheats

Extra Teams:

In Exhibition Mode, enter your name as TIBURON or EASPORTS. Now go to the Team Select screen - you should be able to choose the Tiburon team or EA Sports team.

Secret Stadiums:

Go to the stadium select screen and press L2+R2 to randomly select several times until you can select from the new stadiums.

Classic Teams:

Enter the following at the User Record name entry screen...

JEXLAD   Alabama '73
OEDYIJ   Alabama '78
WHVCIRAlabama '89
ZDDJOT    Alabama '92
CEVHETS   Colorado '89

VEWOJ     Florida '96
MYLQLOH   Florida St. '93
RCIXRE    Florida St. '96
ZOWS      Georgia '82
EIWQOH    Miami '83
WEVKIM    Miami '87
WMIXJ     Miami '89
WYGGKEP   Miami '91
ANOYSAJ   Miami '94
BSEPMAJ   Michigan St. '65
KCIZRE    Michigan '91
IGSINebraska '83
EGAXRIM   Nebraska '91
SNXAI     Nebraska '93
BNOYD     Nebraska '94
JNIVED    Notre Dame '73
REGRZOJ   Notre Dame '88
AGIG      Ohio St. '79
HTOYOMS   Oklahoma '85
RSGPC     Oregon '94
IEEIH     Penn St. '78
CCHN      Penn St. '82
HREG     Penn St. '85
AERE      Penn St. '86
DTEL      Penn St. '94
LMTE     UCLA '65
EERC      USC '68
FSYT      USC '79
TSTR      Washington '91
AAYI      West Virginia '88

MVP Pose:

When inside the 5 yard line press and hold L2+R2

Touchdown Celebrations:

When you score a touchdown, press and hold L1+L2 + one

of the following buttons:

R1 - Spin the ball

Square - Hulk Pose

Circle - Spike the ball

Triangle - Back flip

X- Heisman walk

Other codes - enter these into the User Records:

ELECTRICH - It's like electric football

SEE FMV - Enable the FMV menu

WHOLE POLL - See all 112 teams in the EA poll

GB SPEED - Fast Players

COOLSITE - Show all stadiums

SHORT QUART - 15 Second Quarters

Cheap Kick Block:

During a field goal or extra point try, press Start to pause the

game as soon as the ball is snapped (before it reaches the holder and

after it leaves the center). Choose resume game and the computer will

fumble the snap.

Thanks to Revolution readers Matt Mason, Cletus, Scott Chadwick, Nan Patterson, Grant Fluga, Cameron Lowder and Matthew Frazer!