NHL ’98 PS Cheats

Enter the following Passwords for big fun.

3RDSelects a team's 3rd jersey if they have one
BIGBIGPlayers are huge
BRAINYPlayers have big heads
EAEAOActivates EA Blades team
FREEEAAdds game developers to the free agent list
GIPTEAPlay against England, penalties every time you score 
NHLKIDSPlayers and goalies are tiny
PLAYTIMETiny players with normal heads and large goalies with huge heads
STANLEYStanley Cup video 

Super Players:

At the Create Player Screen, enter the name of one of the main guys from the

credits in the back of the book – Lead Programmers and such….If the name is

correct it will ask you if you want to use the ratings for the player. Hit ‘Yes’

and the player will be maxed out in every category! Positions are already set,

but you can change them…

5 Minute Powerplay:

To get a 5 minute powerplay, you have to be in a fight. Once you’re in a

fight simply let the opponent beat you up and becareful not to press any buttons.

When the beating is over, the other team gets the penalty.

GameShark Codes

More Creation Points          8012d298 00af

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