NHL ’99 PS Cheats

Maxed out created player:

Enter the name of one of the programmers at the create player screen. When it

asks you if you want the real ratings, say yes. Your player will be maxed out!

Enter the following Passwords for code madness…

3RDSelects a team's 3rd jersey if they have one
AWAYGOALGoal for away team
BIGBIGPlayers are huge
BRAINYPlayers have big heads
FREEEAActivates EA Blades & EA Storm teams
GIPTEAPlay against England, penalties every time you score 
HOMEGOALGoal for home team
NHLKIDSPlayers and goalies are tiny
PLAYTIMETiny players with normal heads and large goalies with huge heads
PULLEDNo Goalies
SPEEDYSuper fast gameplay
VICTORYStanley Cup video
ZAMBO: Zamboni on ice
DEATHTOAL:  More fights

GameShark Codes

Infinite Creation Points d00b84340013

Home Team Scores 50 800426560032

Home Team Scores 0 800426560000

Away Team Scores 50 800426900032

Away Team Scores 0 800426900000

Home Team Goals Score 5 800749300005

Home Team Goals Score 0 800749300000

Away Team Goals Score 5 8007496c0005

Away Team Goals Score 0 8007496c0000

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