NHL Faceoff ’97 PS Cheats

First, get the instruction booklet and turn to the credits page. Second, go to create a player. Now, take any name from the list below. These are the only people it will work on:

Raja Altenhoff

Tom Braski

Craig Broadbooks

Josh Hassin

Tawn Kramer

Alan Scales

Kelly Ryan

Jody Kelsey

Chris Whaley

Peter Dille

Craig Ostrander

For their number, put it on one (1) for any of the names.

For their position, put it on foreward (F) for any of the names.

Keep the person right-handed.

For their weight, put it on 150 for any of the names.

Do not mess with anything else or it will screw the cheat up.

Now press triangle to exit.

Finally, go to sign free agents. The player you just created should have a number besides 1, should weight more than 150, and should have an overall of 99. This means he has 99 for everything; skating, passing, shooting, you name it. Now sign this player to your team and you're on your way to the top of the NHL!

Thanks to Revolution reader Birdman!