Overblood Walkthrough


A walkthrough

for the sony playstation


Henry LaPierre

[email protected]

[email protected]

version 1

Overblood is a 3D adventure game along the lines of the Alone in the

dark series. It is very similiar to Resident evil, but without the monsters

jumping out at you all over the place. At the beginning of the game you

awake from a cryogenic sleep alone and cold. The temperature in the room

where you have awoken is -10 degrees. This is all you know. You must find

a way to stop yourself from freezing before you die. The bar at the top

right hand side of the screen will slowly diminish from blue(healthy) to

red(death). At various points in the game this bar will reappear, letting

you know of times of imminent danger. At these points you will have to

perform a task before the bar goes completely into the red. There are 4

save slots for use in this game, each slot takes a space on your memory

card(4 saves = 4 spaces used).

Here are a few notes about the controls of the game.

Use/Inspect: "O" button

Jump: Square button

Crouch/Kneel: Triangle button

Move character: Directional pad

Cancel: press "X" button

Run: Hold "X" button(while using D-pad)

Push: Hold "X" button(while pushing up on D-pad in front of object)

Switch character(under your control): R1 button

Switch view(3 types): L1

Look Up/Down: Hold L2 button and press D-pad up/down

Climb(when necessary): Inspect

Inventory: Select button

Draw gun(at point where you have gun equipped): Hold R1

Fire gun: While gun is drawn, press the "O" button.

Unequip: R2(only when something is in characters hand)

Punch/Kick: At certain points in the game when fighting occurs, press "O"

Pause: Start button

Save: Use recording chip, select save slot to use and press "O"

Note: Whenever presented with an item, "O" accepts, "X" declines.

Now for the walkthrough...

You are on level B-4F of a scientific research facility. You have awoken

from your cryogenic sleep and are freezing. You have until the blue bar

at the top right corner of the screen turns completely red to find a way

to keep from freezing to death.

1. Go to the auxiliary power generator in the center of the room(between

cryo-pods #3 and 4). Kneel in front of it and inspect it. This will

turn the generator on, and the heat will rise to 0 degrees(you are

still freezing though).

2. Inspect the door with the round object attached to it(not one of the two

main doors). Your character will push it forward.

3. Enter the room beyond this door and open the case on the floor(you must

kneel) in the back right corner. You will find a recording chip inside

it. Take the recording chip(you use this to save your game).

4. Go to the back left corner of the room and open the case on the floor

there. You will find a vest and a computer chip in this case. As soon

as you take the vest it automaticaly equips(your character puts it on).

Equipping the vest stops your character from freezing to death. Take

the computer chip also.

5. Go to the front corner of the room where the machinelike object is.

Use the computer chip here. The chip is actually the Artificial

intelligence chip of a robot, putting it in the robot body will

reactivate it.

6. Go back to the room with the cryogenic sleep chambers. Change characters

so that you are now controlling the robot. Have the robot interface

with the computer between cryo-pod #'s 1 and 2. This will unlock one

of the two main doors to this room and give you information about your


7. Inspect the door in front of Cryo-pod # 2, it is now open. You will now

enter the hallway on the other side of that door.

8. Using the robot, go to the broken section of the hallway and inspect

the wreckage, you will find a security card. After finding the card,

inspecting the wreckage with the male character will allow you to crawl

over it and onto the raised section of the hall above. The robot will

hop up and follow you. Proceed through the door at the end of the hall.

9. You have now entered the glass bridge over the computer control center,

proceed to the door at the other end of the bridge and enter it.

10. You are now in a "T" shaped hallway. There are doors up the hallway

to the right, left and center, in addition to the one you entered from.

Go through the center door, straight up the hall from you.

11. You are now in a small hallway, go through the door at the end of it.

12. Now you have entered the elevator room of level B-04. Use the terminal

between the two round doors. This will cause the door to the right to

open and a dead mutated man to fall out, landing face down on the floor.

Kneel down next to the creature and inspect him. You will find a slip

of paper with some numbers written on it. Go back to the "T" shaped


13. Upon exiting the small hall after the elevator room take a left(facing

the door you just came out) and continue through the door at the end.

14. You are in a short curved hallway, continue to the end of this hallway.

At the end of this hall inspect the door and you will find a numbered

keypad lock. Enter the # 61891 then press the large orange button on

the keypad. This is the bottom # on the paper that you got off the dead

creature in the elevator room. Go through the now unlocked door.

15. You are now in the main hallway to level B-04. There is a giant hole in

the floor at the end of the hall opposite to you. Enter the door to the

side of the keypad lock door you came in.

16. You have entered the storage lab. Push the boxes so that you can reach

the back left hand corner of the room. Change characters so that you

are controlling the robot when you get there. You will find a box with

a broken glass faceplate hanging from the wall behind a small box.

There are wires showing through the broken glass. Using the robot,

inspect the wires. This will cause the robot to reconnect the power,

which was shut off. Change characters so you are using the man and go

to the green cabinet, just to the right of the power box you just

repaired. Look for the card slot on the left hand side of it and use

your security card in it. This will open the cabinet's front and allow

you to get the laser knife(you must inspect the open cabinet). Exit

back into the main hallway.

17. Proceed straight down the main hallway from the storage labratory. Go

through the door at the far end, to the right of the hole.

18. You are in the lounge on level B-4F. Stand in front of the floating

statue that's just inside the door, and push it over. This is done by

the push command. After the statue has fallen, kneel in front of the

stand it was on and inspect it(the stand). You will find a green chip

looking object, it is an anti-gravity device. Exit the lounge.

19. Go to the large hole in the floor of the main hallway, and stand on

the edge(not too close). Use the anti-gravity device you took from the

statue. This will cause the man to be able to jump the distance of the

hole and land safely on the other side. The robot however must stay

behind at this point. Go through the door on the other side of the hole.

20. You are now in the computer control center. Go to the terminals to the

right of the door(facing), and inspect them until you are shown a cinema

in which it gives you the sequence in which to position switches to

activate a door(up, down, up). Now go to the terminals to the left of

the door and inspect them until you find the switches to activate the

lighting, doors and air conditioning. Push the switches until you align

them in this way, lighting-off, doors-on, air conditioning-off. Each

time you enter a wrong choice you must re-inspect the terminal to make

another selection. Doing this correctly will unlock the door across

from the keypad lock door and another door you haven't come to yet, in

the stairway. Now go to the back of the control center and inspect the

computer bank there, you will be given information about a malfunction

in the main generator, and that you need to do something to turn the

generator back on properly. Leave the control center and use the

anti-gravity device to jump back over the hole in the floor to rejoin

your robot companion. Proceed to the now unlocked door across from the

keypad lock door and enter it.

21. You are now in a long hallway. Halfway down the hall you will come to

a grate in the wall, there is a humming sound coming from within. Kneel

and use the laser knife in front of the grate. This will let you cut it

open. Change characters so that you are controlling the robot and enter

open grate. Proceed to the back of the shaft and interface with the

generator that is there. Exit the shaft. Switch control back to the

male character.

22. Exit the hall through the door you came into it from, and go back

through the keypad lock door into the curved hallway. Proceed out of

the curved hall from the door at the other end into the "T" shaped

hallway. Once in the "T" shaped hallway, walk staight from where you

just entered from and go out through the door you come to.

23. You are now in a hall with a red emergency light flashing. Continue

down this hall, turn the corner and exit through the door at the other


24. You are now in the stairway. Go to the edge of the ledge to the left

of where you entered(facing away), you will come to a broken section of

railing at the end. Stand at the edge of this broken section and use

the anti-gravity device once again. You will jump from the ledge to the

girder to the ledge opposite where you are. The robot will hop across

after you. Enter the door you are now at(this is the other door that

was unlocked by the switches in the computer control center). Continue

down the short hallway that follows until you come to a heavy rising


25. Inspect the door and it will rise a bit and then fall back down. Use

the anti-gravity device in front of the door, this will attach it to

the underside of the door, allowing it to rise halfway. Kneel and

crawl forward under the door. When you get directly under the door the

anti-gravity device gives out and the door falls down on you. You

catch the door with your arms and back, but it is very heavy and you

are pinned. At this point the blue health bar returns and you are given

control of the robot. You must find a way to raise the door before the

blue health meter runs out and the man is crushed.

26. Directly to the left(facing) of the door are 3 levers on the wall,

have the robot inspect them. You can now position each of the 3 levers

in an up or down position. Pull levers #1 and #3, so that they are

in this sequence: (1)down (2)up (3)down. This is the same sequence

from the computer control center. This will raise the door enough for

the man to get out from under the door before it crashes back down.

27. You are now on a walkway above a large drop, there is an open section

of railing leading to a wide girder. Walk onto the girder and start

towards the other end of it. Halfway across the girder the robot

becomes frightened and runs to the end of it. As the man is asking him

what's wrong, the whole complex begins to shake violently. Soon the

girder starts to break off in sections. Your blue health meter returns

and you have to run to the end of the girder before the sections that

are breaking off catch up to you and you fall. When you reach the

platform at the end of the girder, look at the back right side and you

will see a large white pipe not too much lower than the platform.

Walk off the platform above this pipe and you will drop down onto it.

Proceed down the pipe towards the dark opening, and enter it.

28. You are now on the pipe heading towards the main generator. As soon

as you come out of the tunnel into the generator room you notice the

controls for the generator. Jump down onto the section of the generator

to your right, from there hop across the gaps in the sections until you

come to the section underneath the controls. Walk to the back edge of

this section(careful you can fall off the back too) and jump up. Your

character will pull himself up onto the small catwalk with the

controls. Inspect the controls to turn the generator on. Doing this

causes the sections of the generator to rotate. Jump back down onto

the sections and proceed to the right(facing the center of the room).

Hop across the sections until you come to where the robot is on a

catwalk above you. Jump up there to rejoin the robot. Exit through the

door at the back of the catwalk.

29. You are now in a dark carpeted hallway, go through it to the door at

the other end and exit. This takes you back to the hall where you cut

the grate open. Go through this hall and the next few halls to return

to the elevator room.

30. When you get to the elevator room a cinema will run, showing your male

character noticing some kind of infection on his arm, and connecting it

to the mutated creature on the floor. They then get in the elevator and

proceed to level B-3F.

31. When the elevator stops you are in the B-3F elevator room. Exit through

the door in front of you.

32. You are now in a long hallway with a door at the other end. There is a

control box on the wall to your right. Change characters so that you are

controlling the robot and have him interface with the control box. This

will raise the door at the end of the hallway. As soon as the door

raises the control is switched to the man. Have the man walk through the

door, the control then switches back to the robot as the door reshuts.

Have the robot press the control box again, this will raise the door

again. Afterthe door raises the second time the control switches once

again to the man, switch quickly to the robot and run through the slowly

closing door.

33. You are now in another "T" shaped hallway. There are doors up the hall

to the right and left. Go through the door up the hall to the right.

34. You are now in an "S" shaped hall, there are dead bodies on the floor.

A cinema of you finding the bodies is shown. There is a valve on the

wall near the first body, ignore it for now. Towards the end of the

cinema you hear a woman scream, you are then given back control of

your characters. Proceed to the other end of the hall. Towards the

3rd body a mutated creature will jump down from the ceiling and attack

you. The fight between your characters and the creature plays out in a

cinema. The man is knocked backwards down the hall and your robot jumps

at the creature, grabbing it by the neck. The creature proves too strong

for the little robot and he is smashed against a wall. The man gets back

to his feet and pulls out the laser knife, stabbing the creature in the

chest. The creature screams and falls backwards dead. The man then goes

to help the robot, but it is too late, he is dying. With a few long

blinks, the light in his eye goes out. The man then takes the memory

chip out of the robot's body(the one you used to activate him). You

are then given back control. When you inspect the door at the end of

the hallway you find that it is locked. Go back out of this hall by the

door you came in and proceed to the door down the "T" shaped hall in

front of you. Go through this door.

35. You are now in the chemical storage area. There is an open air vent on

the wall to your right(ignore everything else here for now). Stand

under the vent and jump, this will cause your character to climb into

the air vent. Proceed through the air vent to the other end of it. There

are twists and turns, but no breakoffs in the passage. At one point you

will have to jump down a hole into a lower section of the vent in order

to proceed. Remember to crouch again after doing this or you won't be

able to fit into the shaft below. Before the final turn in the shaft

you will hear a woman scream again. Turn the final corner and proceed

to the light at the end of the shaft, this will cause you to jump into

the room below.

36. When you land in the room, you will see another mutated creature is

terrorizing a woman. The blue health bar now reappears and you must

fight, hand to hand with the creature. After you defeat the creature,

kneel and inspect the woman. This will cause her to regain consiousness.

She has a sample tube that will now be added to your inventory. Look

on the shelf next to the fire extinguisher(on the floor) to find a

silver key. Go to the back of the room and look on the desk to find a

detonator device. Exit the room by the door(it unlocks when you inspect

it). Proceed back through the "S" and "T" shaped hallways to re-enter

the chemical storage area.

37. When you are back in the chemical storage area, have both characters

stand on the lift. It will then lower them to the bottom section of

this room. Go to the back left hand side of this section and use the

silver key on the grey box ontop of the other two grey boxes. It will

unlock and open. Take the chemical explosives that are inside (red

tube). Now, kneel in front of the crate with the brown tarp covering

it(just to the left of the boxes with the explosives) and inspect it.

You will find a can of oil there. Next, kneel in front of the crate

with the white tarp covering it(behind the large glass container), and

inspect that. You will find a first aid spray. After that, walk to the

device to the right of the lift and inspect it. This will cause the

lift to rise. Go to the hydraulics that are now exposed under the lift

and use the oil on them. This will make the lift ride smoother(so as

not to jostle the chemical explosives... That would be bad :). Go back

to the lift control device and lower the lift. Move both your characters

onto the lift and ride back to the upper section of the room, then

exit through the door on the wall with the air vent.

38. You are now in the underground subway. Jump down onto the empty tracks

on one side of the platform and proceed down them towards the crashed

subway car. There will be a hole in the wall above the ledge to your

right. Place the detonator device on the ground under this hole. Now

place the chemical explosives into the detonator. At this point your

blue health meter makes another appearance and you now have 9 seconds

to get back up onto the platform at the begining of the tracks before

the blast occurs(press inspect at the platform to jump up onto it).

After the explosion, go back down to where the blast occured and

inspect the hole you created, this will allow you to jump up onto the

divider between the two sections of track. Jump down onto the tracks

on the other side. You are now in front of the parked subway car that

was at the platform. Walk down the tracks away from the car. When you

reach a certain point in the tracks, the cars brakes let go and the car

comes rushing towards you. At this point(very quickly) hit the inspect

button to make your characters dive onto the tracks so that the car

passes over them and crashes into the wall at the far end of the tracks.

The back door of the car opens upon impact. Have your characters enter

the car by this door. There is a box on the right hand wall of the car,

inspect it to find a gun and the red security card. Exit the car through

the front and climb onto the platform that is there. Enter the door that

is on this platform.

39. You are now in the computer room for the air vents. If the man uses the

computer here, you will see a map of these three things, Central

ventilation, Freight transportation and the Chemical storage area. Use

the red security card on the door opposite the one you entered this

room from to unlock it, then exit through it.

40. You are now in a "Y" shaped hallway. Proceed to the door to the left

(the one to the right is locked) and enter it.

41. You are now in a room with a grated floor, large banks of lights to one

side and a large window to the other. Attempt to open the door at the

back of the room. This will trigger a cinema in which your characters

decide to split up to see what's in the room on the other side of the

window. After the cinema you regain control of your characters, but

the woman no longer follows the man automatically.

42. Using just the man, leave this room and go back to the air vent in the

computer room. Stand under it and jump, this will let him crawl into the

vent. Crawl to the blocked passage to the left(after the passage splits)

and inspect the door blocking your way. This will cause the door right

before where the shaft splits to close, you are now trapped in the air

vent. Switch control to the woman and have her go to the computer room.

Have her use the computer, this will bring up the maps of the vents.

You will now have the ability to open the closed doors inside the air

vents. Use the D-pad to choose a door to try and press "O" to open. It

will randomly open a door or more. Try different doors until you have

opened the 3 lowest doors on the ventilation map(all but the one that

closed when you inspected the first door in the shaft). Press "X" to

exit the computer and switch control back to the man. Continue down the

now open shaft until you come to a bright light, this is the end of the

shaft. Go towards the light and he will jump into the room below the

vent's exit. (*Note: if you come to a jet of steam that you cannot pass

proceed to step 42B, otherwise, continue to step 43.)

42B. This happened because you turned the red valve in the "S" shaped hallway

where the robot died. You need to switch control to the woman and then

use the computer again, it will alert you that there is trouble in the

vent. Go back to the "S" shaped hall and turn the valve again, this will

shut the jet of steam off. Switch control back to the man, you should

now be able to proceed as noted above.

43. You are now in a room with 2 giant fans, one blowing towards you from

the front of the room and the other sucking you backwards from the rear

of the room. Immediatly kneel and crawl forward to the front of the

room. Kneeling puts you under the air current. Go to the control panel

in front of the giant blowing fan, and inspect it. This will turn the

2 fans in this room off and also one other fan in the floor of a room

between 2 sections of air vents to the right when the shaft split. Go

back to the ladder that you jumped down when you entered the room and

inspect it, you will climb back up into the air vents. Go back through

the air vents until you reach the other exit(you will have to stand

and jump up at one point to proceed to a higher section of the vents).

There will be a giant fan in the floor here, you shut it off when you

shut down the others,walk over it and inspect the vent on the other

side of it to proceed down the shaft. Jump down out of the vent and

into the room below.

44. You are now in the research lab. Kneel in front of the red tank and

you will find a first aid spray. Use the DNA sample from your inventory

in the sample device on the end of the desk in front of the large

window. You will learn about the DNA stran they are developing and a

long cinema will follow in which your characters are attacked by another

mutated creature. The man breaks the window and jumps through to help

the woman defend herself from the creature. The man is hurt in the fight

and the woman drags him through the back door of the room with the large

bank of lights after the computer unlocks the door.

45. That door leads to an atrium filled with trees. After the cinema is

complete, the man regains conciousness. Push the red button on the light

colored steel panel(says warning in the top corner). This will drain

the small pool of water in the center of hte atrium. Inspect the

machinery on the wall to the left of the doorway(facing). You will find

a clip of bullets. Climb down the ladder in the hole in the now empty


46. You are now in a hallway, knee high filled with water. Walk to the

opposite end of hte hall and kneel and inspect the broken grate there.

You will crawl under it into the next room.

47. You are in a room with a broken water pipe. Go to the valve behind the

outpouring of water and attampt to turn it. You will find out that it

is stuck. Use your oil can on the valve. After using the oil try and

turn the valve again, this time it will turn, raising the door in the

rear of the room. Go through the door.

48. Now your in a long hallway that bends at a corner. After the bend,

halfway to the end of the hall you hear a rumbling. All of a sudden a

giant object rushes towards your characters. As soon as you regain

control of your characters, jump, this will cause your characters to

grab onto an open grate above them and pull themselves up out of harms


49. They pull themselves up into a short hallway. As you approach the door

out of this hall, another mutated creature jumps from the ceiling. As

the man you must fight the creature. After defeating the creature, go

through the door and exit this hall.

50. You have now entered the elevator room for this level. Use the elevator

controls, this will start a cinema of your characters entering the

elevator. Then another cinema shows what happens to them on their ride

to level B-2F.

51. Exit the elevator room(you are now on level B-2F), and you will now be

in an intersection type hallway. There are lasers going across the

hallway blocking your way past in that direction. The lasers can be shut

off by going to the control box next to them and entering the number

91861(this is the first set of #'s from the paper you got off the

creature from the first level). Turning around, the hall to the right of

the elevator room door(facing) goes to an unlocked door(remember the

sound of rushing water in this hall).

52. Going through this door brings you to a lounge with a computer. If you

look out the window in this room you will see an underground cave. If

you kneel in front of one of the coffeetables you will find another clip

of bullets. Exit this room through the door you came in.

53. Go back to the door after where the lasers were and enter it.

54. You are now on a short bridge. The bridge has been destroyed, there is

a broken section in the middle of it. While using the man, run and jump

over the gap in the bridge. He will start to fall, but he'll grab the

other edge and pull himself up. Leaving the woman to stay on the other

side, go through the door on your side of the bridge.

55. You are now in the hallways of the personel quarters. A mutated creature

will attack you here. After defeating the creature, go down the

righthand hallway and enter the first door(room R38-2).

56. In this room you will find a laptop computer and view the report on it.

In this report you learn of the cloning project going on at this

facility. After the report ends, kneel and grab the metal rods in the

middle of the floor. Next go to the grey dresser and kneel and inspect

it to find the stun gun. Exit the room.

57. Go into the room across the hallway, this is room R38-6. Kneel in front

of the bed to find another clip of bullets. Exit this room.

58. Go down the hall a bit further and enter room R38-5. Pick up the metal

grating on the floor in the back of this room. Exit this room.

59. Return to the broken bridge and lay the 2 metal rods across the gap.

Next, lay the grating on top of the metal rods. You have made a small

bridge so the woman may now cross the gap. A cinema follows in which

your characters go back to room R38-2 and talk about the report. Exit

the room.

60. Go to the kitchen(room at the end of the hall, opposite the door to the

broken bridge), and check the strawberry dispenser on the left side of

the room a few times. You will find a first aid spray. Exit the kitchen.

61. Go back to room R38-5 and jump down the hole in the back of the room,

behind where you found the grating.

62. You are now in a dark set of tunnels. Through exploring these tunnels,

you find that there are 2 open grates in the ceilings(other than the

one you jumped down), one sealed vent on a wall and a broken section

of floor with a large pipe sticking out of it. Go to the open grate in

the ceiling directly down the tunnel from where you entered. Stand

directly underneath it and jump, this will allow you to pull yourself

up into the room above.

63. You are now in room R38-1. There is a steel box on a wooden shelf. Use

the stun gun to open it, then get the lasercutter from the box. You

can unlock the door to this room from inside it. Go back into the


64. Jump up the other open grate in the tunnels(not the 2 you've used).

You will now be in room R38-7. Go through the door(not to the hallway)

into the smaller room connected to it and inspect the laptop computer

in the back a few times. This will allow you to get the computer CD rom.

Exit these 2 connected rooms from the front door of room R38-7 into the


65. Go back to the hallway with the elevator room door and go into the hall

to the right(towards the lounge). You will hear rushing water from this

hall. Kneel and inspect the grated floor, you will see that there is a

card underneath it. Use the lasercutter on the grated floor while still

kneeling and you will cut a section of the floor away.

66. Jump down the hole , then kneel and retrieve the yellow key card. In

this underground cavern, there is a clip on the rock to the right of

the water(facing). Kneel and inspect the rock to find it. Jump back up

the hole you cut in the floor, to exit this cavern.

67. Start towards the hallway across from where you just cut the grating.

As soon as you get to the intersection, the man under your control will

mutate into a demonic creature. A cinema follows that shows the woman

run to the end of the hall, use the yellow key card to unlock the door

and enter the next room. The now mutated man will follow her, but she

uses the stun gun to render him unconscious. She then brings him into

medlab and heals him. At this point you will regain control of your


68. Leave medlab and go into the operating room(through the automatic

sliding door). Look on the basin(box) to find the crowbar. Exit the

operating room into the hallway near the elevator.

69. Go back into the tunnels under the private quarters.

70. Use the crowbar on the vent that was on the side wall of one of the

tunnels. This will remove the vent and allow you to enter the hole.

71. You are now on the girders that were below the broken bridge. Walk

forward and take your first right, continue down that girder, take

your next right(you have made a large "U" turn). Continue to the end

of this girder and enter the hole in the wall at the end of it.

72. You are now in room R38-3, enter the door on the side of this room.

73. In this next room, push the cabinet to the left, so that it falls into

the hole in the other doorway. Walk across the top of the cabinet(now

level with the floor) and enter the door you can now reach.

74. You are now in a control room. Kneel in front of the machine to the

right of the door(facing) to find a clip of bullets. Kneel in front of

the panel at the back right corner of the room to find a first aid

spray. Walk up the steps to the main computer and use the CD-rom at the

center of it. A cinema will follow. Leave the control room and go back

to the locked door at the end of the hallway, next to room R38-5.

75. Inspect the door and you will now find it unlocked. Enter the door.

76. You are now in the suit hanger. Check the suits, the one near the box

on the wall has a clip of bullets inside it. Go through the door with

the round windows at the back of the room.

77. You have now entered a cavernous tunnel. Inspect the machine in this

tunnel and you will find a clip of bullets. Continue to the end of the

tunnel and step into the darkness.

78. You are now at the skimmer launching area. Walk onto the platform near

where you entered and inspect the water skimmer there(#03). Doing this

will allow you to find and remove the dead battery. Go back across to

the tunnel and exit this area by the door to the rear.

79. You have entered the skimmer storage area. As soon as you enter this

area, you are attacked by another creature. After defeating it, check

water skimmer # 01 by kneeling behind it and inspecting. You will find

the live battery here. Exit by the door you entered.

80. Go back onto the platform where skimmer # 03 is, and use the live

battery(lighter) on it, this will put the battery in the skimmer. You

are then given another cinema of your characters escaping into the

water on the skimmer.

81. You are now riding the skimmer, and have control of it. You can move

left or right, pushing up will allow you to go forward, while pulling

down will slow you down and pull you back into the foreground. There

are rocks sticking out of the water at numorous places. The object of

this section of the game is to steer the skimmer through the rocky

water for a set distance. Your blue health bar appears at this point,

and for every rock you hit, you lose a portion of the health bar. After

you navigate the rocks for a while, you get a cinema of your characters

crash landing the skimmer.

82. You are now at the skimmer landing pad. Exit through the door to the

next room.

83. You are now on a walkway above some giant cables. As soon as you enter

this walkway, you are attacked by another creature. After defeating

him, continue down the hallway and round the corner to get to the

elevator door. Inspect the door. This will trigger a cinema in which

the creature you fought when you entered the walkway, comes back and

grabs the woman. As you're about to help her, the elevator door opens

behind you and you are clubbed into unconsiousness. When you come to,

you are alone. Enter the elevator and ride up to level B-1F. As you

ride the elevator, you are given another cinema in which the woman is

restrained and seems to be being examined.

84. When you arrive at level B-1F, proceed down the hall in front of you

to the door in the dome shaped section(you may have to kneel to enter

the door area the first time you come to it). Enter the door.

85. You are now in a large cryogenic chamber. Proceed to the exit at the

other side of this room and enter it.

86. You have come to another hallway. Enter the door to the left side.

87. You have entered the briefing room from the cinemas. Inspect the man

hunched over at the the left hand wall twice and you will find a clip

of bullets. There is also a first aid spray under the table. Inspect the

man lying dead on the floor to get the ID passcard(the picture on it

looks like you). Go back out into the hallway.

88. Go to the door at the end of the hallway. Show the red robots guarding

the door the ID passcard that you took off the dead man in the breifing

room, they will move and let you pass. Enter the door there.

89. You have now entered the room the woman is being held in. You confront

the man responsible, and in a cinema you learn of the fact that you are

a clone. The scientist then mutates and you take control of your male

character to fight him(don't forget to equip the gun). After defeating

the scientist, inspect the computer in the back of the room. After

inspecting the computer, use the robot's memory chip from your inventory

on it. Doing this will let the robot infiltrate the system and destroy

the facility. He will also unlock the door to the right so you can

exit. A timer will start to count down, letting you know how long until

the blast that will destroy the facility. Exit through the door the

robot unlocked for you.

90. You are now in a freight elevator going up. An old friend shows up to

shake up your ride. At the top you exit the elevator.

91. You are now in the hanger bay. There is an aircraft there. Go to the

left side of the aircrafts cockpit and inspect it. At this point the

mutated scientist makes another appearance. You must fight him once

again, but after defeating him this time he will get back to his feet

and come at you again. Lure him to the rear of the aircraft, the

woman has gotten into the cockpit and wants you to lead him there.

When you get him behind the aircraft, the woman turns on the engine

and the mutated scientist is engulfed in flames from the aircrafts

exhaust where he is killed.

92. Your characters escape in the aircraft, and you see the facility

explode from the sky.


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