Rampage 2: Universal Tour PS Cheats

Enter the following as Passwords:

S4VRSPlay as Lizzy 
LVPVSPlay as Ralph 
SM14NPlay as George 
NOT3TPlay as Myukus 
B1G4LPlay as Other Myukus
SRY3D       Play as Noob Myukus
GOT3T       Unlock all Characters
SZ27X       Play as Lorge
BVGGYCheat Menu - access from Options menu

GameShark Codes

Infinite Lives Curtis 801E0D9C 0009
Infinite Lives Boris 801E0FBC 0009
Infinite Lives Ruby 801E11DC 0009

Thanks to Revolution readers Cory Holmes, Hunter Patterson, Nick Holly, WILL,

Tyler, Dan Loper, rampager, adambomb, Alex Plemons, and Mike Obradovich!