Spider-Man,Spider Man PS Cheats



Select the “Special” option from the main menu, then choose the “Cheats”


Level Select:

Enter “XCLSIOR” as a code to unlock the level select option.


Enter “RUSTCRST” as a code to make Spider-Man invulnerable.

Infinite Webbing:

Enter “STRUDL” as a code to give Spider-Man unlimited webbing.

All Comic Books:

Enter “ALLSIXCC” as a code to unlock all comic books.

All Movies:

Enter “WATCH EM” as a code to unlock all FMV sequences.

All Characters in Viewer

Enter “CVIEW EM” as a code to unlock all characters in the viewer.

Storyboard Viewer

Enter “CGOSSETT” as a code to unlock the storyboard viewer.

“What If Contest?” Mode:

Enter “GBHSRSPM” as a code to unlock “What If Contest?” mode.

Ben Reilly Costume:

Enter “BNREILLY” as a code to unlock the Ben Reilly costume.

Symbiote Spidey Costume:

Enter “BLKSPIDR” as a code to unlock the Symbiote Spidey costume. Or finish

the game without running out of webbing.

Spidey 2099 Costume:

Enter “TWNTYNDN” as a code to unlock the Spidey 2099 costume.

Captain Universe Costume:

Enter “S COSMIC” as a code to unlock the Captain Universe costume.

Spidey Unlimited Costume:

Enter “PARALLEL” as a code to unlock the Spidey Unlimited costume.

Scarlet Spider Costume:

Enter “LETTER S” as a code to unlock the Scarlet Spider costume.

Amazing Bagman Costume:

Enter “AMZBGMAN” as a code to unlock the Amazing Bagman costume.

Peter Parker Costume:

Enter “MJS STUD” as a code to unlock the Peter Parker costume.

Quick Change Spidey Costume:

Enter “ALMSTPKR” as a code to unlock the Quick Change Spidey costume.

J. Jonah Jameson:

Enter “RULUR” as a code to unlock J. Jonah Jameson.

Full Health:

Enter “DCSTUR” as a code to give Spider-Man full health.

Big Head Mode

Enter “DULUX” as a code to give Spider-Man a big head.

Debug Mode:

Enter “LLADNEK” as a code to display debug information.

Unlock Everything:

Enter “EEL NATS” as a code to unlock all secrets in the game.


Location of all 32 comics…

1 Bank Approach:

Book 1 can be found on the top level of the fantastic four building.

2 Hostage Situation:

Book 2 can be found under the chair in the cubicle. The cubicle is located

on the second half of the level.

3 Stop the Bomb!:

To get book 3 return to the hallway just prior to the first security door,

after freeing the hostages.

4 Race to the Bugle:

Book 4 can be collected beside the big building after the game cuts to the

FMA of the two henchmen.

5 Spidey Vs. Scorpion:

Book 5 will reveal itself after you destroy all the furniture in the room.

6 Police Chopper Chase

Book 6 is behind the box on the right-front on the last building.

7 Building Top Chase:

Book 7 is located inside the Goblin Crane Lair.

8 Scale The Girders

Book 8 can be found on the left side of the building on the ledge.

9 Police Evaded:

Book 9 is in the building with the skylights that get destroyed. To get

the book shoot the broken glass. It’ll be located behind the glass.

10 Spidey Vs. Rhino:

Book 10 can be found after destroying every barrel in the level. You can

find the comic in the middle of the Electric Pylons.

11 Catch Venom:

Book 11 is located on the Incomplete building.

12 Catch Venom:

Book 12 is locate on the roof of one of the buildings.

13 Spidey Vs. Venom:

Book 13 is under the car. Lift the car and toss it away. The comic will


14 Sewer Entrance:

Book 14 is located inside the first hallway. Walk to the Cavern and then


15 Sewer Cavern:

Book 15 can be found behind the waterfall.

16 Sewer Plant:

Book 16 can be found by walking down the hallway and turn left, walk to

the end.

17 Hidden Switches:

Book17 can be revealed by pressing the fourth switch and return to the third


18 Tunnel Crawl:

Book 18 can be found by hitting the switch on the first box, and the comic

will be in the second box.

19 The Lizard’s Maze

To get book 19 talk to the lizard.

20 Symbiotes Infest Bugle:

Book 20 is located in the vent with the Hostage.

21 Elevator Descent

To get book 21 walk down the Hallway, it’ll be at the bottom-left.

22 Stop the Presses:

To get book 22 lift and throw the stack of paper located on the second half

of the level.

23 Bugle’s Basement:

Book 23 can be found by shooting all four leaking pipes.

24 Spidey Vs. Mysterio:

Book 24 can be found by destroying all of the target on the first stage,

the comic will become visible on the bottom level.

25 Waterfront Warehouse:

Book 25 is hidden in the alcove.

26 Waterfront Warehouse:

Book 26 is located at the end of the level, just prior to opening the vent

that leads to the next level, you must locate the hidden room behind the

grating. It’s the last grating before the end of the level.

27 Underwater Trench:

Book 27 can be found in the second machinery room you’ll find a hidden switch.

Return to the part where all of the gun turrets are (at the beginning of

the level) and access the secret door.

28 Stopping The Fog:

Book 28 is in the center column, a small room will be located in the bottom


29 Spidey Vs. Doc Ock:

To get book 29 be ready , it’ll appear after Doc Ock’s shield regenerates

the first time. It’ll only appear for a few seconds, so grab it quick.

30 Spidey Vs. Carnage:

Book 30 is located in the middle of the bubble it’ll appear and disappear

and then appear and then disappear.

31 Spidey Vs. Monster-Ock:

Book 31 can be found at the first bend in the pipe.

32 Spidey Vs. Monster-Ock:

Book 32 can be found about 3/4 of the way through the level.

Proper Spidey:

When typing in the cheat menu, type something like “Arse”, and Spiderman

will appear at the bottom of the screen and punch that word!

Secret Blimp Level:

To get this level in What If Mode on Police Chopper Chase Level A yellow

blimb should appear with the words spider man going across swing on to it

using L1 target mode and your in the level.

Seek & Ye Shall Find:

When you are past the two fans in the water front warehouse just before

you jump down into the next level jump over the gap and press punch at the

old door and it will fall over follow the short passage way and you will

get a web cartrage and a health.


If you press Up + the web shooter button and press square you use web dome

with out making the shield,this is is a faster way to hit your enemies that

come from nowhere.

GameShark Codes

J James Jewett Mode
No Meters Mode
Start Game in What If Mode
Press L2 To Become Invisible
Unlock Everything
All Costumes, All Gallery Options, and Level Select 
Infinite Health
Big Head Mode
Show Debug Information Box
Enable Debug Pause Menu
Infinite Web Fluid

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