Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater PS Cheats

Pause the game, hold L1 and enter the following codes. The screen will shake

to confirm entry.

Mega cheat mode– Circle, Right, Up, Down, Circle, Right, Up, Square, Triangle

Level Select– Triangle, Right, Up, Square, Triangle, Left, Up, Square,


Big head mode– Square, Circle, Up, Left, Left (quit and restart a

game to use)

All Stats To 10– Square, Triangle, Up, Down

All Stats To 13– X, Square, Square, Triangle, Up, Down

Full Special Meter– X, Triangle, Circle, Down, Up, Right

Random start locations– Square, Circle, X, Up, Down

Turn off Displays– Square, Left, Up, Triangle

Toggle Blood– Right, Up, Square, Triangle

Slow Motion– Square, Left, Up, Square, Left

Play as Officer Dick:

Get all thirty tapes in Career mode with any one character.

Play as Private Carrera:

Start a game in any mode as Officer Dick. Now pause, hold L1 and press Triangle,

Up, Triangle, Up, Circle, Up, Left, Triangle. Unlike the other codes, the screen

will not shake. Exit the game and return to the selection screen. Private Carrera

will now appear in place of Officer Dick. Note: If you restart the game

as Private Carrera, the game will freeze.

See skater’s video ending:

Get the gold in all three competitions with any one character. Choose ‘View

Replay’ to see their ending.

Neversoft bails video:

Get three gold medals with Officer Dick.

Special Meter Always Full:

Pause the game and hold down L1 and enter X, triangle, cirlce, down, up, right.

Slow Motion:

Pause the game and hold down L1 and enter square left up, square left.

100,000 Easy!:

This is a cool combo. First go to the school. Then go to the pool, don’t get

in the pool. Head straight for the half pipe and do a Smith Grind on

the right pipe. After that jump off the half pipe and do a 360 Shove It

or an Impossible onto the ledge and do a Crooked Grind to the

end of the ledge and jump off the ledge and do a 360 Shove It/Impossible

next do a Boardslide. Then jump from that ledge to the ledge across from

the ditch while doing a 360 Shove It/Impossible to a Smith Grind.

You can get up to 100,000 points but it all varies with different types of grinds.GOOD


How To Get All The Secret Tapes:

Warehouse (Level 1):

From where you start, go through the glass on the right and down that ramp,

try to get yourself as far to the right as possible, jump over the pipe and

through the secret room hanging above, you should soar right into the tape,

if not, go back up the ramp and try again!

School (Level 2):

On the ramp where you start, jump off to the right and go up the large ramp

that has a rail next to it, follow it onto the school’s roof, jump off the brass

platform beside the rail onto the second roof, turn left and grind on the wood

stick down onto the ramp, go until the end of the ramp, you’ll jump into the

tape easily.

Mall (Level 3)

Follow the level to the right until you come to a ramp underneath a sign, you

can go around or off of it, jump off the next ramp and try to get to the white

pole and grind to the end. Just before you fall off, ollie into the tape.

No Tape On Level 4 (Windy City Slam Competition)

Downtown Minneapolis (Level 5)

Find your way to the truck with a ramp leading up into the glass, jump off the

truck ramp and through the glass follow the tunnel out to the roof and find

a brown ramp leading into a bowl, get some speed by doing a trick then go straight

and off the other brown ramp (not the one you came in on) and jump, the secret

tape is in the air, you’ll hit it if you have the positioning right, you should

land on another buildings roof.

Downhill Jam (Level 6):

Go from the start and grind on the pipes over the water, go left and go up a

grey ramp with an arrow on it and grind on the pipe across to the other side,

slow down and grind on the pipe to the other section across the path, go up

the wall beside the drop and over, then jump up onto the top of the brown part

and follow it to the cement part, jump up the wall across the pit again and

over, try to speed up and get closer to the right (not all the way over!) and

jump as far as you can to the rock formation with four pipes on it, grind on

any of them and you’ll go right into the tape.

No Tape On Burnside (Level 7)

San Francisco Streets (Level 8):

(This one takes alot of patience, it’s probably the hardest to get!) As soon

as you start go over the ramp and follow it until the end of, turn left as you

get out (look for the donut shop and one of the police cars)and look right,

you’ll see buildings, go to the last one with a garden in front of it, get some

speed and jump off the garden and hold “Up” in the air and

try to land on the platform, go up the platform and turn right (watch the edge!)

then right again, then right once more onto the roof. Get up on the ramp and

go off it and jump as far as possible onto the big structure, the tape is on

top. You might not get to it the first couple of times, it’s really hard to

get! You’ll crash through the glass. The tape is right at the peak, it’s almost

impossible, but it can be done!

Special Moves

Bob Burnquist 
1 Foot Smith Grind   Right, Right, Triangle
Backflip             Up, Down, Circle
Burntwist            Left, Up, Triangle

Kareem Campbell 
Front Flip           Down, Up, Circle
Casper Slide         Up, Down, Triangle
Kickflip Underflip   Left, Right, Square

Rune Glifberg 
Kickflip McTwist     Right, Right, Circle
Christ Air           Left, Right, Circle
Triple Kickflip      Up, Down, Square

Bucky Lasek 
Kickflip Mctwist     Right, Right, Circle
Fingerflip Airwalk   Left, Right, Circle
Varial Heelflip      Down, Up, Square

Chad Muska 
Front Flip           Down, Up, Circle
One Foot Thumpin     Right, Down, Triangle
360 Shove-It Rewind  Right, Right, Square

Andrew Reynolds 
Backflip             Up, Down, Circle
Heelflip Bluntslide  Down, Down, Triangle
Triple Kickflip      Left, Left, Square

Geoff Rowley 
Backflip             Up, Down, Circle
Double hard flip     Right, Down, Square
Darkslide            Left, Right, Triangle

Elissa Steamer 
Backflip             Up, Down, Circle
Primo Grind          Left, Left, Triangle
Judo Madonna         Left, Down, Circle

Jamie Thomas 
Front Flip           Down, Up, Circle
1 Foot Nose Grind    Up, Up, Triangle
540 flip             Left, Down, Square

Tony Hawk 
Kickflip Mctwist     Right, Right, Circle
360 Flip To Mute     Down, Right, Square
540 Board Varial     Left, Left, Square     
The 900              Right, Down, Circle (requires a TON of air)

Officer Dick 
Yeeeehaw Front Flip  Down, Up, Circle
Neckbreak Grind      Left, Right, Triangle
Assume The Position  Left, Left, Circle

Private Carerra
Somi Spin            Left, Down, Circle 
Well Hard Flip       Right, Left, Square
Ho-Ho-Ho             Left, Up, Triangle (handplant)

GameShark Codes

Have All Tapes  800a684c0032 
Tony Hawk 800a68501f1f 
Have All Tapes  800a685a0032 
Bob Burnquist 800a685e1f1f 
Have All Tapes  800a68680032 
Geoff Rowley 800a686c1f1f 
Have All Tapes  800a68760032 
Bucky Lasek 800a687a1f1f 
Have All Tapes  800a68840032 
Chad Muska800a68881f1f 
Have All Tapes  800a68920032 
Kareem Campbell 800a68961f1f 
Have All Tapes  800a68a00032 
Andrew Reynolds 800a68a41f1f 
Have All Tapes  800a68ae0032 
Rune Glifberg 800a68b21f1f 
Have All Tapes  800a68bc0032 
Jamie Thomas 800a68c01f1f 
Have All Tapes  800a68ca0032 
Elissa Steamer 800a68ce1f1f 
Have All Tapes   800a68d80032  
Officer Dick  800a68dc1f1f  

Infinite Time 800255562400 
Max Score 8006ceccffff 
Max Special Bar 8002f6e40fff 
Trick Worth Many Points 8006e8762400 
Paper Thin Skaters 8008b6a22400 
Skate Upside Down 800851822400 

Only Dead Kennedys      800d16480005   

Big Head Mode           800d17240001

Ether Mode              800d17220001

Full Speciometer        800d17220001

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