Brute Force Xbox Cheats

Brute Force


Enter the following as your Profile Name:

BRUTAL         Harder Difficulty 

DBLDAY Quick Death

DEADAIM Better Aim

ERINROBERTS Better Defense

HVYMTL Cartoon Mode

MATTSOELL Tougher Characters

RAPIDFIRE Rapid Fire Weapons


GARNER All Characters

Extra multi-player characters:

Find hidden DNA containers to unlock different characters in multi-player:

Confed Marine: Mission 1 or Mission 6

Feral Colonist: Mission 2

Feral Outcast: Mission 3

Feral Shaman: Mission 9

Fire Hound: Mission 13

Gunthar Ghent: Mission 10

Hunter Lord: Mission 18

McTavish: Mission 14

Militia: Mission 5 or Mission 11

Outcast Shaman: Mission 7

Seer Follower: Mission 4

Seer Priest: Mission 8

Shadoon: Mission 12

Shrike Heavy: Mission 16

Shrike Hound: Mission 17

Shrike Soldier: Mission 15

Bots in multi-player:

Start a game of Squad Deathmatch. Plug in Controller two and set the A.I to "Fire At Will." Grab some good weapons and medkits, then disconnect the controller. Your squad will now be facing three bots in multiplayer mode.

Maximum MK ASLT ammunition:

When you find a duplicate MK ASLT, keep picking it up. It will raise your maximum ammo to 600.

Thanks to Revolution readers paul, Alonnis Brown, SPAS-12,and Markimark!