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Play Halo Online:

To play Halo online you need a working hub or router, a broadband connection running through your computer and 2 programs from Gamespy (Gamespy Arcade & Gamespy Tunnel). A detailed walkthrough for connecting can be found here.

Alternate Ending:

To get a different, longer ending movie, beat the game on "Legendary."

Good Pincushions:

When in possession of the alien Needler, you can do some devastating damage. To maximize its effectiveness you should be a stone's throw away from your target. Make sure as many needles hit your assailant as possible. Since they explode shortly after impact, you can cause an awesome chain reaction that is quite explosive to the now charred enemy and anything else in close proximity to your victim.

Left Wide Open:

If you're looking to to knock out the round shield wielded by the mid-sized aliens, then grab one of their weapons and hold the fire button down for a shot to charge. Now let it rip! It will permanently disable the bastard's shield, leaving him completely wide open.

Toro! Toro!:

Don't back down from those huge mortar toting Hunters. Yes, they are massive, and yes they are pretty darn hard to kill. But this is what you do.Grab a few of those adhesive plasma grenades from fallen foes. When a hunter charges you, run backwards facing the brute and toss a few plasma grenades on the sucker. You need good aim. The adhesive grenades will stick to the Hunter leaving no way to remove them other than the inevitable explosion. BOOM! Or... Hunters can be pretty damn annoying, but not to me. If you can get a hunter you swing his shield at you, then when he's swinging, strafe around to get behind him, and shoot him ONCE in that squishy orange stuff in his back. If you hit him right, 1 shot will kill him. 1 bullet, to kill a hunter. Easy stuff.

Pistol-Whip It Good:

Never underestimate the power of a well-placed melee attack. Smacking someone or something with the butt of your gun is great fun and immensely effective. Enemies resistant to gunfire like the shield-wielding Jackals are usually killed instantly when struck with the butt of your gun!

Bomb Onboard:

Don't hesitate to stick a plasma grenade to any vehicle in the game. Sabotage is great!

Board Them:

In the very beginning of the game when you are trying to escape the Pillar of Autumn, you can find cloak devices and Overshields (shields that double over your existing shield). When you locate the area where the escape pods are, you should find a couple Covenant boarding pods. This is how they have boarded your ship through your empty escape pod airlocks. Within their boarding pods you should find a few handy items.

Best Anti-Flood Weapon:

The combat shotgun is the best weapon when you fight the flood. It'll take them dow in 1 or 2 shots. Forget the assault rifle or the plasma weapons, the shotgun is the way to go.

Flash Flood:

When you encounter the race known as the Flood, turn your flashlight on and point it at them. The large one will stop running and jumping so that they are easier to shoot. But, if you raise your gun to reload, turn away from them or take the light off of them in any way, they will resume running around and try to kill you again. Although the creatures infected by the flood stand still when you point the flashlight at them, they may still shoot if they have a gun, so kill them quickly.

I Seeee You:

When on the last level, dont forget to stop by the armory and pick up the supply of weaponry, it'll come in handy. When in the armory there'll be some ivisible Flood trying to kill you. Shine your flashlight around and you should be able to see them better.

Overshields Over There:

In the level "The Silent Cartographer" where you disable the security systems, theres three overshields near a couple of those purple barrel things. When you're about to enter the first hallway into the security disabling room, before you even go in the structure, turn left and there should be some purple container/barrel things, with three overshields littered around them. Have fun!

Banshees & Shortcuts:

In the level where you charge the control room, the snow one, you can hi-jack an enemy banshee. When your in the corridor and it says "If I had a Super Weapon" in the bottom right hand side, you can snipe down the covenant that will get into the banshee. If you do snipe him down, make a break for the banshee and hop in. Even if you don't get the Banshee, you can still skip half the level by turning left as soon as you come out of the door and falling off the bridge. The wall will break your fall, so you don't get hurt, from there you can head up to the control room and beat the level in no time.

Get the Drop on the Dropship:

When a drop ship unloads aliens, the next drop ship will hover in the air. If you take your sniper rifle and zoom in on the sides where the doors open, the targeting cursor will turn red. Fire once or twice and the alien will plummet to the ground.


Through one plasma grenade in a wide open spot, then stick another directly on top of it if you do this fast enough the first gernade will launch the second and vuaola fireworks.

Your in My Seat:

When one of your computer controlled buddies is in a vehicle spot/seat you want simply go over to that spot and press X. They will graciously move.

Infinite Grenades:

To get infinite grenades, scorpion, and ghost in multiplayer- Go to the multiplayer screen: go to edit game types: In that menu you will have the option to make up your own game type.

Lost in Space:

In the first part of the game when escaping from the ship when you reach the first escape pod area the first pod will leave. After it has left you can jump though the window with the duck jump ability. Then you will be stuck in space and you can't do a thing.

Leaving So Soon:

On the 5th level (Assault on the control room) as soon as you are droped out of the Pelican(dropship) press X and then you will take back off in the pelican.

Quick! Duck!:

When going againts a ghost in a level, they can crush you and then you are dead, but if you press your duck button when they come at you they will go right over your head.

Stay on Target:

When using the plasma pistol, you can charge it and it will steer slightly to seek out targets almost like the needler.

A Little is More Than Nothing:

In the maw, when there is the cutscene at the bridge of the pillar of autumn, press A to skip the cutscene. Doing this will keep a piece of glass to shield you, because in the cutscene, it is destroyed.

When Warthogs Fly!:

Park a warthog in any open space near a cache of grenades. Stand way back and shoot the explosives with anythng to detonate them and enjoy. Note: To see a master at work go to our goodies section and download Warthog Jump: A Halo Physics Experiment.

Where Do You Think You're Going:

Here is a trick that is so easy but no one thinks about it. Put a vehicle over a teleporter receiver. This is especially useful in capture the flag mode.

Eternal Slumber

If you walk into a room and you notice that the Aliens are sleeping do not shoot at them!!! Instead go into 'sneak mode.' In this mode, pistol whipping a sleeping enemy will kill them instantly without waking their friends!

Get a Banshee Early:

In the Assault on the Control Room level, get a rocket launcher and a sniper rifle from the area near the flipped Warthog where your men are fighting. Once you get to the Scorpion Tank, take it through the cave. After the cave there will be a small hill. Destroy the Wraith Tank from the top of the hill, and destroy any enemies you can without leaving the hill. Next, get out of the tank and turn around to your right. From here, if you look up you should see a platform with a blinking light. Also: if you pass the little pond where the wraith tank was, an elite guard will jump in your Banshee, and it'll be lost. If you get on top of the platform, use a sniper rifle to aim directely at the banshee through the hanger. Take a rocket launcher without moving the controls and shoot the rocket, which should flip the banshee. When you know its flipped run to it. Now go to the hangar, kill the elite, and claim your Banshee!

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