Max Payne Xbox Cheats

Max Payne


Cheat Mode:

During play, press Back to bring up the menu. Now hold down the Right and Left Triggers, press the Right and Left Analog sticks in, and press White, Black, Black, White, White, Black. This unlocks the Refill and All Weapons mode. To activate these cheats, press the Back button during gameplay, then enter the cheats menu and activate whichever secrets you want.

Level skip:

During play, press Start. Now hold L and press Black, Black, Black, Black, X, X, X, X, X, X, Y, Y, Y, Back. Re-enter the game and you'll have completed the current chapter.


Rowdy Rodents:

In Part 1 Chapter 2, right at the start, toss a grenade (you must cheat to have one) in the dark hole in the brick wall in front of you. A new objective will appear when you select show objectives. Now proceed. Pass the sewer and then up the stairs. Here you will find rats armed to the teeth..

Wholesale Slo Mo:

Beat the game on ''Dead on Arrival'' with no codes and you will be transferred to the ''Final Battle.'' There you will have to fight at least 20 guys in permanent bullet time.

How to Handle the Wholesale (above):

Kill as many guys to the right corner as possible. Run to the back right corner and ''Quick Save'' it. Once in that hall, you will find a little nook to hide in. Hide there and wait for the enemies to come at you and you can kill all them and win!

Hidden Tutorial Items:

In the last section of the Tutorial stage, you'll find a secret room. Across from the Subway Entrance, you can hop up onto a few boxes and then onto a catwalk. Go up the catwalk and jump through the window on the far left. Inside is a hidden room with all kind of goodies.

Finding Painkillers:

When you see a small box in some of the chapters, shoot it. Sometimes painkillers will be inside.

Part 1 Chapter 5 Avoid Damage:

When you go on the street and go past the newspapers, you will see a van in the road. Shoot it so that the alarm goes off, then hurry near the stairs that go down to enter the building. Stay above the stairs, and off to the side. Three men will run out. Pick them off as they come up. This can help you avoid damage.

Part 1 Chapter 6 Secrets:

There are two secrets when you get to the basketball court. Look up in the basket. There is a Beretta stuck in the net. Then, go to the chain link fence next to the street. Wait briefly and an SUV will pass by. Shoot it, the car will screech to a halt, and a man with a shotgun will get out and shoot at you.

Part 1: Chapter 6: Soldier Of Fortune II Room:

After the room where the thug is in the washroom with a lead pipe, jump out the window onto the roof of a building. Walk around on the roof for a bit, shooting at windows. When one of the windows (in the top left corner) you shoot breaks, jump in. There are posters labeled "Soldier of Fortune II" and about three shotguns in this room.

Easier Said Tan Done:

This is a clue for the ending of the game. On the last level when you are on the roof you see the helicopter about to pick up the woman, you see the two wires snap for the big tower so obviously you have to take out the other two wires. First take out the first one by jumping on to the platform which it is on and shoot it (it should be somewhere next to you). Then the chopper lands. Now about 5 guys come out and try to kill you, use slow motion and kill them, take their weapons. Now you should have a grenade launcher and a sniper and an automatic colt. Use the sniper or colt (I prefer the colt) and take out the other cable on the other side. Now you think that would do it, but it doesn't. Use your grenade launcher on the tower a few times and that should do it!

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