Midnight Club 2 Xbox Cheats

Midnight Club 2


Cheat mode:

At the main menu, highlight Options Mode and press Down, then press Left or Right until "Option: Cheat Codes" is selected. Press A and then enter one of the following case-sensitive cheat codes:

theworldismine          All locations 

All car abilities

All cars in Arcade mode

(must be logged on to Xbox Live)

Unlock 'Most Dedicated' stat lovenotwar Guns and rockets, press Left

stick and White to fire zoomzoom4 Unlimited nitrous howhardcanitbe(0-9) Change difficulty (0 is easiest)


Beat all 5 L.A. Arcade circuit races.

Paris Cop Car:

Beat all 6 Paris Arcade circuit races.

Tokyo Cop Car:

Beat all 7 Tokyo Arcade circuit races.

Rocket Car:

Beat the game 100%.

Ghost Rider:

Using the Motorcycle, crash into somthing, then press start as you fall off the bike. press continue game, and you can ride your bike without a driver.

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