Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Xbox Cheats

Enter the following codes in the Cheat Menu:

ontheroadNo Damage
trythisathomeFlaming Head
getheadjYellow Smiley Head
getheadmSnowman Head
getheadlBunny Head
haveyouseenthisboyChrome Head
getheadkPumpkin Head
roadtripAll Cities in Arcade Mode
urbansprawlFaster Peds
hyperagroGreater Car Mass in Arcade Mode
allinZone Special Move
dfensArgo Special Move
rimbukSubtract $1 from Total Money and Unlock 4 Cars in Arcade Mode
kubmirAdd $1 to Total Money
crosscountryWhose-a-whatsies?! What this be do?

Money without beating a race:

If you come in 2nd, 3rd, or 4th in a race, you still get paid. Simply restart the race afterwards to keep stacking bills.

Break Your Speed Limit:

First, drift behind an opponent, when your slipsteam meter is almost full, use your nitros. You should go over your vehicles top speed.

NOTE: It will be hard to see because of the high speed. Use zone if possible.

Thanks to Revolution readers Mackenzie, Reaper, laughingboy, serpentor, cj, and Doug!