Box art - Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

FFXIV: Stormblood – Where to Unlock Red Mage and Samurai (With Pictures)

If you’ve just started Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, chances are that you’re hoping to try out Red Mage or Samurai. Both of these jobs begin their journey at level 50, and are incredibly interesting.

Note that before you can unlock either job you will need to have a level 50 job, as well as a purchased copy of Stormblood on your account.

How to Unlock Red Mage


To unlock Red Mage, head to Ul’dah. The NPC you begin your quest at is a small girl named Distraught Lass at coordinates X14.0, Y11.5 in the Steps of Thal, right next to the gate.


Upon activating the quest, you will be asked to step through the gate next to you to enter Central Thanalan. Nearby will be a Red Mage NPC who will be featured in a cutscene upon speaking to him.

After speaking to the Red Mage, head back into Steps of Thal, Ul’dah to talk to the Lass. You will then be sent just South of Black Brush Station in Central Thanalan. You can teleport there or ride your chocobo since it’s nearby.

Inside the tavern is the Red Mage NPC you spoke to earlier. Speak to him to complete the questline, unlocking Red Mage in the process.

How to Unlock Samurai


The Samurai questline is even shorter and easier than the Red Mage equivalent. To get the quest, head to Ul’dah. Just South of the main Aetheryte crystal is an NPC named Ul’dahn Citizen who will give you a quest named The Way of the Samurai.


Upon obtaining the quest, head over to The Coliseum, located inside the Steps of Thal. After speaking to an NPC there, you will be sent just a few feet away to a Samurai NPC inside the Gladiator’s Guild.

Upon speaking to this NPC a cutscene will trigger, at the end of which you will unlock the Samurai job.

Good luck with your new jobs!