Box art - Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

FFXIV: Stormblood – New Crafting Gear in Patch 4.05

With patch 4.05 having arrived, you may be wondering what new crafting items are available in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood.

A player by the name Hezkezl posted details about the information, saying the following:

Some new recipe info:

  • The new Chromite/Indigo/True Griffin (item level 320) stuff requires the new Master V books, along with the new items required to make them (True Griffin Leather, Rhea Cloth, Chromite Ingot, Palladium Ingot, Torreya Lumber.)
  • The new culinarian recipes (Steppe Tea, Pork Kakuni, Pork Stew), and the Grade 2 Reisui stuff are behind the V books too.
  • Level 70**
  • 70 durability, 3543 difficulty, 15837 quality.
  • 1320 Craftsmanship required, 1220 Control
  • The new chinese-looking outfit comes from the IV books, as is Level 70* stuff. 1100 crafts, 1080 control, 70 durability, 3149 difficulty, 14071 quality.

Here’s an idea of what materials will be needed to craft things, based off of a few random examples:

  • Skirt/body of Casting: 2 Grade 2 Reisui of Intelligence, 3 Everdeep Aethersand.
  • Gloves/hat/sandals of Casting: 1 Grade 2 Reisui of Int, 2 everborn Aethersand.
  • Sash/accessories of Casting: 1 grade 2 reisui and 1 everdeep (or everbright) aethersand
  • Weapons: 2 Grade 2 Reisui, and 2 Everborn Aethersands (Plus other materials, like 2 Chromite Ingot, 1 Palladium Ingot, 1 Gazelle Leather, plus 2 Everborn Aethersands and 2 Grade 2 Reisui’s for a weapon)

Thanks to Hezhezl for the information.