Roblox Critical Expedition Crafting: How to craft and recipes list

One of the coolest Roblox games is Critical Expedition, a new RPG that’s getting pretty popular. Players can go on a grand fantasy adventure while gathering gold, gear, and leveling up their custom character. It’s also possible to combine items using the in-game crafting system, but this is where things can get a little confusing. So, here’s the lowdown on how Roblox Critical Expedition crafting works on PC, Android, iOS, and Xbox.

Roblox Critical Expedition crafting explained

Roblox Critical Expedition crafting

Crafting in the Roblox Critical Expedition game lets players make existing items into new ones. Users must locate and interact with a crafting table, then combine various resources into recipes to craft new gear in Critical Expedition.

Materials, Actives, Passives, and Cosmetics are all eligible to craft with. Simply select an item to add to the crafting recipe, but don’t worry about choosing the wrong thing as it’s also possible to remove them. Since everything is fair game, there are loads of potential combinations. This means that finding working recipes can be a little bit tricky, however.

Luckily, it becomes much easier with the help of a Roblox Critical Expedition fan by the name of DemotedZack. This player has set up a full list of crafting recipes. The best recipes can be found below.

Best Roblox Critical Expedition crafting recipes list

  • Celestial Sword —Cosmetic
    • 1 Celestial Fragment
    • 20 Silver Ingot
    • 5 Gold Ingot
  • Prince Plate Armor — Passive
    • 1 Metal Plate
    • 1 Prince Slime Core
    • 5 Prince Slime Gel
  • Reality Bow — Cosmetic
    • 1 Reality Fragment
    • 10 Silver Ingot
    • 10 Gold Ingot
  • Rune of Flames — Passive
    • 30 Power Potions
    • 1 Empty Rune
    • 1 Burning Torch
    • 30 Magic Residue
    • 30 Gold Ingot
  • Slimy Boots — Passive
    • 1 Traveler Boots
    • 5 Slime Gel
  • Thorned Tunic — Passive
    • 4 Spiky Quills
    • 8 Spiky Fur
    • 2 Slime Gel
  • Winged Boots —Passive
    • 1 Slimy Boots
    • 5 Bat Wings
    • 3 Fox Pelts

By adding the above combinations of resources to a crafting table, Roblox Critical Expedition players can craft the relevant items. Of course, users must find the resources first by exploring the world while looting enemies and environments.

Unfortunately, some Roblox errors have been stopping people from playing Critical Expedition recently. A lot of players are wondering if they can fix the issue and get back to adventuring uninterrupted. Thankfully, it is possible to solve Roblox error codes 267268, 279610, and 769 — click the links to learn the solutions and get back to playing Critical Expedition.