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Albion Online – Where to Find Copper Ore, Tin, Iron, Titanium, and More

Gathering is a vital element of Albion Online‘s economy. Weapons, armor, and even building materials are made using a combination of wood, stone, hide, and ore, so understanding how and where to find these resources is integral to your success.

In this guide we’ll go over where you can find ore, and how to harvest it successfully.

First, it’s important to understand how tools work. Tools grant you access to the tier they belong to and one tier higher. For example, a T1 Pickaxe is capable of harvesting both T1 and T2 ore.

You can craft tools at a Toolmaker, available in most cities.

Once you have a suitable tool for the job, you can find the material you’re looking for by jumping to the map screen. On here, look on the top-right to get an idea of what materials can be found in the zone.


As seen in the image above, the region I was in has T2 and T3 wood, T2 and T3 stone, and T2 and T3 hide.

Since most zones house multiple tiers of resources, sometimes it requires some exploration to find exactly what you’re looking for. Generally speaking, the various tiers are split into large areas of the map, so once you find what you’re looking for you should be surrounded by that resource.

The tiers of ore are as follows:

  • Tier 1: N/A
  • Tier 2: Copper – Synthesizes into Copper Bar
  • Tier 3: Tin – Synthesizes into Bronze Bar
  • Tier 4: Iron – Synthesizes into Steel Bar
  • Tier 5: Titanium – Synthesizes into Titanium Steel Bar
  • Tier 6: Runite – Synthesizes into Runite Steel Bar
  • Tier 7: Meteorite – Synthesizes into Meteorite Steel Bar
  • Tier 8: Adamantium – Synthesizes into Adamantium Steel Bar

As you graduate in tiers, resources will become available in more dangerous regions, including Yellow, Red, and even Black Regions where you can be killed by other players.

Good luck!