Box art - Splatoon 2

How to Beat the Octo Oven Boss in Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 features some pretty bizarre bosses, and while the first one isn’t too difficult, it’s pretty freaky-looking. It’s the Octo Oven, and it’ll cook your buns if you’re not careful. Here’s how you can take down this overgrown toaster with little issue.

How To Make The Octo Oven Toast

You’ll play the Octo Oven stage after completing all stages in the first world in Octo Canyon. When you land on the stage the boss will appear and begin encroaching on you by firing drawers of loaves of bread. You read that right. Yes, it’s literally an oven.

Make your way around the Octo Oven in a circular motion, being careful to get too close. If you do, the toaster will fire out bread at you that’ll knock you off your feet, quite literally. The loaves of bread will be coming at you quick, so either dodge out of the way or roll to avoid them. After two rounds of dodging, the boss will push out all of its racks of bread. You’ll need to spray some ink on the racks, scramble up to the top as a squid, and then start attacking the tentacle on top of the oven.


This will kick off the second stage. Perform the same procedures as before but watch out for the enemy ink that’s all over the place. Walk around the Oven itself, and then make sure you’re climbing up the sides of the bread and avoiding enemy ink. Take out the tentacle again and you’ll enter the third stage.

This time, there’s an arm that extends out and starts peppering the stage with ink. Don’t get hit with the ink, and be careful to spread your own ink as it comes around near you. You need to hit the tentacle one last time to end the boss battle, which will ramp up considerably this time around.

You’ll want to head around him counterclockwise instead of clockwise, and make your way as cautiously as you can to the tentacle because some of your ink won’t land on certain loaf trays. When you make it to the top, destroy the tentacle and you’ll bring the Octo Oven boss to his knees. Do ovens have knees?

Congratulations! Time to move on to the next world.