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A Guide to the Best Fortnite Hero Class For You (Commando, Constructor, Outlander, or Ninja)

With four playable hero classes, Fortnite has several ways to build your character. The question is, which class do you go with?

In this guide we’ll briefly go over what you need to know about each class to help you choose the best option.



  • Debilitating Shots – Hitting a target temporarily increases the amount of damage he or she takes. Can stack up to three times.
  • Make It Rain – Landing a headshot increases the commando’s rate of fire for a short time.
  • Grenades – Allows the player to craft and use grenades.
  • Proximity Mines – Allows the player to craft and deploy proximity mines.

Best At: Combating enemies on the frontline.

Rank and Why: 5/5 – Combat is a vital element of Fortnite, and the Commando specializes in taking down enemies. This is the only class where you can still succeed even if your group has no other class.



  • B.A.S.E – Deploys a large holographic cube in the environment; anything built inside it costs fewer resources for the constructor.
  • Pre-Planning – Makes structures built by the constructor stronger.
  • Containment Unit – Deals persistent damage to enemies within the B.A.S.E. area.
  • Plasma Pulse – Area-of-effect grenades that deal damage for a short period of time.

Best At: Building defensive perimeters.

Rank and Why: 2/5 – This is the most specialized class of the bunch, and best reserved for advanced groups looking to take down the greatest challenges.



  • Gathering – Improves harvesting of resources
  • Improvisation – Improves Outlander abilities
  • Focused Acquisition – Primary Trait – expert at harvesting, adaptability, and exploration. Reduces base health by 20. Increases chance to find double loot by 20%. Increases impact weapon damage by 10%.
  • Observation – Improves Exploration and Fragments.
  • In the Zone – After 5 hits with a harvesting weapon, Outlander focuses, gaining bonus harvesting weapon damage. Increases harvesting weapon damage by 10%, while in the Zone.
  • Dimensional Fragment – Activate the equipped Fragment, gain special effects.
  • Last Resort – Improves pistol combat and survivability

Best At: Gathering materials.

Rank and Why: 3/5 – Other classes perform perfectly fine in gathering. This job is best served for solo players who don’t want to rely on others to farm.



  • Mantis Leap – Allows the ninja to perform a double jump capable of vaulting over single-story walls and cliffs.
  • Assassination – Deals additional damage with each consecutive strike of an edged weapon for a short time. Can stack up to seven times.
  • Throwing Stars – Allows the ninja to throw a trio of medium-range projectiles.
  • Smoke Bomb – Creates a smoke cloud that stun locks enemies for a short period of time.
  • Shadow Stance – Killing an enemy turns the player into a shadow and temporarily reduces the amount of damage taken from enemy attacks.
  • Dragon Slash – A powerful attack that instantly propels the ninja forward, dealing massive damage to enemies caught in their path.

Best At: Supporting teammates in combat.

Rank and Why: 3/5 – The Ninja is capable of dealing a lot of damage in neat ways, but is less efficient than the Commando.