Last Day on Earth: Survival – Cheats, Tricks, and Tips

Last Day on Earth: Survival is a tough game. It isn’t easy to stay alive with thousands of monsters coming after you.

You might be wondering if there are any cheats you can use. Well, there aren’t any built into the game, so you’re out of luck there. You’ll have to use downloaded hacks if you want to cheat, and that can be dangerous since many of them will try to steal data from your phone.

Instead of showing you cheats, we’re going to list some very important tricks and tips to help you get started on your adventure.

Focus On Leveling

Early on you’re going to feel weak, because you don’t have strong equipment. It isn’t until level 10 that you can make your first set, so prioritize that.

Gather Early and Often

You will need a lot of materials to build what you need to survive. So, getting buy with gathering resources after making a Hatchet and Pickaxe is well worth your time.

Keep an Eye Out

You will occasionally see a Point of Interest pop up on the world map. These are temporary, and have great rewards. You will want to finish them quickly if you want to get ahead.

Get a Backpack

Inventory is limited, but the Basic Backpack will increase your space by eight. Make sure to find the blueprint and then build a backpack early.

Build a Home Early

It is recommended that you build a 3 x 3 home to start. Then, furnish your home with the basics, including a Small Box for storage, a Garden Bed for food supply, and a Campfire to improve the value of your food.