Top 3 Best Builds In Path of Exile: Fall of Oriath (v3.0)

Now that Path of Exile: Fall of Oriath has arrived, you may be wondering what builds are most relevant. There have been a lot of changes in the 3.0 update, altering the metagame in the process.

There are a small handful of builds that have emerged as the best for the early days of this new era of Path of Exile. Generally speaking, they focus on AoE burst damage to clear groups of foes at a quick pace. This allows you to kill enemies quicker, and increase your farming efficiency.

The three below are among the most trusted among veterans. We’ve included the official video guide for each style of play which allows the original build creator to explain how they work.

1. Kiko’s Fire Nova Mines

Profile: See Here

Best For: Players who enjoy clearing groups of enemies quickly.

The Fire Nova Mines build has always been relevant in Path of Exile, and that continues in 3.0.

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Of the three builds listed in this guide, the Fire Nova Mines build is going to focus most on positioning. The goal is to lay down traps, draw groups of enemies into them and quickly transition from pull to pull before heading back and looting.

This is a very efficient build that works well with newer players that want to be able to deal good damage early on.

2. Zizaran’s SRS

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Best For: Players who enjoy playing ranged classes.

If you prefer to play from range, the SRS Necromancer Witch is the way to go.

This build has a superb balance of offense and defense, quickly corrupting enemies as their health whittles down. It doesn’t necessarily deliver the large number of the other two builds, but is very consistent and dependable.

This build is also a bit more difficult to play than the two others, so it should be reserved for intermediate and advanced players.

3. Alkaizer’s Sunder

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Best For: Players who like to jump into the action and be confrontational.

The Sunder build is particularly great for newer players, as it isn’t very gear dependent and scales well early on.

This is a melee oriented build that deals incredible close-range damage, employing dual-wield weapons to cleave opponents. Don’t forget to use Deceiver and Roots, as they’re extremely powerful in v3.0.

Note that Slayer and Zerker can deliver similar results when built with the same style. This offers flexibility for those who might not enjoy playing Gladiator.