A Guide to Defeating Kitava (Final Boss) in Path of Exile: Fall of Oriath

Kitava serves as the final boss for both Act 5 and Act 10 in Path of Exile: Fall of Oriath. He’s considered a difficult boss to take down for many players, depending largely upon progression and build.

He’s described as the following:

Kitava is the Karui god of corruption. According to Karui tradition, Kitava is a cannibal deity with boundless hunger. He has the power to consume and corrupt the souls of people, like he did with King Kaom. Like the other gods of Wraeclast, Kitava’s abilities are restricted by the Beast.

Note that throughout the fight several gods will be using abilities near you. These are simply part of the visual experience, and have no impact on you.

Below are the main things you want to be aware of throughout the fight:

  • Watch out for Kitava to raise his arm and sweep across the platform with dark energy. Run toward the top when this occurs.
  • Kitava also has an eye beam which will sweep from bottom to top, and then top to bottom across the middle. The top and bottom of the platform are the safest areas during this ability.
  • Similarly, during Flamebreath most of the lower platform will be scorched. Run to the top to avoid this damage.
  • After casting Flamebreath, Kitava will always raise his right hand and will deliver an explosion to wherever you are standing, so keep moving when this occurs. Once you get the timing down, you can deal damage to him and then move only once the runes are about to explode to maximize your damage output.
  • Kitava’s lightning attack isn’t very powerful. You may choose to absorb this and deal damage to him to counter if you have good damage mitigation.
  • When Kitava raises both arms he will mark the ground with runes, which will explode after one to two seconds. Move out of the way of these or you’ll take a lot of damage.
  • You will be responsible for clearing large numbers of adds during certain sections of the fight. It’s recommended that you save defensive cooldowns for this, and stand on either end of the platform as to limit the number of enemies attacking you at any given time.

Upon defeating Kitava you will have completed the main campaign of Path of Exile. From there, you can tackle optional content, and build up your character further.