Box art - Pokémon GO

A Guide to Defeating Zapdos in Pokemon GO

A new tier 5 raid has found its way to Pokemon GO, this time hosting the legendary Zapdos. Available from August 7th to the 14th, this is no ordinary battle.

Below are some tips to being successful in your encounter.

The Basics

Zapdos is an Electric/Flying type Pokemon. This means that your best bet is to bring high level ice and/or rock pokemon to the fight.

This pokemon will fire powerful lightning attacks at you that will make quick work of your beloved roster if you don’t come prepared.

Best Pokemon

We recommend using the following choices:

  • Golem – This is the primary choice that will hard counter Zapdos. Rock Throw and Mud Slap deal catastrophic damage that will give you an edge.
  • Lapras – Lapras is a popular pokemon that has decent damage potential. Use Frost Breath and Blizzard for devastating effects.
  • Piloswine – Although difficult to find, this is another outstanding choice. Ice Shard and Powder Snow will be your go-to attacks.
  • Rhydon – This pokemon is slightly more common than the above, but will perform admirably against Zapdos. Mud Slap and Earthquake are the abilities you want to use.

Good luck!