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Observer — All Keypad Codes and Passwords List

Some doors in Observer are locked behind keypad codes and passwords. For the most part, these are easy to either hack or find in important areas, but if you want to skip the middle man, you’ll want a full list of the keycodes.

Be warned though, some of the doors below just lead to side quests or other non-essential points of interest. Others lead to sections of the apartment building that further the main story. If this is your first time through Observer, we recommend that you find these codes on your own so that you don’t accidentally bypass any of the fascinating story.

All Keycodes and Passwords for the Keypads in Observer

Adam Lazarski’s Apartment Keypad

While examining your son’s apartment, you’ll find a keypad that appears to activate a hidden door. Hacking the keypad will only get you the last number: 4. To find this code you’ll need to head over to the closet. Inside you’ll see the Orwell novel 1984, which is the keycode you need.

Ground Floor Hallway

While searching the rest of the ground floor after leaving your son’s apartment, you’ll run into a keypad locked door. This one you can just hack to find the code is 0446.

Apartment 114 Keypad

To get this code, you need to talk to the weird little girl in apartment 113. Once you have the code, 1074, you can head down the hall and unlock the door.

Tattoo Parlor Keypad

In the back room of the tattoo parlor, you’ll find a keypad in the head rest of the tattoo chair. To locate the code, you’ll have to hack into Helena Novak’s neural implant. Inside her mind, you’ll find the code is 3615.

Basement Exit Door Keypad

You’ll find a keypad locked door in the basement with an exit sign above it. You can hack it to reveal the first three numbers are 400, just use the process of elimination, and you’ll find the full keycode is 4004.

Apartment 28 Keypad

The keycode for apartment 28 is 7441.

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Tattoo Shop Alley Door Keypad

You’ll find yourself in a side alley with a bunch of walking red silhouettes at one point in the game. To proceed further, you’ll need to get past a keypad locked door. Hacking the door shows the first two numbers as 20. Searching the area, you’ll find a night club that has a bunch of signs that have 69 on them. Head back to the keypad and use the code 2069 to get through.