Box art - Observer

How To Use Synchrozine in Observer

Throughout Observer you’ll be faced with several instances where protagonist Daniel Lazarski appears to be glitching out or “losing it” somehow. You’ll see weird anomalies in your vision and even hallucinations from time to time. This is resolved by taking a drug called synchrozine, which is important to remember if you want to keep playing.

The game shows you how to keep control early on in the game you’ll be chided by another member of the KPD while sitting in your patrol car about taking your meds. Use the middle mouse button on PC to both check your status and administer your synchronize rate by clicking on the big red icon with a pill on it. You can’t miss it, but it’s in the lower left quadrant of the screen if you can’t find it anywhere.


You’ll know you’ve taken your dosage when Dan’s hand is outstretched and shaking briefly, and you’ll see the green gauge by the pill icon fill up further. Make sure you only administer the synchronize when you start seeing artifacts in your vision and don’t keep topping up, or Dan’s vision will become misty and swirl around a bit, resembling an overdose. You seem to move a bit faster having done this, but it’s very disorienting and I wouldn’t recommend doing it very often. Make sure your synchrozine gauge doesn’t fall too low when you’re dealing with more difficult segments, such as the stealth segments, or you may be in for some frustrating situations.

It can be difficult to keep track of your synchronization levels and make sure you’re not taking too much, but a good rule of thumb is to make sure you’re doing it right after jacking into someone’s mind or immediately after more action-packed segments that require a great deal of physical movement or particularly stressful situations. Keep an eye on your levels and you’ll be a much stronger Observer for it.