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Astral Chain salvage items | How to find and use salvage

PlatinumGames’ Astral Chain is filled with fun, interesting collectibles like hiding cats and usable toilets. Some of the game’s most common collectibles are salvage items, such as the Torn Cap and Damaged Glasses. At first, these may seem like wearable costumes, but they don’t affect your look or equipment color. Astral Chain salvage items still have their usage, however. Those wondering what Astral Chain salvage items are for can find the answer in our Astral Chain salvage item guide featured below.

Astral Chain | What are salvage items?

Astral Chain what are salvage items

Astral Chain’s salvage items aren’t quite as useful as the other item types like recovery, combat, materials, and key items. While materials can be used for upgrading your Legion and equipment, and both recovery and combat items can be used in battle, most salvage items have no real use. Instead, they function solely as a way to make more money, called “G” in Astral Chain. You’re safe to sell almost every salvage item you pick up for cash. Some of them are pretty valuable, meaning you can rack up big amounts of money if you search every nook of Astral Chain’s Files.

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There is one salvage item that has an out-of-store use, though. Cat Food can be used to feed the cats at Max’s Safehouse. Doing so is not only adorable but also gives you an item (other salvage items or upgrade materials) in exchange. But make sure you keep spare Cat Food on hand, since you’ll need one to access one of the Astral Chain cat locations.

Astral Chain | How to find salvage items

Astral Chain how to find salvage items

The easiest way to find salvage items is simply to search levels high and low for chests and other item containers. Particularly good sources of salvage items are dumpsters and trash piles. Using your Arm Legion to pick up and throw a dumpster will yield three items, and using your Beast Legion to dig up trash gets you a few, as well.

You can also earn salvage items for completing various orders, the in-game achievements found in the orders tab of the Legatus Menu. Some quests reward salvage items, too, like turning in the bath tissue you find at the Astral Chain toilet locations to the Toilet Fairy. As mentioned previously, feeding your adopted cats can also get you the occasional salvage item.